Twilight in the media

Over the years, Twilight has found fame in newspaper articles, magazine features, blog posts, video productions, and even starred on the TV show 'Little England'. We've gathered together all the links, including the reviews of our biography 'Paws Before Bedtime'.

Twilight on film

Have you watched our YouTube video – a day in the life at Twilight? Check out the video or Follow this link for tablets and phones:f or follow this link on your desktop for the original video with music: The video was produced the hard work, insight, and loving energy of Jo Morris Bingham of Your Image My Imagination.

Back in 2015 Twilight was featured in the Daily Express - you can still read the article on the website

More recently, Twilight (or rather Mike) was interviewed by France Bleu Perigord on the occasion of the summer Open Day at Twilght ~ article is in French

Acclaim for Paws Before Bedtime

Readers of our biography Paws Before bedtime - the story of Twilight the retirement home for dogs have been generous with their praise.

We've also had lovely reviews in the online lifestyle magazine The Good Life France and the English Informer in France

Here's some comments from our happy readers ...

"I received the book yesterday and it is beautiful! It encompasses the very essence of Twilight and the love so many supporters have for these valiant doggies that have had such hearbreaking lives so far. It also pays hommage to Mummy and Daddy Twilight who have dedicated their lives and their home to give the Puddings love and care until the end of their days. They continue despite having their own set-backs and I am sure there must be days when they just want to turn over in the morning and go back to sleep! Their legion of Twilighters will always be there for them - they just have to ask. If you haven't ordered your book yet I would urge you to do so - it is funny, sad, amusing and above all uplifting - all that is best about mankind" ~ C

"It's a true insight into how Twilight evolved, and shows the true, unselfish love 2 amazing people have for the dogs that many would have put to sleep!" ~ V

"Myself and my daughter love our copy of this fantastic book and absolutely loved our day with you today visiting all the lovely puddings and can't wait to tell all our friends and family about this precious place xx thank you so much for all you do and thanks to the puddings for just being them, a true joy ❤️🐶🐾 love always B

"Today just before lunch the post arrived with a copy of pbb. I had thought I would be cleaning this afternoon, no, I have sat with the wonderful book, couldn't put it down, until my dogs reminded me it was teatime. Everyone involved in the production of pbb should be very proud, and of course this could not exist or indeed Twilight without all the love and hard work you both have given to so many dogs. My congratulations". ~ M