Fundraising Reports

Twilight is entirely self-funded. Every year we have to raise €35,000 to cover the cost of looking after the dogs, including their vet bills. We are delighted to receive very generous donations from our supporters, those who attend the numerous fundraising events, organisations such as Hope and Rainbow who share the proceeds of their fundraising and our lovely supporters who continue to devise new and unusual ways to raise money for the Puddings. We thank you all.

On this page, you can read about all our major fundraising events, both those local to Twilight and those held by our supporters throughout France and indeed, worldwide.


Christmas Fayre 2017

Oh my festive goodness!! The weather was grim, there were umpteen other fetes within a small radius of our village, and did I mention how filthy the weather was? But, the volunteers arrived, all dressed merry and fun, smiles and ready for action. All their beautiful and yummy food just waiting to be munched. What a team you are, how blessed are we xxx

And then so many of you came. It was just precious. Doggies, children, adults galore. The atmosphere was full of wonderful energy and love. I know many set out but had to return home defeated by the grim weather. We are just so glad you are safe xxx

Thank you, every single one of you, however you were involved in the Puddings’ festive event. Over €2,500 was raised in a most beautiful and convivial way. Incredible.

Hope Association Book Sale 2017

The weekend of October 14-15 was the mighty Association Hope’s bi-annual book sale. Twilight is invited, along with other rescue associations, to share the weekend, and let the public see how Hope’s wonderful donations make a difference to the animal kingdom.

There are never the words to fully describe this magical weekend. The volunteers are incredible. They work, they give, they ache; the work involved for this weekend is immense. But, the smiles, the ‘family’ love and caring feeling that exudes throughout is tangible. We loved being with you all. You are all incredible individuals that make one heartfelt Association. We personally thank you all for all you do. We bless you all for caring as you do. You are incredibly special. Thank you

PUIVERT 30 September 2017


Team Puivert, led by Deb, had a fantastic fundraiser at the end of September at their local Marie. With Deb’s cake stall leading the sales, the clothes, bric-a-brac, Twilight goodies, Bryan’s sausages and Tombola made a mighty day for one and all. What a team you are, bless you for your love, care and energy. With your blessing, your funds raised will go towards the new relax room. The puddings send loving licks down south .... thank you xxxx

LA CHARRUE 24 September 2017

The end of season vide for the Twilight old dogs was held, as usual, on the third Sunday in September at the wonderful venue of La Charrue, Vieux Mareuil. This is a tough fund raiser. It is the penultimate one of the year and then there’s a long winter ahead. Sorting, storing and packing: long days and hard work, and a truly dedicated team of volunteers. The Twilight team and La Charrue team have never been stronger, in friendship, support and growth. The folks that come and support are like family. It is all hugs and catch up chats, the atmosphere was quite exceptional. In all honesty, a mighty moral boost for Twilight, as sometimes what we do is hard. The list of volunteers, helpers, donators, and stall holders is too long to mention, but you know who you are. Every single one of you is exceptional, as in whatever way you give to help our old or disabled puddings you make the difference; you are part of what keeps us going. We made 750 euros on our stall, and in the La Charrue store, which keeps heaps of bric-a-brac for the Twilight puddings, they took 550 euros, which Pauline rounded up to €1000 with sales made on our behalf in just the last couple of months. Twilight can only sustain the needs of all these oldies and disabled puds because you all care like you do.


Toulouse GOLF DAY 23 September 2017

There have been lots of fundraising events on the agenda this autumn. Down in the Toulouse area, Sara and her family organised a wonderful golfing event at the Golf du Chateau de Barbet, with a meal and auction. The weather was kind, supporters turned out en masse and they raised a whopping 1635.00 euros for Twilight Chiens. Sara would like to thank Norman for running such a fun competition. Thanks also to everyone who attended and everyone that contributed to this successful day. Thanks to Ron, Eddie and Natalie - the best hosts we could have wished for, and thanks to Bernie for doing the Auction and Lana for selling hamper tickets.