Lulutte came to us back in July 2016, thanks to Sharon at the kennels in Nontron. She had been left by your owners. Lulette never asked for anything, kept herself quietly to one side, but loved being loved, and that last groom by Gloria was very special. Her eyes, when we could see them, were like deep saucers, we so wish she could have told us of her past. At 15 years something now, and her poor dear body could take no more. Bloated with liquid between the organs, the pain was not possible to keep at bay, and she couldn’t stand for long. Thank you for being with us Lulutte, we bless you in your new freedom and hope your inner being could feel the love. Run free princess xxx 27.12.2017


Seventeen years old next March, this lad had lost his lifelong owner. He was old, wobbly, poor sighted and pained, with a deformed back right foot, likely due to severe arthritis, bless him. Within only a few short weeks of joining the Pudding Pack, very very sadly, Dick had a bad night and by morning he couldn’t stand. He was in severe pain and in need of vet support. But sadly, the hefty painkilling injection gave no respite, so the inevitable was ahead. Dear Anne was babysitting the Puddings at the time, thank you Anne, not least for the last cuddles and treats of cheese, but so sorry you had to have this moment, when you give so much to help Twilight life. And dear Dick, you may not have been with us long, but what a love you were. Thankfully you didn’t die alone in a cage, as dear Sally saw the need of that last warmth of a home in your eyes. We loved you, the Puds all loved you. Thank you for you.


Wise old Gillou never suffered fools gladly. Dumped in the street, he joined Twilight from the Saintes SPA in December 2014. His immune system was weak, and the operation site from the removal of a lump was not healing … the vet gave him four weeks. In November 2017, in his nineteenth year, dear Gillou finally left us. A forever character of Twilight. Let us be blessed for the time you had with us, we celebrate you my dear old friend: you epitomise the life of Twilight. Thank you xxxx


Nova, a lovely shepherd cross joined us when she was around eleven years old. It is likely that she had spent much, if not all, of her life on the streets of Romania. Losing a leg at some point, Nova was lucky that Association Orfée spotted her. Poor Nova, she was on our list a long while, but she was fostered and saved from euthanasia. She loved to be brushed. In fact, attention was a delight for her. But it was evident from the beginning that her pain, when lifting herself, was chronic. With a hefty morphine dose to break the pattern, Nova had a period of reasonable relief, but then her hip joint and pelvis took its last lift. Such a love. Run free now my princess. You can be who you want to be now.



A ten-year-old lady, a bit wobbly on her pins and epileptic, poor Cartouche needed a new home, and Borderline Collie took on her plight and Twilight was asked to help. Cartouche was on the waiting list some while, but after a couple of days settled well. Sadly, no sooner had she arrived than the beautiful Cartouche left us.

Leeanne and Mike were away at the wonderful Hope Book Sale weekend, leaving superstar Anne home sitting. Sadly, epileptic Cartouche took an odd turn, losing her back legs. Anne made her comfy, but soon the fits started and the crisis became a severe cluster. Everything and more was done. Vet advice, and then vet visit. The severity of the fits needed a general anaesthetic to give calm and peace to dear Cartouche. Sadly though this didn’t give the respite needed that might have brought her back to us. The vet came back at 8.30 in the evening, dear Cartouche’s brain had gone, it was time to help her body to pass. So very sorry, precious girly, we didn’t get to experience the good times. We shall never forget you, and we thank you for the love of just a few weeks. Bless you and be free now xxx


Dear old Nella at 14 years old was rescued thanks to Phoenix. Her former life was all within just the turning space of a cage. So bless her, here she just soaked up the space, chums and living. Sorry you were not with us longer lovely girl. Such a large loveable lump. We are going to call the new washing machine after you, as we miss you already. Age got the better of you xxx Run free now cuddly girl xxxx


It is with great sadness that we share the news that Castor has passed away. He had been struggling. We gave him every help we could, but after a hefty course of morphine the vet had no question in declaring the poor lad had come to the end of his life. His general health was poor, but his pain was just too much. He lay with his daddy on the floor, and the vet was quite overcome at the sight. He passed very peacefully. We are so very pleased he came to us, just sorry it wasn’t sooner. Thank you San for helping him, he was certainly very loved to the end xxx


I remember the day your arrived my treasure. Lizzie brought you up from Narbonne and you bounded in, on everything and everyone, so excited to be released from five years behind the refuge cage doors. You are the first and only dog I nearly sent back! Where did all those old mad beans come from? Hence, we named you Tigger. Bouncing Tigger, our soon to be calm and gentle and loving companion for over three years.

You never demanded anything, but you always needed to be close, to feel the love, which you gave always too xxx. You have been the only pudding to faultlessly walk alongside daddy on your daily walks, if daddy could do it ... so could you, bless you. Your heart wasn’t the strongest, and lately pain was creeping in with your age. You were so tired my dear friend. Your liver and kidneys decided it was time. Helped with the vet, but in the arms of mummy and daddy. This time, still with Emie insisting she must be close ... Teddy cried out as your energy passed. He will miss his old friend. Never has the energy in the house been so at one, it really was remarkable. The vet too cried.

Tigger my love, you will come back home here with your ashes, and we will plant you a special tree. Teddy is already waiting to sit under it xxx Loving you always, Tigger, our very own wonderful Tigger.


Sweet little Teepee was only been with us a few months, but she made a loving impact in her quiet delicate way. Almost Taffy's sister in looks, the little lady came via a nearby vets. Unfortunately she soon needed to have her rotting uterus removed, so often we see this in the old ladies. Please, please sterilise your puddings, or you subject them to this late in life horrid condition and major surgery. She did well, recovered well enough to enjoy pudding Twilight life. But, then it was clear all was not as well as it might be. Monitoring her closely, the tummy tumour was just too big, affecting her in a variety of uncomfortable ways.

She passed in my arms so very peacefully and so very touching, yes, that Emie had chosen to be in the room, but also, little Lea cried from the kitchen door, she knew, she felt the passing energy of her friend … it really quite did for us all! Run free now little princess, you deserve to stretch those legs and lift your head high, you are one very brave lady xxx delighted to have known you a little.


Dear little Pepito. Seems I was only just introducing him to you. The poor lad, dumped unceremoniously at Mornac SPA by his family of 14 years. He came straight to us you will recall, but needed serious attention to the grim maggots that had been eating away at him for nearly a week. He was so brave. Mike and I tended to him for many hours to clear the blighters and get him clean and feeling reasonably normal, the vet being such support for us for guidance for his medical care.

Days later the vet was thrilled with the healing, but feared the time endured may well have a longer term affect. These last days may well have confirmed that, but also evidence of a brain tumour means this little man was losing his motor function. The vet’s opinion was absolute, this little man needed peace now. I will be honest, it wasn't an easy euthanasia. The lad was in pain, scared and it was all very difficult for us all. Emie came into the room, she wanted to help. She then stayed for the duration of the visit, just over an hour, and ensured canine support for the puds and humans alike. It really was all rather emotional. Thanks must go to Mornac here for knowing this little lads life needed extra care and quickly. May your rainbow be peaceful now my little friend, and feel the freedom in your soul. Know you were loved, albeit a short time. So pleased to have met you, Godspeed xxxx


Edgar, a lemon setter, was six years old when he arrived at Twilight. His last known two years had been spent in a small grim caged environment with his own faeces. He stood for these two years calling for help. He was rescued in the last by the wonderful Les Amis Des Animaux, who found him a foster family to love him and work on his terrible separation anxiety. Then, tragedy struck and the vertebrae in his neck gave way. He had urgent surgery and spinal reconstruction, but something went wrong and he did not walk again after the operation. Also, his separation anxiety was 24/7, needing head contact with hands and eyes. He needed a home for recovery and rehabilitation, so Twilight offered to help. His needs were great: antibiotics, steroids, pain relief and anti-anxiety meds. He cried instantly on being left, needed washing, physio and toilet support.

Sadly, we had to let dear Edgar go. The vertebrae contusion in his neck was so delicate, that despite the efforts of surgery to ease the trapped and damaged nerve and bone that had given way, the nerve damage post op had affected his right side, and the pain when it came in waves, was impossible to console, even with morphine. No hope of any kind was diagnosed. In his short time with Twilight he saw three specialists, all concluded the same.

Edgar was only at Twilight for seven short days, but in that time he had the very best of care. His tummy had the very best sausages, and his every need was met. But when such pain fills your canine friend, however brave they have been for you that last kindness is one you will feel. All of us involved with Edgar made a very special friend. What a sad and grim life card he had been dealt. Be blessed over the rainbow bridge. Be free. Always with our love xxxx


You can read Mr Fitchie’s full story in our biography: Paws Before Bedtime. At seventeen and a half, this poor lad was found exhausted and dying in a field. After an appeal on the DVN, Mr Fitchie went to Twilight to spend his last few days, surrounded by  love and warmth, but despite our best efforts, it was not to be. Rest peaceful now 24.02.2017

In this lovely photograph, Dr Taffy is nursing Mr Fitchie when he ventured outside for a wander around the Twilight garden.


This nearly fourteen-year-old lad had a bit of a turbulent past and apparently was not overly well cared for. Left for days on his own, and with a grim mouth, he was lucky that Borderline Collie were able to take him into foster and look after his urgent toothy needs. He waited patiently waiting on the list, and travelled half of his nine hour journey with the lovely BLC team, and then met up with our wonderful Terry and Brian who brought him his last half journey home. Happy days for Sox, he was alert and keen to meet his new chums straight away, he spent his first night on his new mummy’s lap watching a film! Dear Sox, he enjoyed his last few months in peace at Twilight.


Quito's owner died 20 months before he arrived at Twilight and a French family contacted us to take him ... rather than, at 12, being put to sleep. He attached himself to Leeanne from day one, and spent his first year going off to events together and shopping ... the sweetest little skip he had and that tail could run electricity on its own!  Then his mind started to struggle and he found outside places stressful, his arthritis and spinal problems needing painkillers, then his sight went ... and he needed mummy close all the time.  It became clear that the stress of it all was just getting too much if he wasn't in one of our arms. So, in mummies arms, and with the help of the vet, our little Quito went to be a free spirit. We have loved you little man, and it has been a sheer joy to have your mighty character here at Twilight.  Feel the love always little fella - be free now xxx


Ukrania joined us as a twelve-year-old Siberian Husky. We had a rare full history of her life, and she clearly had some deep love and heartbreak, too. You can read more about Ukrania in Paws Before Bedtime, the Twilight biography, where she has two pages telling her story. Sleep well little one 27.3.2017


Daisy – they don’t come much more black and curly, tiny and quiet. This sweet little old lady was left in a cardboard box outside a refuge; No id, so named Daisy by refuge team Mornac. She was blind, grim mouth trouble and an appetite only for soft meat, bless her. Night night Daisy 21.02.2017


An urgent case, M arrived a few days after New Year. Poor M’s dad had died alone on New Year’s Eve, collapsed in his home and haemorrhaged. M was found a few days later. Sixteen years old, blind, deaf, leaping with fleas and with the biggest testicle tumour that it weighed him down so much he fell over. Darling M was shocked, hungry and quite gorgeous. A clean-up and lots of loving care, M went over the Bridge to join his master a few weeks later.

Night night M 27.01.2017


Poor old poorly Tim. Perhaps one of the oldest dogs we’ve seen at twilight in recent years. Tim was a 24-year-old setter. He was taken into Mornac at the same time his old owner was taken for his last days into hospital. Sadly, as so often happens, pets do not always get their full care when a human is poorly, no one’s fault. Tim was incredibly malnourished and experienced two strokes in as many days at the refuge. He came to Twilight for his last days but to be in the warm and be loved.  21.12.2016 Rest in peace


 What a sweet little pickle was Voyou, a fourteen-year-old poodle whose owner had died. Thanks to Danielle, he was saved and became a Twilight pudding. Our dear Terry, Deb and Colonel collected him from south of Cahors, his journey quite noisy, and his first night was full of tears, love him. This blind little chap settled well and enjoyed snugs with all his new chums. Night night Voyou 18.01.2017


Beauty exemplifies the magic of Twilight. Thanks to Phoenix superstar Sally, the little lady (originally named Mavis) went to Twilight for some love, realistically knowing her time might not be for long. Dumped at the refuge, suffering from huge mammary tumours. The vets decided to take a chance and operate – within days a new dog was born, bouncing around and enjoying Twilight life. Sadly, the tumours did return but this time, Twilight ensured that there was no suffering. Night night beauty 10.07.2017


Ricky had a long journey to Twilight thanks to Orfee Association, who funded and supported the 12-year-old, handicapped pickle from Romania. His elbow and wrist of his front right leg were deformed, he had a horrid heart cough and was very weak. He had skin trouble, he had pain, and he troubled to walk, but with all the right med care, love and all his canine chums, notably Mia, he blossomed. Sadly, the time came when his rear leg and hip were no longer able to sustain him, and was unable to take his own weight. The pain more than we could manage for him. It was his time. We maintained eye contact and the love right to the end. This little man truly touched the soul. Rest now little one 28/03/2017


Azko arrived from the Cahors refuge: just over 11 years old, jolly wonky hips, trouble in his bottom department … and not castrated! He had clearly been much loved, and sadly his owner now passed, he needed a retirement bed himself. After a tricky start, a little grumpiness due to his pain, he soon settled well and enjoyed his last remaining months at Twilight. Sleep well little one 04.11.2016


Dear Vivaldi came to us from a grim background. He learnt to play a little, but deaf and tired, his old legs just gave up on him. We must feel blessed he enjoyed love and grass, and we are so glad we got to have cuddles little friend.


In the photo, dearest Izzie is playing with golden Nelson, when she could play and move with ease. Her tumour grew too big, and she was too old for surgery – so it was time. You will hopefully join your mum Izzie. We hope that you are both at peace and pain free together.


Poor little Pearl.  Her mummy passed, and her own life was thwarted by a grim mouth tumour.  She wasn't with us long at all, but really pleased we tried to give her a chance.  The injection therapy and steroids made little to no difference.  Eating was desired but almost impossible.  A second tumour grew rapidly and bled profusely .... it was time. The vet helped her over the rainbow bridge ... so tired, she slept before you could even blink. Be free of pain now little one, run free, bark again and enjoying your old self.  Huge love from us all here, so glad we got to have those sweet little cuddles xxx

A beautiful American Cocker, Nana and her darling Swann, came via the Hope Asso and spent two and half happy years at Twilight. The photo of her alone here is just after she arrived.  Thought even then thought to be 14 + something. What a character she has been.  Nana was the Twilight mascot and nearly 17, and as we toasted her passing, peacefully helped by the vet, due to so many things breaking down for her, Mike said things would never be quite the same. Bless her, and they want, Nana was quietly the biggest character and hugely loved. Run free now little hairy bundle, enjoy having teeth again and seeing.  Know you will never be forgotten, know we love you very much.


Some old puddings want for nothing but a place to lay their heads,  are delighted that food keeps arriving, and can't believe their luck that you stop by and cuddle them too. This was old Douglas to a tee.  Found wandering in the garden of the wonderful sign man Mark at St Pierre de Cole.  Douglas joined the Twilighters and became our Christmas pudding.  He wandered rarely, loved his sleeps, and was just an all-round lovely old fella.  The- last few months were not overly comfy for him.  He had fluid on the lungs and we treated him with antibiotics and steroids ... as well as mummy's hot honey and a little brandy!  In his daddy's arms, he slept quickly with the vet's help.  Night night lovely boy, so pleased we could fine room in the inn.


Darling old Batman was found wandering the streets of Perigueux. One eye, and a broken back leg that just waved in the breeze, they feared for him going into a kennel at the SPA, so he came straight to us, likely 13+ something in years. A tiny scruff bag, who just melted into your arms and chest for a cuddle - his little front paws would grasp you tighter, you could feel his love so very deeply. But randy ... he tried to mount all the Twilighters, their sex irrelevant, and he had some serious relationships along the way here too ... if you remember the film Cacoon, it was just like that ... randy old man at his best.  We loved him. He was the finest little fella you could ever have the privilege to have known. He walked with a woddle and swing, you couldn't help but smile. We shall miss you deeply Batters, you will never be forgotten, you set a love standard here that we shall aspire too always.  Thank you for trusting us to share your last few months. Love you little man, always xxx

A beautiful old golden lab, dumped and sadly on the euthanasia pile at Bergerac SPA, as old, not overly strong and no room in the inn. Thanks to Phoenix, this treasure, Naomi, was saved from death row, with her young mate Poppy (now in extra special foster care with her auntie Yvonne).

Naomi wasn't strong, but she enjoyed her pootling, loved her hugs and love, and despite her weak heart enjoyed pretty much to her last.  Only with us four short months, this 13 year old girlie has left her gentle love mark on the Twilight family and will be missed. Bless you little one, be free from all fears now my lovely girl xxx


What a bundle of beauty you have been Sally. Looking like a little film star with your golden locks, and knowing only you were here when you gave your little 'hoop' of a noise at feed times (clearly a Spaniel thing!) and your little pre-dance for a cuddle.  I am sorry we could stop that nasty tumour, but pleased you could live here for 11 months, rather than be in the SPA where you ended up from the street.  Bless you little love, run free and let those ears take the wind.

Darling old Robin.  He really was so very ancient, and looked like he might live forever.  But his mind had long gone, with his teeth ... but his desire to love his women pretty much stayed with him to the end, love him! I knew he had given up when he let me groom him without a fight ... so at least he went over the bridge smelling of apples and not too many knots! Bless the lad.  A character we shall never forget, and here for a couple of years. Thank you little fella for all the love and joy you gave us all here .... and from all your women ... they loved your courting technique!  Be happy and wild over the bridge my friend, and will never forget that last walk we laughed together as I trundled around on my crutches and you kept me safe, love you xxx

Quite the Twilight character ... you couldn't help but look at him and smile.  His body quivered all over whilst waiting for his food, his wiggly bum around the garden! We popped into Saintes SPA, after the Hope booksale weekend, for 1 old pudding  and came out with 5! Obhama they had called him, but we couldn't, so William he became. He touched so many, he lit up the room, yet asked for so little. He had such a loving and special year with us all here.  I would have hated that you could have just died alone in the refuge.  So, on your behalf my little friend, I am going to ask that folks might consider an oldie for the fireplace this wintertime, don't let them die without feeling special.


This is photo lovely old Peggy, having a cuddle with our special supporter, Nana, who is in her nineties herself. Peggy was a Phoenix rescue from death row. Never really of this planet, but she found her way, enjoying wonders and sleeps, and loved her food. Her hips and rear legs got the better of her, and whilst we helped her with her toileting for a while, in the end she found it all quite confusing and painful. So little one, time to run free, be strong and know that you have been loved here and we will always remember you and 'peggy planet' with a smile x



Rocky joined Twilight from Mornac SPA.  Being epileptic he needed time, love, regular meds and the gentle way of living that he found here. Some of the puddings just grab you from the start, and he was one of those. His eyes just loved every moment of everything around him - an adorable fella. Sadly, his epilepsy turned into clusters, but more damming, was the ulcerated leg that seemed to appear from nowhere.  We tried hard for 4 days to reverse all the nasty aspects that were seeking to claim him for the Bridge, earlier than we had hoped.... sadly we lost the battle.  We are so glad you joined us precious little man, be happy over the bridge, you have much work and love to share over there. Bless you xxx

Patrick (Filou)

Spaniels have become a bit of a weakness for us, so gorgeous in looks and manner.  So when you meet a grumpy old chap you know things are likely not so good for him.  This was true for old Patrick.  He had a heart complaint, but he also had a chronic parasitic virus that caused him inflamed rashes and open sores.  Sadly , we lost the battle to keep on top of it for him, and for his sake, we had to say 'night night'. The vet was, as ever, a wonder .... and tried hard, but the poor fella was too badly affected.  The problem is only contagious to those with a weak immune system, so we now have three puddings on a hefty dose of meds - but can report all seems to be going well. So darling Patrick, we were delighted to share some time with you, and at least had you free of the SPA confines for your last days.  Bless you little man, be free of pain and discomfort ... be free now to be yourself xxx



So old, so poorly and fragile.  This little man only made three weeks with us, love him, but what a three weeks.  He likely had chronic cushing's disease and will have had some grim pain to reach the state he was in.  So nothing that could be done to cure him, but we gave him relief ... love and space.  He rallied, enjoyed the garden a little, loved his food and enjoyed his canine chums. On his last day he fell into a coma.  We couldn't bear to leave him to die naturally and in an undignified manner, so in his mummy's arms, the vet helped him cross the bridge. Thank you for the volunteers at Poitiers who ensured that this little lad had some end of life love and care, we were delighted to have met him and held him close.  Sweet dreams now little man.

Darling little Sausage, originally Luca by name, was with us a most fond and loving 2 and a half years. Arriving with a mighty hernia, bits in place and a character of indifference ... this little man was all patched up and just grew into the family - soon to be a central member. He loved cuddling all his canine chums, never slept alone, and just loved life to the full.  Very sadly, but at nearly 19 ... not surprisingly his heart was weak, and he passed quietly in his sleep. He had only 36 hours of not feeling too bright - which meant a night with mummy in bed (tinker) ... but his final resting place was his bed in front of the kitchen fire, his favourite place. Sleep well little sausage man, run free now, and know you will always be loved by us here xxx

What a darling boy Harold was.  Rescued via Phoenix from a premature death row, we are thrilled he could spend a few months with us. Old but happy, this fella tottered on his aged and worn back legs. He did so well, enjoying the garden and made a very special friend when Sirius arrived, they spent much of their day together. Sadly, the mechanics of his hips gave way and he went down and stayed there. But he ate treats and still wagged his tail until the vet arrived. Thank you Harold, for your love, care of Sirius and just for being a joy.  May you be romping happy with your old owner now over the Bridge xxx



This picture is so appropriate to remember her by, as she loved to bury her head and sleep lots, bless her. Rescued by the wonderful Levriers & Co in Spain, and from a dire situation of a sad rehomed lady who couldn't take her baby with her.  Xana missed her old family and at one point we thought a broken heart might take her, but she rallied.  She was her own girl, and wasn't keen on much fuss. I will particularly recall the day my Joseph died.  Xana joined me as I lay with Joe, almost bowing in honour.  She stayed with us both, it was a most precious time.  Thank you Xana, but I hope now you feel free in body and mind to be a very happy girly again. We will never forget your toothy face little princess xxx





Our own lassie dog, Stevie, arrived blind from a refuge in Spain, where stress made him cry all the time, likely the darkness in his mind and bleakness of the kennel. He arrived and did so well, needing calming pills, time and love. He enjoyed, with confidence, walks around the garden and snuggling up with canine chums ... and just the sweetest handshake for us humans. We loved it when he was confident enough to have that gorgeous tummy rubbed.


He did well, and for 13 months, most were relaxed and easy.  But he never really calmed totally in his mind and night time became difficult, so little tinker, we broke the rule, and he came up to beddy-byes with us ... yes up, and he seemed to get heavier each night! As his body showed other stress signs and the vet had exhausted his box of tricks it was time to feel the calm over the bridge. Be free little one, and enjoy the colours now too. xxx




Saved by Jelena in Serbia, chained to the roadside eating only what was dumped by the dustbin.  What a mess she looked. She made it to Twilight , but all too soon it was clear her life wouldn't be long.  The tumour in her stomach, but more so, the tumours that were filling her lungs. Wonderful vet care, steroids, pain killers and anti-inflamms, she was so much more comfortableShe enjoyed the freedom, the love, the grass, her food, such a precious girl, and those eyes. She passed in her daddy's arms with the vet's help, having so much love from so many.  The mass in her lungs was almost complete but also she had masses that had grown from the abdomen up ... she had no chance at all at the end. We feel so blessed to have shared some of your life lovely girl. You will never be forgotten, just sorry that mankind gave you such a hard time for the greater part of your life.  Love you xxx

What a lump of a pudding he was. Noticed by two angels J&E, this old fella came from the SPA in Saintes.  Old, bit grumpy, needed his bits sorting ... he just became a loveable old chap with a character all of his own. He needed a little mind help, some pain killers and steroids in his time with us and he has just trundled along, doing his own thing. Then a couple of mini strokes, but still he was just our big Dick! Sadly the pains got worse and his legs and hips could no longer  do as they needed and the pain was more than any meds could help. Night night darling boy, you were one of a kind, and we were thrilled you spent 10 months with us xxx



Poor old Sunday, he never did take a good pic, love him.  Well, 19 years and a few weeks, we cannot be too sad. Then, he lost the use of his back legs and hips .... It was time. We shared a wonderful cuddle and the vet helped him over the bridge. He hasn't been with us long, but we are glad to have met him and watched his little ways. Bless you little one, run free again now xxx





Darling boy Joseph.  Found several years ago, wandering the streets of Paris, so thin, so sad. The refuge he went too was so grim it had to be closed and all the dogs euthanised. Thankfully, a wonderful lady had spotted this boy, phoned us and drove him to Limoges where Mike collected him. Love at first sight for him and mummy. He cried if I went out, sat guard by the bathroom door, made sure he was first and last to say hello or goodnight. So, so sweet, it made him soft and occasionally picked on, but he just loved all and everyone. His welcome to all newcomers was a little hump ... But he was only saying hello! JoeJoe, we miss you so much already. Love you so much little man, be free and always happy x




Holly was Twilight’s first disabled dog. A Bulgarian stray, she had been run over and left for dead at the side of the road. Brought to Twilight by the charity Twitchy Noses, Holly formed a very special bond with Leeanne. In her short life, Holly ran like the wind on her wheels and showed Leeanne, Mike and all the Twilight supporters that disabled dogs can have a rich and fulfilling life. Sadly, there was no solution to her weakening body and persistent infections, and so this special girl left to go over the Bridge. You can read Holly’s full, moving story in the Twilight biography, Paws Before Bedtime.   



Darling Marmaduke didn’t have long with Twilight, but long enough to know he was loved. The sweetest little fella, who sadly had been got by a brain tumour. He was out of the SPA cage though and enjoyed grass, food, love and many friends. And his very own special bed. Be free of pain my little friend, and may that gorgeous stump of yours wag freely. Miss you xxx





Darling Chrissie, a beautiful apricot poodle. Daddy loved her so much. At nearly 19, she was  tired and her kidneys had enough. But, she had such a grand time with us. I cannot recall how many lovers she had, and even in her last weeks she played with young Jacob.  A little pudding with a mighty spirit. We all loved you huge little Chrissie, run free my love xxx



Darling Mimi was one of three that came to Twilight the same time. Nearly 14 years old, and with us over two years, our special girl has crossed the bridge in her daddy’s arms, with a little help from the vet. Latterly, a thigh tumour had grown much larger and trapped a nerve affecting her bladder. We were able to manage this for some months, but only surgery could solve her bladder problems and she was not well enough to go through with this. In keeping with our death with dignity policy, Mike and the vet made that hard but loving decision. It has been a privilege Mimi, bless you my beauty girl, be free and happy and know we will always love and remember you.



Sweet Dylan, a wonderful hairy fellow had been with Twilight for years. We took him with old Tumor and two others from death row at Carcassone (in the days before the wonderful Rowan had a no-kill policy at this SPA). He never changed, shaggy to the end, despite some serious shearing sessions! I We called him Dylan because he ‘sang’, and he had such a cheeky look in his eyes.

What a joy he has been, never a trouble, and even at the end he didn’t want to be a nuisance. But he was so very tired, barely needing the help from the gentle vet. We could no longer clear the fluid on his lungs … it was his time. Dylan darling friend, you were destined to be the first in the bath of the washroom … but you escaped that fun, so hope you are leaping around and entertaining all your pain-free chums over the Bridge. Bless you, together we forgot all those years you had in the refuge; we will never forget you though xxxx




What a gorgeous little soul Narla was. Saved by Orfee when her owners had died, little Narla and her weepy eyes and big tummy tumour joined Twilight. Always perky and happy to the very end. Sadly, the tummy tumour grew bigger than her head, it was mighty. It gave her no pain, but had started to disrupt her walking, and we feared it would burst. So time, little lady to say goodnight. Thank you pretty girl, run free now sweet girl xxx



It seems only proper that Scamp’s memorial photo should be with Stella who saved him. Darling Scamp was left to a cold, wet and grim death. But, thanks to Stella he found love, care, medical treatment and warmth at Twilight. The tear in his eye caused severe brain damage which was sadly too far gone, but we could calm him and let him enjoy the feelings around him. Our vet even went as far as to say it was so very lucky for him to have such a place to have his last days, because just the smells and awareness of his fellow canines will have given him comfort. Scamp, it was a pleasure to hold you. Sorry, we couldn’t do more, but know we shall meet again with you back in your prime. Bless you little one, and sorry for the lack of care from some humans in your little life.




Darling old Jake, 19 years old, and his time to cross the bridge. What a wonderful few years we have enjoyed with this precious fella. Whilst we will miss him, we have a precious picture of him with his old mate Elwood. Both now exercising those mighty long legs across the fields of clouds. His liver and kidneys were his weak link at the end, but no pain as the vet helped him pass so very peacefully, at home and in his chair. Thank you Jake, for your grace and special presence. Bless you always.



Sweet tiny Edith was so very old, but a real fighter. Found wandering the streets of Bergerac, then rescued by Phoenix, this little bundle was just like a toast rack and not likely to last long. Six months later, and with love and care, her tummy tumour was forgotten, her ribs became a weighty fluff bundle. And, she may have been small, but she had the character of an elephant size. We have all loved her dearly, humans and doggies alike. She went down very quickly, likely the cancer reaching her brain. She died very peacefully in her sleep. Thank you little one for letting us get to know you and for trusting us. Run free now precious girly xxx


Dear Finette, 13 years old and saved thanks to Cahors refuge. Whilst thin, she regrouped pretty well, but sadly poor lass went into season. This unnecessary stress on her body weakened her heart and she wasn’t especially comfortable. The vet worked hard with us to keep her both comfortable and discover what else might ail her. Cancer and her heart both took a part in the need to finally pass over the Bridge. Run free now special girl, you knew you were loved at the end, I can only apologise for the likely treatment you had in your youth and middle years. Thank you for learning to trust again xxx Relax now xxx




Tango went to Twilight when his Mum had to sadly go into a maison de retraite herself. As Tango was old and quite delicate he didn’t have many options open to him. Rather than be put to sleep, he went to Twilight to spend his last days, loved and amongst canine and human companions. His old Mum found it too difficult to see him directly, but enjoyed his stories and his capers up to his dying day. Tango joined the big playground in the sky in January 2011. RIP Tango xx



An ancient lass who was with us over two years. Never asked for anything other than a tummy rub, and it was quite a size of a tummy, so took a while! She loved her bed, but twice a day would waddle down the garden, sniff and do her business ...then she would run like the wind up the hill, almost giggling, and would fall into her bed coughing like it was her last, with her weak heart. Such a happy girl. She passed very peacefully as she slept. Run free precious friend, know you will be always loved xxx.


Fifteen-year-old Jake couldn’t join his family on a very special holiday, so was entrusted to us, as the wonderful kennels at Cozycatsanddogs felt he would be better here than in a kennel environment. Not something we do very often, but were pleased to help out, and having met Jake, thrilled to be able to enjoy this very special little spirit.

A very old man in mind and body, he and Joseph wandered the garden, rummaged the hedges and snugged close at bed time. Very sadly, the little man didn’t make his family's return, his heart was weak. He died in my arms. Bless you little fella, and sorry we didn't meet sooner, but you clearly had a wonderful life.


We shall never know much about this Ooodle the poodle, except that his last few weeks that we were lucky enough to get to know him a little, clean him up and keep him pain free, were very special. A sweet little pudding that enjoyed the grass and being close for a cuddle. Hope we meet for longer next time little one, bless you always xxx



Basil joined us from Romania, via a wonderful organisation, Association Mukitza. Basil was originally called Balthier, but we struggled with it a bit and he didn’t respond too well (probably how we said it!). He was just five years old, a street lad, who was run over and as the end result paralysed from the mid back down. Basil had a wonderful life at Twilight, scooting around the garden and flying on his wheels. Sadly, infection in his stumpy leg took hold, a common problem with disabled dogs. Night, night Basil 16/06/2015


Darling old Humphrey was with us many moons. He had this most endearing ‘humph grumph’ noise that he would make as he looked like he was rooting for underground moles as he would nose run around the garden. Thought to be about 16 years old, he was a giant bear. He had tumours all over the place, most notably an open one on his head that the vet would clean up from time to time under anaesthetic. He complained of nothing, loved the snow like no other and had a scruffy look that was his trade mark. We will miss you old boy, but know you will be humph grumphing your way around the rainbow bridge in style. Be happy dear friend. xxx


The reason why Penny had to be with us is not for us to judge, and we are incredibly glad we could be a welcoming and loving home for her in her last few months. Penny had a stroke in the night which rendered her incapable, so Mike and the vet had no choice but to help her cross the bridge. She went so very peacefully xxx Thank you for those most gentle cuddles little one, trot free now special girl xxx


Our darling Tumour was one of the original Twilighters, and was with us three years, bless him. He came up from Carcassonne by chance with three others; Rowan saved him just minutes from being pts. He had a brain tumour, but other than a tilted head, he had no other symptoms. Proof being he lived this long. His life here has been fun and full of love. He notably fell in love with Mabel, he nursed her, courted her and just adored her. Mike and I loved him so very much, and he has made so many canine and human friends. You will remain in our hearts forever little man, your quirky ways, that lovely tum xxx Be always happy little friend, miss you very much xxx


Twilight days are precious, and none have been more so than the time this very special fella has had with us. Darling Kaiser, we lost his battle with his nasty bowel problem, know he had all he could. At Twilight, this incredible old man found his spirit again. He loved his new chums, the freedom, his full tummy, and best of all, he and Mike bonded so very specially, it made your heart burst to see them together. From the garden to the settee. You may not have been with us long gorgeous boy, but you touched all our hearts, and it has been a sheer pleasure to get to know you. Run free now my darling, and no need to fret about your bottom anymore! Love you handsome xxx


Pearl was only 12 ish in age, and her life before us was quite unbearable and not right now for us to dwell on. She took many months to settle, but when she did, this special girl was so precious in every way. She learnt to play, love like no other, and was beautiful inside and out. We thank Phoenix for their mighty part, for the vet at Chalus for all his nurturing and care, but most of all we thank sweet Pearl for allowing us to share in her most precious soul and letting us into her world. The cancer finally had the better of her. Bless you dearest friend, rest well. Love you always, mum and dad xxxx


Our darling dearest Teg (beautiful in Welsh) – the inspiration for Twilight. Sadly passed just a few weeks shy of her 16th birthday. Of course we were sure she would be mortal, but sadly we have had to say our farewells. Teg, precious girl, you are the reason for Twilight. We took in oldies to give you friends in your twilight years, and it grew to what we know now.  In your name, my love, we shall do our very best to care for old and needy canine friends for as long as we can. We are sure tails are wagging as she has met up with her mum Abby and auntie Kizzy. We will always love you dear Teg, thank you xxx


Darling Koki was stoic from day one with us, but the ear trouble, and his heart, both troubled him greatly, so having been on almost every pill possible to try to ease his pain and keep him being his handsome self for as long as possible, we all had to admit defeat, and say sweet dreams little man. Thank you Levriers & Co for his care and rescue, and thank you special Koki for your wonderful 18 months with us old Twilighters. Be pain free and happy dear friend xx


This gorgeous, very old man, grew weak and frail quite quickly. He was loved to the very end, with his canine pals licking and petting him. He wagged that ever happy tail, albeit gently, on that last morning. Nothing wrong – just a grand age. On the morning he couldn’t stand, we asked the vet to help him over the rainbow bridge. Rest a while my friend … then as your beans return the other side – enjoy that young body again. We miss you, but will always love and remember you. Night night darling Timi


At the time of his sad passing, old Elwood was one of our eldest inmates. Thought to be mid 18 years old, this very handsome and long legged friend had been growing weak for a few months. His last move was getting off his favourite chair and his rear leg just snapped. He went down with the dignity and grace only Elwood could hold, love him. The vet came, and nothing could be done for this weak and frail old boy. But what an age and what a joy you have been. Bless you dear friend, go run free now xxx


Darling Swann came at the age of ten, relatively young for Twilight, just to be with her old mate, Nana who was blind and deaf. Their owner dead, they were both welcome here at Twilight. Sometimes, when there is no warning, it is harder than when we watch them go downhill slowly. Sweet Swann had heart failure. The vet talked me through an injection for such emergencies in the middle of the night, to stop the lungs filling with fluid. It worked, the night was long, but Swann's heart wasn't strong enough. Night night my lovely boy, may your dreams be as sweet as you. We will cherish Nana until she joins you.


Dear Justine had quite the grimmest life she had before us. Some stories it is best you do not know. Let us just remember this precious girl as overcoming pain and ill treatment and being so forgiving. Her tail never stopped wagging - she just loved to be loved. You will never be forgotten super girl - such a character, and thank you for those amazing cuddles.


Bless her, Fudge was likely a chasse reject left to starve. A little fruitcake, but a happy one. That was until recent months when the serotonin to the brain was a problem and she would 'turn'. Medication and behaviour changes didn't help - so we had to say good night. Sorry Fudge, if we missed a way to help you - but we had some great times together and you know we loved you. She also had great pain in her rear legs, which now lovely girl you can just run free on.


Timothy was a heartbreaker. He was a Phoenix rescue from the SPA. He just oozed love, having clearly had a grim innings - he had forgiven and just wanted a cuddle. We would play for about 30 seconds a day ... he went down like a puppy and we scrambled like autumn leaves on the floor giggling. Then, he would return to his bed and sleep! We did so love him. Be happy little man, our lives are enriched for meeting you.


Darling Tara was only with us for three months, but they have been fun. She literally ran until her old back legs could go no more. The day she died, her old mate Brambles sat and licked her, having spent their lives together. Love at its best. Sweetest Tara, we have little doubt you can give those rabbits a run for their tails now!


Sweet old piggy Cooper. He could snort with the best of them. This pic was taken the day before he slipped peacefully away in his sleep, the last day of 2012. He wasn’t the most athletic fella, but he waddled well and lost enough weight to be able to roll over and then get up again! Quite a feat for a big chap. We loved him dearly. Circumstance led him to be here, he was even filmed as part of our ITV Little England being handed over – sadly not to be seen on the telly though. God bless you Coopie, it was a pleasure to share some of your life.


Sadly this fella wasn’t with us long enough to get many photos. Leon was a sweetie. I’m sorry his owners may only find out of his death by reading this … but not much I can do without contact. This little guy had obviously been unwell for some time, landing with us in time to have barely comforting final attempts at treatment. Little man, sorry, we did our best. You were loved by us and your canine chums to the end. Our vet did all he could, your organs just had nothing left to give. Fourteen was a good age, and Christmas eve is a twinkly night to pass. Night night sweetheart.



What a beautiful photo, the sun is shining on you, the angel that you are. Found wandering the streets, Henri never asked for anything, just happy to be fed and loved. I can still feel you close Henri, don't be afraid to let go, you will never ever be alone again my special one. Just so tired, it was time to go. Night night my love, xxx Mum xxx


My little Poodle. We cuddled without fail every night and do you know, you were with us a year. Sweet little man, a tumour attached to your spine got the better of you, making it difficult to walk and painful for your 'little chap'. We were sorry to lose you, but thank you for cheeky character and loving ways. Be at peace my friend, you always have a place in our hearts.


Sweet sweet little one, what a fighter you have been. You should have died within hours of arriving, but you were so determined, you were with us five months. Cortisone and antibiotics have kept you going, together with that amazing tail wag of yours, your incredible healthy appetite, and that pre dinner dance. We just loved you little friend. You had a humility that touched us all. May your next life be without the pain. God bless dear Loulou xxx


Dearest old Peg. What a character she has been. That 'wooouf' she would make to get our attention. She was certainly 'top dog', no one got in her way and if she wanted that chair - she would have it, bless her. She was a determined girly, and sadly only old age and the arthritis in her back legs got the better of her. Peggy, you will never be forgotten dear friend, thank you for all you gave and taught us - we will miss you xxx



Dear Titi was a courageous old girl, rescued from the gypsy world, and having had many, many babes. Her short time with us allowed her to enjoy her own space, waddle at her own pace and just enjoy cuddles. Sadly her lungs let her down at the end, but she died peacefully and full of love. Rest well dear little friend.





Sweet sweet little Pedalo only made a couple of weeks with us. But bless him, he was out of a cage, stopped his nervous turning on the spot, and made the very best friends with Robin. It was a stroke that took him at the end, but we feel blessed he enjoyed canine and human love with us. At 16 years my little friend, enjoy your rest now.

Sally & Phoebe

Bless them both, like peas in a pod.  Mum, old Sally loved her outdoor sofa, although I was reminded looking through the photos how she and her daughter Phoebe hid in the nettles when they first arrived.  They had both been with us just on two years, and really were major members of the family. Both good ages, and always happy with those waggy tails.  Sally died of a tummy tumour, but had no pain.   Phoebe followed her just a week later, old age and gently went to sleep here at home. So close to Mum, perhaps she felt it was time to go and be with her on that heavenly sofa.  Thank you both for your precious time with us, and I know your Dad Darren will miss you as much as we will. Bless you both xx, and night night.



Pickles ...aka Nicci

Sweet old Pickles, well into her teens, the vet called her our ancient one. She never demanded a thing, only squeaked at tea time, and slept happily or quietly pottered around the garden in her own world. Her little body just gave up. It was all very quick, the night before all was well, in the morning it was clearly time. I hope wherever you have gone little Pickles, you have your old spark back. We knew little about you, just hope you felt loved at the end. God bless you little one.


Forever loving and gentle, dear Theo got an infection, likely in his heart, and try to clear it as we might, he wasn’t strong enough. Only with us a few months, but it was a mutually loving time. Bless you my dear friend, we are so glad we found each other.


Such a gentle, delicate fella, dear Pongo. He was a right tease at bedtime. We had to play games go get him to come in – you were a right tinker my friend. Sadly, he had a stroke, that led to an evening of fits. The vet assures us he did not suffer. Rest in peace now dear Pongo. So glad we could have those months together here and not behind the bars of a refuge and an earlier unnecessary death. Xx


Dear little Toto was with Twilight for not quite two months, but this was plenty long enough to steal the hearts of humans and canines alike. Sadly, all was failing around him and he had to be helped to sleep. For a little man he leaves a big hole. Bless you my friend, your beauty shone and will stay bright with us forever xx


Found nearly two years before she arrived at Twilight, in Cahors woodland, frail and near to death. Wendy and Stuart nursed her to life again, and she joined Twilight. Quite the most special girl. She took Tumour’s heart and they became inseparable, he still looks out for her, bless him. She was riddled with cancer at the end and grew very weak. It was time to help her on her way. She had a very special time with us, and 87-year-old June from the UK adopted her and loved her by post. Bless you my little friend, rest now and know we will always love you xxx


Dear Polka, you were not with us very long. You came with Tundra, from a small rescue home which needed to reduce numbers, due to your poor daddy’s health, and mum at 88 (amazing). Your hips were gone and one day, they just full went. Now my old friend, I hope you are running again free and breaking hearts with those beautiful eyes. Bless you xxx


Darling little Malek. It was chance that Phoenix found you, sweet little six-month old chap and sent you to Twilight. You had spinal nerve damage, who knows how, who or where, but it left you at just six months old with three legs that worked. This soon became two, and then none. You let me bathe you, clean all those parts you couldn’t do, even helped with your bowels. You never complained and rarely cried. You would shuffle to join me cook the evening meal and sing to you, you would greet me in the morning. In seven weeks my little treasure you stole my heart. I will always love you and always remember your courage, and I can only apologise for the humans that did this to you. You will always be special my Malek. L xx


Little Roudee spent a while at Twilight and then left to spend his final four months with a loving fosterer, Jackie and her family. Sadly, he died of a heart attack, much loved and much missed.


 D was the prettiest thing, no photo unfortunately. She spent some time with Twilight, having had a very grim history. Amongst other things, a human being had seen fit to kick this little girl in the ribs until they broke. She never complained, loved a cuddle, wagged her tail and took her meds when necessary. Sadly, she died in the night, found fitting, Mike stayed up with her and she had a second fit at 4.30 am and died in his arms. We will never forget you D. Twilight is what you are all about. Sweet dreams my princess.


 Little Harley was not so old, sweet fella at six. He was likely a hit and run victim, leaving his backend paralysed. Whilst every effort was made to help him, and a variety of anti-inflams and painkillers, this little guy never really engaged again. He was incontinent and hated it, he was patient when he had his daily bath but you could tell that it was not the life he wanted. With the vets support, we all decided that this was no life for him. God bless you ar. You did try, but just sometimes the pains forced upon us are bigger than our spirit. Rest well my little friend. xx


Dear Arnie joined Twilight having lost his mum to cancer and he was clearly pining for her. He was a brave fella though, having lost his front leg to cancer several years earlier. Now though, secondary cancer had taken hold in his spine and it was time to say goodnight. Bless you Arnie, and your mum of eleven years. Now you can both be together and without pain. We are so glad we met you big man, rest well.


 After a grim life, thanks to Orphee and Hope, this fella had all the love, meds and food that a boy could ever wish for once he joined us. He had no back end, but he learnt to walk and sway his way around – he even learnt to poo with some dignity too. He was a gentle giant and gave the sweetest cuddles. Dearest friend, thank you for trusting us to give a little colour in your life. You have left a big hole and your canine mates miss you too – they haven’t got to walk around you anymore. You are truly loved dear friend, and that treasured deep woof xxx


 Dearest Wolfy, we had the privilege of knowing him for just twenty days. A sad social services case. We didn’t think he would make the first night. But Wolfy pulled it from his boots, learnt to eat again, grew strong enough to get up and out for his ablutions. He found grass again, sun and shade and a drink whenever he wanted it. He found his senses gain, despite being blind and deaf. Sadly, though the starvation and neglect he had endured had already done their worst. Sorry about some of our human race Wolfy, but we hope that we have reminded you what love on this planet is, before you joined the land of endless bones and play xx Night night dear friend, and thank you for showing us such strength, courage and forgiveness. Xxx


Belle came to Twilight at the age of twelve, taken into the vets to be put down as she was no use anymore. We all felt that Belle deserved something more. Three years. At fifteen the oldest girly at the time passed peacefully. She didn’t grumble once in her time with us. She had her favourite chair, and slept in it most of the time. Whilst she had the grimmest tummy cancer she never missed a meal and showed no sign of any discomfort. She was the sweetest girl and will be forever in Twilight memories. Xxx


Chocky came from the Cahors area, her owner going into a maison de retraite herself. Not a lot was known about poor Chocky, except she was an oldie – and her ears. Over the years her ears had never been cleaned of mites and dirt, and she had developed a painful ear condition. She couldn’t take anyone touching her ears, however much help we gave her. However, she learnt to play and had a good earthly ending. May your ears now flap free little Chocky xxx


Buttons arrived from the SPA at Bergerac via Shelagh of Phoenix. He had a bottom tumour and was in a sad old state, he was not going to be kept and it was likely that he would only live a few weeks. We agreed to keep him and clean him up. Eighteen months later – Buttons has had a lovely life. His tumour was removed and he could run and play with the best of them. Sadly the tumour returned and grew bigger and this time we couldn’t do anything but comfort him on his way. Doggy Dr Taffy kept Buttons clean and alive for much longer than any medication could. Bless you dear Buttons, it really has been a joy to know you xxx


Darling Oscar was found wandering on the main road, He needed surgery for some grim ear tumours and meds for his arthritis. His few short months have been full of love but sadly stomach cancer took his life. Thank you Oscar, the smelliest and most handsome love xxx


Nina was the first real Twilighter, saved by Sue from PoorPaws. She was pretty old when she arrived and had been at Twilight for three and a half years. Determined, her weak heart was not going to stop her running, her blindness from a fit wasn’t going to stop her exploring and her deafness didn’t interfere with love and cuddles, and even going a bit dotty near the end didn’t matter two hoots. She’d had a tough innings and they don’t make them tougher. She loved every minute, everyone, and every grateful mouthful of food that came her way.

Sadly, cancer got her in the end. Nina, you will forever be our Twilight mascot, the inspiration for all dogs that there is life after being forgotten. You have given us strength to give other doggies life at the apparent end – when end might mean years. Bless you our little friend, much missed but never forgotten. Love you little one, sweet dreams xx


This dear thirteen-year-old lemon setter cross was found on the road and taken in and cared for by the wonderful Asso Auberge des Les Quatre Pattes and noticed by our Diana. She had a little heart murmur and sight issues, together with a nerve breakdown as her whole body flopped. Although her health issues finally got the better of her, we gave her all of our love.