Paws Before Bedtime: the story of Twilight

Twilight has published its very own biography. In this 260-page quality paperback find out how and why Leeanne and Mike set up Twilight, learn about the ups and downs of daily life with over thirty dogs, and be amazed by the special dogs’ stories. Discover the magic of Twilight – the retirement home for dogs, where the old, sick, lame and unwanted spend their final years, months or days in an oasis of love and tranquillity.


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Have you ever asked yourself … What made a retired English teacher and his psychologist wife open the doors of their Dordogne home to thirty old, sick or disabled dogs? Now the answer is at hand. You can now read all about Mike and Leeanne Whitley, an incredible couple, who have dedicated the last nine years to rescuing over three hundred dogs in need.

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100% of profits goes to the dogs of Twilight


“It’s rare in life that you meet two people who make you feel instantly cared about, instantly loved, instantly welcomed and instantly accepted. Leeanne and Mike, and the army of Twilight supporters, remind you that there is so much more good in the world than bad, and that we can all do something to help. When other people shy away from a problem, Leeanne and Mike step up. They prove, time after time, that for the dogs it is not the days in your life, but the life in your days.”