Twilight Thank Yous

La Charrue

Over the last ten years, we have learnt that running a charity is no easy business. To keep your dream alive, in our case, rescuing and loving old dogs to their comfortable dying day, you need to keep people interested so they will help and support you. Raising funds is hard work, keeping on raising funds is mighty tough.

Pauline and Clive were introduced to us by a mutual friend, all those years ago. They too were setting up their business at La Charrue. They visited and believed in what we were doing and from then on, they have just grown in their love and energy for helping us. Like any partnership, you have ups and downs, you work hard together, and your friendship grows stronger. What Pauline and Clive, at La Charrue, have done for Twilight is magnificent. Indeed, what they have done with La Charrue is fantastic.

For years, we have had two vide greniers a year. Always having something new for the summer and this last year they opened a major collection point for us, knowing that we were struggling with space and no van. But, Pauline being Pauline, the storage is stunning. It is ordered, and what’s more, you can go and have a peak and buy some items left out to tantalise you.  Also, at our last Christmas Fayre we were able to have over 300 prizes, as Pauline and the team had sorted and sifted gifts. Not only does this help us physically, but since May, an incredible €2,500 has been raised from these sales.

Thank you team La Charrue. Thank you Pauline for your energy and love. Thank you for being a life vein of Twilight.

The Puddings' special Aunties Jac P and Doreen

A special Vanille thank you for Auntie Jac P! Oh my, festive fun and goodness! Look, a Christmas toy for EVERY pudding! Yes, really, 30 toys all landed for Christmas Day. Only Vanille has been let into the secret, so a big surprise on Christmas morning. Wow, thank you Jac, what a wonder you are.

Goodness me! Yums in tums in 11 Zooplus boxes! Bless you dear Auntie Doreen. Many will remember our mighty Doreen who helped us for years as a fundraiser. Now away back in the UK for over a year, she hasn’t forgotten us, and is fundraising for her local rescue and not forgetting us, too. Thank you Doreen, and blessings on you for your ongoing love, work and care. Woofs of joy from us all xxx

Work day 30 November

Goodness, what a mighty Thursday November 30 workday at Chez Twilight! We had Twilight volunteers, including S.W.A.T, trio team from Rainbow (with most unexpected donation of bedding and pennies), sewing queen Marlene with a wonderful Summer donation and handmade bedding, special comportmentalist (and mighty cake baker), Limoges SpA Volunteer and Hope Volunteer. Later, Terry dropped by with some UK shopping, and three special chefs were prepping for the Twilight festive fayre. Very jolly goodness. What a mighty mighty team you are.

Brown stuff

Wow, another €100 made up from brown stuff that we could spend on cleaning products. You are all so generous in saving your brown coins and today, dear Liam sent all his tips from hair dressing so we have the next amount started already. Mighty! It really does make all the difference thank you so much xxxx


Bless you dear Paul for having another morning attacking our felled trees. What a star you are, and such hard work with the chain saw. You have taken on this mammoth task alone, and we cannot thank you for your love, energies, donated time and constant smiles; you are an angel, thank you for caring and helping us as you do xxx


            Goodness me, Christmas in abundance has arrived. Team Puivert, led by the magic and cake baker extraordinaire Debbie, had a magnificent festive Fete on Saturday November 25, all on behalf of the Twilight puddings. What a team they are. €1,900 a record sum and most importantly, a wonderful time had by all. The Puddings thank you from the bottom of their paws. They have asked if it is ok ... they need some vet bedding, some different size treats for the different teeth, Braille is going to need some dental work, Dobbie needs more knickers, and a front door bell with a low tone! Thank you super team, and thank you Debs for inspiring your team.   

The Hope Association

After the quite amazing Hope autumn booksale, and now, Hope having four magnificent charity shops, one of the dear and hardworking volunteers came to see us with a most generous and loving cheque. Spencer here with daddy Twilight, exchanging friendship and indeed, hope for our old puddings.

Thank you Hope team, you are an incredible bunch of selfless folks. We are putting half to the sensory front entrance room, and half to winter vet bills. You are an integral part of Twilight, and we couldn’t do what we do with you. Bless you for caring.

To our volunteers Kat and Hella:

Two special ladies. Thank you for sharing your day at Twilight, cleaning, de-pooing and doggy grooming love. How blessed are we for such volunteers as friends xxxx Thank you xxx

Thank you to Deb: a special Twilight friend

There was very recently a very mad woman whose friendship saw no bounds. She travelled hundreds of miles to spend a week living in a camping van, to have her clothes wee’d on, and her energy drained. She cleaned up poo and washed floors, ironed everything the household owned, loved Puddings, dug up flowers, sorted bedding, and then more. She got fed a sandwich for dinner one night, as there was no energy from Mummy Chef to do more. She gave everything of her being.

Bless you, Debs, for spending a most wonderful week at Twilight and doing so much to help both the Puddings and Mike and I. A proof that friendship has no bounds!

You can read more about Debs’ Twilight adventure on her guest blog post.

Thanks to our dear friend, the Lady of the Chateau, who made this fantastic covered area possible, Mike and Puddings have now come indoors for winter meal times. 


Oh my!! What a parcel of delights has arrived – 20 kilos of goodies galore. Thank you so, so much Chloe and Achim. Wow: beds, treats, leads, baby wipes, antiseptic..... wow! Xxxxx



Thanks to the Rainbow Association for buying our new GIANT washing machine!

Team Hope Confolens

Team Hope are going from strength to strength and each shop was given some pennies, to ‘treat’ their chosen charity. Goodness me, aren’t we lucky because Hope Confolens chose Twilight. We met Fiona and her lovely hubby for the first time, what lovely people, and clearly so dedicated to helping Hope on its mission to help animals in need. The cheque for €1,250 will be the start of our ‘relax room’ fund. As our conservatory has started to collapse, we have sourced a way of fixing it and actually making the area bigger giving us a secure entrance and a relax area. Thank you Fiona and Richard, thank you all at Hope Confolens, and bless all team Hope for quite formidable work in helping so many animals who wouldn’t make it without you.

Wow! It's mighty brown stuff thanks to La Charrue

Many will know, Twilight asks you to keep all your loose change for the old puddings. We then take it to a supermarket cash machine and go shopping. Cleaning stuff galore we use, and stocks were low so we took the coins recently given to us that had been saved up by La Charrue customers and dear Pauline's tips. €256 - wow and whopping! Thank you to all at La Charrue, and thank you to Tamzin and Teresa for helping load up the trollies! Feeling blessed and clean!

La Charrue

Those who have followed Twilight from the beginning will know that La Charrue and Twilight are all but one! Pauline and Clive of the wonderful La Charrue, Vieux Mareuil, have helped and supported the Twilight oldies in so many ways, and are indeed an integral reason why Twilight is still here nine years later, having had 300 oldies pass through the doors.

Well, this Monday was no exception to the wonders of Pauline’s imagination. A long lost friend needed a memorable 50th birthday party, and boy did she get it. Pauline and Clive arranged a party like no other for mid-summer in Dordogne … it was a Christmas party! We all dressed up, snuggled with Santa, sang around the tree, had a full Christmas dinner (which was mighty), and opened gifts … it was just fantastic. We felt honoured to be invited to share the fun. BUT, then came the might surprise for us, too! One of our main collection points for bric-a-brac is La Charrue. The last four months has seen many of you drop bits and pieces off there, and Pauline and Lesley sort through, so unlike our storage area, they can show bits and pieces off, and even sell them if you drop by. Well, by jolly goodness, we were presented with €1,000. Isn’t that amazing!! This will go a long way to help Nala just now, who needs serious veterinary support to save her leg.

THANK YOU La Charrue. You are the godparents to all our Puddings, and we bless you for all your care, support, and for going that extra mile.

La Charrue, Vieux Marieul, off the 939 towards Angouleme from Brantome

The Great Wall of Twilight

Gradually, over the winter months the great wall of Twilight came together. Born out of a need for more secure fencing around the lower perimeter, thanks to the activities of a neighbouring farmer’s rampaging cow. We needed any boundary to last, be easy to maintain and hide from pudding view the ever slowing and nosey traffic! We thank team SWAT and Team Puivert for covering the costs of this safe life changer for us. But once we had built our lovely sold wall, how to improve the aesthetics of the rather dowdy concrete blocks?

Martin Dix – Brico 16

Meet Martin, what a lovely chap. This softly spoken business man has knocked us for six with his company’s generosity. The Twilight wall needed painting, but painting 100 metres of brick wall, 1.50 m high is no mean feat. Martin, of Brico 16, DONATED the special Sandtex masonry paint, thanks to suppliers Crown contacting him after a request from our artist friend Suze Turland. We are absolutely bowled over. He delivered the paint, and snuggled all puds, especially little Dobbie. He also donated rollers, brushes and his thoughtful advice. Wow, we are so very lucky. Thank you Martin.


Once the wall was painted we had a little surprise up our sleeves to add a finishing touch. Enter our artist friend, Suze Turland of Suze-Art with these beautiful metal silhouettes.

Bedding galore: thanks to the Hope Association Shops

We get through a huge amount of linen bedding at Twilight: sheets, duvets, blankets, towels; we can make use of pretty much any type of clean bedding. Thank you to the HOPE ASSOCIATION shops in Confolens (16) and Lezay (79). Bless you all Hope shop volunteers for all the spare bedding you are saving and sending for the puddings, quite fantastic. So many incontinent oldies .... makes for piles of smelly bedding. The bedding you take to the shops is a mighty help to us and the SPAs. Thank you all and everyone. Comfort, clean smelling and just jolly snugly. Thank you Hope team and bless you Spencer ~ the delivery man.

Friends from the Rainbow Association

The Twilight puddings love visitors, as so many more pairs of hands for cuddles! Recently, two Rainbow volunteers came for their first pudding experience. We thank Francis and Tina for making the journey, for bringing heaps of bedding from the shop … and for a most unexpected donation of 1,000 euros. This timely donation will buy us a new dogs’ tumble dryer. Sadly, our last one died and ‘exceptional’ use means our extended warranty was no use to us at all …. humph! So how lucky are we, thank you to all the Rainbow volunteers who work so hard for animals’ needs. We bless you for caring and helping the puds.

French Friends: Michel & Nelly

New French chums, Michel and Nelly, took a stall at their local Vide to promote the oldies of Twilight. …. isn’t that just delicious. “Je vous fais parvenir deux photos pris au vide grenier le 1 Mai 2017 à Sereilhac. Nous avons distribué les flyeurs. Amitiés a vous deux et aux toutous” Michel tells us that they have distributed our French Twilight flyers and promoted our work to the French community. Thank you Michel and Nelly.