In memory of friends Over the Rainbow Bridge 2018


Our biggest lump of love, darling Brigand finally relaxed and has been taken over the Rainbow Bridge. Can’t believe it was only short of 20 months ago he arrived. His tearful elderly owner just couldn’t cope with this stressed blind lad anymore, so it was tears all round. But Brigand settled to his new life rather well. Loved his exploration around the garden, snugged with many of his canine chums, and just adored loving and cuddles with any human prepared to put their arms around his delicious fatty lump. He often danced and sang with joy, he loved those moments so very much. But, that inner stress that had caused his blindness ... that missing part of him was always something to manage. Spells of unrecognised fear, unscheduled outbursts a deep rooted part of this handsome boy’s make up. Especially as his hearing was failing him, and his sense of smell weakening. They had become more of late, but he was well over 13. Also, his hips were needing pain management and his rear legs were losing the ability to hold him with confidence. With close monitoring with the vet, we all agreed to give the lad his peace, his freedom of any angst and pain. He passed lovingly in mummy’s arms. Love you big boy .... you became part of Twilight, how blessed have we been to know you. What a brave and stoic lad you were, be free now xxx RIP 25.8.2018


The Queen of Twilight, our regal lady of the tripod, Emie. It is with quite the saddest and heavy heart I have to share with you dear Emie’s passing. Her illness was quick, and only discomfort for a few days. She was our minx. I recall the very day I went to collect a poodle for SPA Limoges. Only to be introduced to the war horse of a rag lady, found with sepsis on the roads, and the SPA had wonderfully amputated her sepsis rear right leg. She was recovering in the oldies pound, but was being bullied. This three legged, heavily strapped and scared girlie was not liked for some reason. Well, of course I took her home and we all loved her instantly. But as she grew well and strong she tried two new homes. She was only three then. But, the minx was having none of it and ran off each time and came home here! She was so strong.

Twice a year she would get the escape urge though, cleverly watching for those open door moments and the unsuspecting doorman. She would hot foot it over the fields, never far away and always telling us she hadn’t really run off as such! Well, the bugger did it again whilst we had sitters. Eight years old now, a wise old bird, and not overly fit anymore. Not out long and thankfully found by a dear friend’s dog Beau in the higher field just behind us. But this time – exhausted. Her kidneys took the brunt of the fatigue, overheated or too far dehydrated. She fought. We fought. But her kidneys failed her.

 She was precious. One of a kind. Strong, demanding, a girl of her own mind. What a joy you have been my lovely girl. We love you. We are empty here. The puddings all howled at your exact time of passing .... even though you were 20 minutes away at the vet. They stopped, they saluted you. Run free over the rainbow bridge now my friend. What a joy you have been. Bless you for all you have taught us. Love you Em xxxxx


What a precious lump of love this girlie has been. You might recall my collecting her from Mornac SPA, more tumour than body, but she had so much love in her. She heaved her gorgeous body about, loved the pups and puddings and if you passed, her tummy needed a rub. Bone cancer had her, but it was a huge cyst that was growing quickly on her back leg that meant she could neither walk easily or sit comfortably that last few days. It was her time. But one more tummy rub with Ma and Pa, she grinned, she was so happy to have had these last few months. Blessed to have known you dearest Wolfi, but run free now beautiful girl, your body is without pain now.


Dearest Charleston, Our loving bag of bones that had been dumped, he was so sad. Thanks to Phoenix Sally, this old and poorly boy came here for some love and to feel, I hope, a little better in himself. He put on some weight, his digestive system so shot from just being left to fend for himself, such a sorry fella. We have shared a good few months together dear Charleston, named by Rick for being all wobbly on those paws. We achieved what we hope Twilight is all about. To feel loved, to feel better, to be happy in your last days. Charleston my lovely boy, you were these last few days, tiring. You had become empty, it was your time to be released to the bridge, to be free of both mind and body suffering. Thank you for sharing some time with us all here. Run free now my friend, lift that head with pride, know you were loved xxx RIP Charleston 18.4.2018


A sad loss of a former Twilighter. A big gentle soul, his owner died and he was bound for the refuge. We called him Gentleman because that is that he was: sweet-natured, handsome and just right in every way. Dear Gentleman was rehomed from Twilight during filming for our TV appearance. Gentleman soon became Harvey, and was a much loved friend for many years. Sadly dear Harvey crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the end of January 2018. He couldn’t have been more loved Sandra, we thank you and your wonderful family for caring for and loving him so deeply.


What do you do, when you know that an oldie has already lost her mum a while back, and then lay with her dead dad for two days. Also, how do you thank a volunteer who celebrated five years of running the Twilight Facebook page? A bunch of flowers would not quite match helping them for the plight of their favourite breed. So, dear old Utah joined us, as a thank you to our FB Linda, even if we are full! Utah was likely twelve or thirteen years old when she arrived, maybe more given her clear rear limb arthritis and teeth. A border collie who has been much loved, but was clearly both grieving and stressed. Utah had some settled and happy time with us. But she was a disgruntled little soul and very up and down with mood. We loved it when she and Gabana danced, you could see her relaxed and at one then. She had struggled with an enlarged spleen for some time, and the pain at the end had the better of her. She slipped away peacefully in her daddy's arms. RIP Utah 5.4.2018


Bless him, an irony, he came a year ago. He needed the vet’s help, as he had one last stroke too many. What a love he was. He came thanks to a caring citizen being aware of his plight. 12 plus ... likely 14 or so, he had had his will taken from him. Blind, all but deaf, a poor sense of smell, but he so loved your touch. He was rescued from his dismal world. He settled here, but Auntie Anne fell for him. So an outreach boy, but here a lot when Auntie A was too. He was so loved. A gorgeous boy who had his own little routine. He never made a sound. Asked for nothing, complained at nothing. Thank you Anne for loving him so deeply. We will miss you sweet fella, but so glad you felt that the world wasn’t all bad and you experienced love.


Dear, dear Dennis. This precious boy came to Twilight in 2014, thanks to special folks rescuing him from a life of being shut in a garage. He was mean – biting with insecurity. We loved him, but with gloves on! We tried to rehome him, thinking a smaller pack would help, but his behaviour wasn’t any better. So our boy came home, and the slow healing process began. The biting turned to licks, and whilst he was always his own little man, he had learned to love and be loved. He was mildly epileptic, but again, the fits became less. His sight all but gone except for light change and close up. The old arthritis had got to his hips and his chronic condition was monitored and helped with pain killers and anti-inflammatory help. But at the beginning of 2018 he began fading fast. We had hoped he would slip quietly away himself, but his pain and hips were so fixed his little rear feet were starting to splay. His time had come, after four happy years at Twilight. We licked and loved each other to the very end. Rest now dear Dennis, thank you for all those years of your love and special character. You will be missed, and never forgotten my dear little friend.


All our puds are precious, but dear Ben was especially so. He arrived, a bit wobbly from a recent stroke, but he was determined. He rallied, he smiled, he walked, he loved. The wonderful Borderline Collie group had stepped in to help this abandoned soul, and we were delighted to have room at the time to take him. He has taught us a lot. Yes, about collies, but about compassion, resolve and enjoying what you have. We will miss you dear friend. Your heart was so so weak at the end, you had no strength or immune system left to fight. Your last breath, a deep and fulfilled sigh. Bless you; be at peace, know how much you were loved by many xxxx


Alice was apparently the grandma to our handsome Caesar and Chloë. All three of them had the very worst life, and had been taken into the care of Saints SPA. They were all so ill-treated that they could not stand for fear of having been kept in that position for so long; it was a most damaged situation. We took all three. Darling Alice never was one to be at the forefront. She asked for nothing, she was the beautiful silent type. She had an abdominal tumour for a long time, but it never caused her a problem as such. But in her last three days she began to show discomfort and behave in a most uncharacteristic way. Then, her breathing became impaired and her stomach just grew too quickly. A swift vet visit diagnosed that her tumour was leaking into her abdominal area and pushing the diaphragm, causing her respiratory difficulties. Thankfully, this was stopped in time before she suffered. She passed peacefully in Mummy’s arms, with kisses from her little ones.


Dear old Beagly, aka Clafoutis. So sorry, her body could take no more. Dear Beagly came from Mornac. Brain tumour and epilepsy and a fist full of meds. The meds we changed with our vet after a short time, as things were not looking comfy for our friend. Then, another call out as we were still not happy.

First thing, the sun came out briefly as if just for you, Beagly. You sat curled, and at peace, albeit for just a little while. Sadly, then, the tumour, the fits were all one and constant, it was heart breaking to see. We rushed her to the vet. It was probably the worst pre-rainbow bridge crossing I have had to be a part of. But now you are at peace my little love. You taught us a lot in a short time my little friend. Bless you, and may your freedom now give your body no pain. Our love always little Beagly xxxx



Darling Luna, the shaggy bag that came from SPA Limoges. A fifteen-and-a-half year old lab cross was rescued by her life-long owner Mum as a pup from Limoges SPA. Mum sadly died, and whilst the son tried to keep her, Luna barked at being left all day whilst he works. So, she arrived as a Twilighter. She settled easily and after a transformation made by dear Gloria, she was silky, delicious and just such a feel good spirit. Her high and lower back area weren’t the strongest, and she occasionally had moments of lapse. But then the ground came up to meet her lovely bum for one long last time, as her back legs became paralysed. We hoped there might have been a positive way to keep her with us, using wheels and teaching her the Nala hop. Sadly, the beast was in her spine. A tumour that had taken its last disfigured move and the nerves to go with it. Thank you for being with us special lady, albeit as ever not for long enough. Run free now my beauty, let that Luna light shine bright xxxx 5.01.2018 


All puddings are precious, but the little oldies really do get under your skin, and old Bertie was such a darling. He had been taken to the SPA at Limoges as a retired baiter. He was lucky to then be taken home by a lovely lady who gave him a loving home until she could no more. Fearing he would end his life back in the SPA, we were asked to take him. Well, what a sweet little pickle he was. Auntie A fell for him, and she took him home on our outreach program. This was perfect for Bertie, delightfully incontinent, sleeping more than half a day, but loving his little awake moments and especially loving his chicken. He had the most loving home with Anne, and we thank her deeply for giving this special lad a closer one to one. In his 16th year, and so much slower. He had most pills going, his heart especially was struggling. So, as his lungs didn’t respond to the last treatment to clear them of fluid; it was time to let this beautiful boy go. As a spiritual soul, I believe our time is known. This is the last photo Anne took of Bertie, just hours before he passed, can you see the glow? I joined Anne at the vets, Bertie went peacefully, you could feel him say thank you as he passed.