little mudlarks

The Mudlarks Well, what a sweet pair. We are taking our 'blind' action with them at the moment. We have found sometimes this early space gives us a better pic for the vet. Both are improving by the day in terms of settling in. Clearly in a world quite alien, but taking each step gently and learning to trust. As you can see in the pics, they are now enjoying beds ... And I must say, it makes my heart leep to see them all snug x Also, they are mixing from time to time with all the puds. This is again going well, although Basil is not too keen on them, but Basil can be a tinker if he thinks a pudding might get more attention than him! Lucky Louis has done well with his antibiotics, and his eyes are certainly much clearer. He does though have a permanent rear leg shake, high on the vets check list. He is the more dominant of the two when together, and can be a bit rough with Scamp ... We have a broken fan to prove this, but it wasn't serious. Scamp has a bit of a wobble and a cough, again, high on the vets list. Both have hearing problems and both will need their bits off if possible and I fear from the size of Lucky Louis's stomach ... a little problem might be lurking. But both doing well and both enjoying human and canine company. In short, we love them!
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