This weeks pledge week has been amazing, from Linda thinking it up, to your extraordinary offers to help in so many ways. Tracey offering to poo pick, and Margaret donating a mighty £100 for photographic evidence to support this pledge ... Being just two ....Amazing.
Stephanie offered a pledge to surprise us with a Zooplus delivery. Well, lovely lady, surprise us you did. Thank you sooooo much. The beds are just divine, in fact  Mike and I quite fancy once big enough for us .... So comfy. The food and treats smell good enough to eat too, and every pudding is licking their little lips for such thoughtful soft treats and yummy food parcel.
Thank you Stephanie so very very much xxx
Mike and I took a rare treat out and about and were spoilt to a wonderful stop over with Bryan Jones and Debbie, and Fluff and Donald xxx. Puivert supporters led by Deb do amazing work fund raising for Twilight and their superb local SPA, Carcassone. Debs baking would encourage you to travel miles .... Yummy, thank you.  And this Saturday you could go and experience some yourself.  We thank your team in advance Deb and hope you have a great day, the dogs send loving licks, we are all thinking of you x.

Mike and I live in a constant world of love and amazement.  Whether someone
leaves a sack of dog food at the gate, clear out their old towels for us ...
or, as happened yesterday ... a canvas photo of our darling Holly arrived
... unmarked or with a note.  One of you very special people out there has
created a most treasured keepsake of our little pudding.  We cried, of
course, but now, look up and smile, or touch her ............... thank you
so so much.  For your kindness and thought, bless you so much.

Support from the Creuse


Sunshine early March, brings daffodils and new friends to Twilight.  Julie
Laybourn, an unsung hero of fundraising for cancer France and cats and dogs
over the years.  Quietly gathering a 4 woman strong team, including Francine
and Cynthia in the pics.  These three lovely ladies, and chauffer and box
carrying hubby Graham, came some several hours to meet us, having raised
pennies to help with the vet bills ... selling books in their local café and
local vides. What a special energy they brought too, chatting like old
friends and cuddling the dogs constantly ... it was a delightful afternoon.
We thank you Julie and your heartfelt team for wanting to give so much to
animals across France, and to help cancer sufferers too.  Very special, a
blessing to meet and get to know you all.  Thank you for all your do for
animals and humans alike.

Thank you Puddings!

Well, we thinks there are tinkers out there .... Helping the puddings to send us such surprises!

Today we have opened a superbly wrapped Valentine surprise .... Of love, light and a scent so sweet and special.  Trisha Stephen, of vintage deLites Candlelight and Crockery has clearly been in cahoots with some of you (thank you ... Thank you xxx). Two beautiful champagne/cocktail glasses filled with the sweetest white candle mix and love red bows.

We feel loved and blessed everyday, but these pudding gifts are quite the most treasured surprise and experience.  Thank you little ones, and thank you YOU ... You know who you are, we love you for caring enough for the babes ... never mind us .... but it has been a wonderful treat xxxxx

Trisha ([email protected]) your work is wonderful, thank you xx


Is all any of us can ever wish for,

but is more than many dare dream of having.

Twilight, the old doggies home, can give hope to more old and terminally sick dogs than we could have ever dreamt possible

Thanks to you … at Hope association

for your festive donation x

Whether you are one of the mighty and giving volunteers who work selflessly at your events, or you are a supporter of this non prejudice animals in need association

Your devotion and care has made an incredible difference.

Twilight is a small, two man band, with Mike and I sharing our home with all these needy puddings. But old age and ill health comes at a price. The price we wanted the dogs to not pay was premature death, undignified death or suffering. Thanks to you, we are helped to average 30 oldies at the moment, not too fearful of the ‘price’ it costs to keep them. They all have what they need …

As I was writing this, Dick, the spaniel first right of centre has just had some kind of seizure. Mike and I are both here, we have been able to tend to him, have sufficient meds and training from the vets to deal with the situation and go a long way to doing the right thing. The fires are burning and the beds all over the place … Dick is now regrouping in the warm, surrounded by love. We may need a vet later here, or one of us will be there first thing tomorrow, averaging 4 puddings for needs on any one visit. The oldies never suffer, and that is of course one of the hardest aspects of what we do, but any Twilight death is in loved arms and with dignity.

Of the 29 here today, the two enroute, and the 5 on the waiting list … they all thank you, as we do, that you have made the difference to their lives and the quality of their last days.

Thank you doesn’t cover it, but for all our supporters, in whatever form, thank you

Mike ,Leeanne and all the puddings


September and early October have been as busy as ever for thank you’s xx

Cozy Cats and Dogs is quite the most special place to pop your puddings when you need to go away, and they celebrated their first anniversary – Congratulations Linda and Phil, and thank you for having Twilight help enjoy your day.

La Charrue really is a wonder for Twilight oldies, the end of season Vide was a mighty success, even with the unpredictable weather – we all had a great day, with 16 stall holders enjoying the early sun and buyers galore. Also Pauline and Clive’s customers continue to add to the ‘brown stuff’ appeal, with another €352 going into the pot.

Sadly the Lawrence’s lost their little Lucy, but friends donations came in for her, and in Lucy’s name the new Twilight wash room will have a radiator in her memory xxx Thank you so much xxx

Thank you to Doreen who is popping up at all sorts of events with her super hand-made Christmas doggie neck ties …, they are a must have for this seasons pooches!

Thanks too for Linda on FaceBook and all the wonderful people that follow her fundraising, with the recent Jewellary sale and the ‘bucket’ collection to join in the vide … brilliant idea and great pennies raised to help vet fees.

This current stage of the new wash room has been done by Glenn, you can see pics and his mighty contribution on the latest news page, thank you with big licks x

Twilight was thrilled to join Chez Conkers for their first conker fair and hog roast … it might have rained, but fun was had by all

And thank you to all who just pop by with a bag of bedding or a tin of dog food … it seems endless the ways you help and support us, bless you all so very much for all your care.

Twilight, the old doggies home

05 53 52 62 37

              On Saturday 17th August Twilight had a very special visit from
Hope xx

Chairwoman, Linda Burns and friends all came for a group huggle.

I thought one lady might take them all home, she listened and met them all
intently for the first time visit tour I subject all visitors too. She
reminded me of Lady Di, with her gentle care and filling eyes of love and
compassion, as she took in each of the Twilighters' stories. Her bond with
Holly was instant, and I found myself oozing with the pride I imagine a
mother might have that someone else loves her baby too and can't see her
physical faults like so many seem to.

But as you looked around the courtyard, this love was coming from all of the
Hope team. Some pictured here with not enough hands, Linda had barely sat
down before Jacob had lapped her and licked her yummy lipstick off, and one
drew breath as he asked how we cope with the passings .... bless him.

Hope is a mighty fund raising organisation, with an army of charming and
energetic volunteers that work tirelessly to raise funds for animals various
and their needs. Not a refuge themselves, pure fund raising and a source of
information to help all aspects of animal care and welfare.

They have followed Twilight, helping where they can when we have needed that
extra support, and this year, after a successful fund raising Hog Roast,
they felt they would like to help the oldies with a donation from part of
this money raised. It is this incredible generosity that allows us to top
up with our own fundraising, and keep the oldies in a manner to which they
soon become accustomed ... with food all medical needs. Hope really do give
Hope to our oldies, and we thank them immensely. For Mike and I too, we
were treated, not just with wonderful human company, but with the
chairwoman's mighty skill of baking ....and the yummiest coffee and walnut
cake. Mmmmm, thank you Linda.

But it isn't just the funds that these special people bring to Twilight. It
is friendship and moral support as part of the French rescue network. Rescue
work is tough, often not just what you see from the animals, but what you
take from the less caring humans .... so to be able to share our
difficulties is essential to all our sanity and on- going work. Thank you
Linda and the Hope team for that, indeed, thanks go to many of the English
and French rescues across here for that.

So a lovely few hours of comradeship was shared by humans and canines alike.
Thank you Hope .... for the on-going Hope you give to us all with all your
selfless hard work .... however many paws, hooves, beaks we might have.

Leeanne & Mike and the Twilighters'
Whilst it is hard to believe September is here already here, the length of thank yous for August is so long it is hard to believe -- thank you ! xx
So adding to those already mentioned ... many of you sent 'brown stuff' which I can't wait to add up, it will boost the dog tins galore.
The New English Bookshop pot came to €40, the amazing fund raising Hope Association have helped enormously - buying us an industrial steam cleaner which is tremendous, Peter had a party and raised €50 and much dog food ... coo and thank you all.
Tina and Jane had a BBQ at home ... in the rain, and raised a staggering €515 to help with vets bills, Jackie Amour donated one of her book sales to help little Batman with his meds and Kaiser has a secret admirer who is supporting his mighty vet needs. Bless you all.
Pictured here is the wonderful Auntie Lesley who comes once a month and helps me with the doggy washes. We bathed 6 this time, with Oooodle soaking up the suds as you can see! Lesley is seen on the new settee too, a donation that is so comfy we might all have to move into the living room!!
Sadly we have also had medication and bedding donations from old friends who have passed over the rainbow bridge. Whilst we are incredibly grateful for them coming to help the oldies, we are sad at the loss those of you have had to experience and our love is with you.
So bless you all, however you have donated ... from an old pillow case to food to vet bills to a hug .... it all makes an incredible difference xxxx
July and August has been a fun fundraising time. We were invited to join the wonderful art artisans at Chez Conkers summer fete, a pretty venue and so much talent ... you mustn't miss their Christmas fair for pressies, and courses if you enjoy arts and crafts.
The fun dog show at La Charrue pics are on the Latest Twilight news page, but really must thank the special team around us that make this possible ... Jean and Bill, Gill and Pam on fundraising, Pauline and Clive for the wonderful venue, and Doreen for all her work arranging the dog show, flying in her sister Lyn and calling on Adrienne for judging. It may have rained, but a good time was had by all. Thank you too to all the stall holders who sold all but nothing and got soaked .... bless you all. We will come back as ducks next time!
To the Connection group in St Yrieux for your plant sale on our behalf, to Lyn for all that bedding from blighty, to Debbie and Bryan for your dinner party, the stormy vide dear Linda did ... between keeping Face book going for us, and Susan for all those handmade recycled Christmas cards .... you are all amazing.
And anonymous bedding and food that arrives ... you are all wonderful, thank you xxx

Mike sang … I warbled … at the La Charrue’s got Talent fundraising evening. We were not place (hoho). Congratulations to the amazing trophy winner Jeannie, second Sharon, and third Stevie Wonder. Brilliant night, all 20 acts were brill – thank you all. Superb €711 raised, the needy dogs thanks you all with paws and licks xxx


Twilight doggies are old and they’re flawed,

But we love them and feel for their cause.

Teg started it four years ago,

It was all down to you the numbers rose.


We can’t save all the dogs in the world

But some oldies can dance once again.

Twilight will give them both dignity and hope

Which would otherwise have been but a dream.


Your care at La Charrue is so great,

You see both the pain and the need.

The old and sick capture your hearts,

You are Twilight’s best friend, indeed.


We can’t save all the dogs in the world

But some oldies can dance once again.

Twilight will give them both dignity and hope

Which would otherwise have been but a dream.


Your gen’rous support gets us through,

The doggies – and we – play our parts.

We all say an enormous ‘Thank you’.

La Charrue is so close to our hearts.


We can’t save all the dogs in the world

But some oldies can dance once again.

Twilight will give them both dignity and hope

Which would otherwise have been but a dream.


June’s thank you’s are mighty, bless you all and thank you.

The photo’s show Jacq and Les helping me on a grooming day, Paul after collecting our monthly CSJ food and New English Bookshop drop off goodies, Pauline at La Charrue being a collecting point for me with Orfee new doggie Narla, Hetty and Willem bring ‘Batman’ from Perigueux SPA, and Terry afte collecting his second dog this month for us from Levriers & Co.

Visitors, whose pics are in this months album, Debbie & Bryan all the way from Carcassone, Joyce from UK with daughters Tina and Jane, Doreen and friends, Gill and Jo, thank you all for taking the time to come for a great big group hug.

For Kevin Walker and his wonderful story telling, for Tina’s card selling, for Debbies brown stuff, for Sue of Poorpaws unfailing moral and practical support, for Linda with her amazing energy with face book, Lynn who keeps me tidy and in order on the website.

Dog sitter extraordinaire – Tina Sarneski. Once you have tried her you will never ever want another sitter. To walk in and pick up 28 odd dogs, keep them well, happy and calm … and clean like a girly possessed ………she is amazing. And if you do not need a sitter, her other market business of Kallima is a wonder. I can now officially recommend the creams, yep Tina, I’m off Lush and onto Kallima – thank you. One special lady, a most precious and treasured auntie to all the dogs – a huge big lick of thanks.

We so hope we haven’t forgotton you, please tell me if I have. Another amazing month of love and care, which really is beyond words … bless you xxx

Twilight Driver friends, Paul and Janeatte after the June - CSJ food
collection and New English Book shop collection. Thank you for everyone who
donated bedding and bric a brac and cleaning fluids .... and thank you Paul
and Janeatte for making our lives more easier.

May for us wrinklies at Twilight is all about getting ready for the big Vide at La Charrue, and you saw how just wonderful that was, with Pauline and her team, and the crowds of you that come for those mighty bargains so many of you donate. This year the Jumilhac fete, organised by the wonderful Alison and Graham Drew, was another event we hope to be invited to annually – so beautiful amongst the flowers. Both events being truly blessed with the weather too. And what a wow of fun the virtual vide was … so brilliantly organised by Linda, and so many of you buying and selling on behalf of the old babes. For Mike and I it seems endless the ways you all go to so much trouble. €83 euros of ‘brown’ stuff has come in this month, remarkable – thank you all so much. Disinfectant, tins, Mandy of Chez Conkers and the Avon ladies (€45), The vides several of you do on your own for us, Sadie and her UK vet team, our friends overseas in America …….. So so many thank you’s I am sure I will have missed someone … and that is only because we are overwhelmed … and I am the blonde admin girly!

Saying thank you to us is more than important – but I am more than aware I don’t always get it right. I can be slow .. because I get busy and tired with the dogs. I can just plain forget … because I believe I have done the thanks, in writing or email … and have moved on – genuinely this happens. But also, I can write, and I get slated for spending the time and postage … or I don’t write … and I should have done … or I make comment and the person prefers to be anonymous … or they say they want to be anonymous , and they didn’t really mean it. You get the idea, I can’t win. But it isn’t about what I get right, I can only thank you for caring about the dogs, and giving your thought, time, effort, sometimes money for the vet or needs, to help our oldies. We do what we do for the love of the dogs. Twilight is self-funding, and your support means we can take in and save more old dogs, give them the quality food and medical support they need, and most importantly … the dignity they might need for help in their aging/sick years, and even help to pass across the rainbow bridge.

The more public we have become with our shared home, the more we get moral support … or of course criticism. Some of you think a certain health problem dog should not be here, or you think it should’nt come from abroad, or maybe we (notably with the vet) let a dog pass too soon …. Or not soon enough. I expect, as a psychologist, to come up against all thoughts and beliefs. All Mike and I can say … is that Twilight is about little old us, in our home, doing our little bit for the canine world, that we believe is far too often neglected, or is low down the priority list when it comes to doggie rescue. We do not ask everyone to agree with us, but those who do are so very welcome to share in our family life, and your support is invaluable – and saves many lives.

Why have I gone on this month … well, most importantly it is to THANK YOU, each and every special supporter of Twilight. But also it is to continue the homely honest interaction we have, as we value you as friends.

As I sign off the thanks … I hope you will indulge me in a personal family thank you. Mike calls me the ‘face of Twilight’. Well, I take from that, in that you usually see me, or I do the writing … but believe me, my man is like no other. He gets up at all hours to comfort/deal with the dogs needs. He loves them unconditionally and never moans at the amount of poo he collects, or that fact that each day he falls exhausted into bed and once again never got around to doing something for himself. Mike is one special hubby … and daddy. And my Mum. She thinks we are total fruitcakes at what we do. But she loves us for it, and recognises a need we would not bother with. She doesn’t support the dogs directly, but indirectly over the years she has come and helped with our decorating. Now she see’s we need to have breaks … and thanks to her care and financial support … she takes us on holiday! I love my man, and I love my mum … I am very lucky – and for a girly who couldn’t have children, I have the best bunch of kids I could ever dream of.

Thank you friends … bless you all for caring like you do, Thank you xxxxxxxxxxx


Well yesterday was very successful and great fun and it didn't rain!!!

By the end of trading yesterday we'd raised 120 euros by selling our clutter and after accosting lots of people and shaking our bucket at them, we managed to collect nearly 40 euros for the 'brown stuff fund' too!!
Interestingly, quite a few people have donated more clutter for us to sell to raise more funds, so I think I'll just keep going!! - our next vide grenier is already planned for end of May.

Will keep you updated on progress and have attached a couple of photos of yesterday for you.

Mary x

WOW … coo and lush.
Just look at this gorgeous gift. Hand made by Neville Gay and bought for us as a very special treat by all round animal supporter Jackie Amor and Phoenix PR girly Jane Hunt – aren’t we so so lucky. Thank you ladies, and what a talent Neville.
Pictured here with Jackie, and then with the wayward Twilight mum and dad
It was a whizzle nippy, but the faithful came ... and it was a super day.
Thank you to all of you at ...
The spring Arts and Crafts Fayre on Saturday April 27th at Le Marquisat Gardes le Pontaroux 16320
Thank you to those who brought .... old bedding, bric-a-brac, tins of dog food .... and your loose 'brown stuff'
(it all makes a huge difference ... the van was bursting!)
... and those who sponsored 88 year old Nana for her Wing Walk!!!! (currently totalling €140)
Twilight made €260 - which will pay for Quito to have his teeth out and remainder cleaned!
And let Nana have a cyst drained
Thank you all for making that difference
.........AND, thank you to Cozy Cats and dogs ... for giving the old doggies some special Natural Dog Food - Markus Mule
........AND, thank you to Sterling Shopping for delivering our new Merchandise range from UK
Where next for Twilight....
Wednesday 1st @ Jumilhac Fete des plantes
Sunday 5th May @ La Charrue Boot Fair, with that famous cake stall


A great day.  The Twilight bric a brac sorting team!
Well done Mike for all the humping and dumping … and all the ladies, Jacq, Lesley, Gwen and Jackie for wading your way through tons of treasures … and a little bit of rubbish too!
Leeanne … yes I was there, but I was spending much of my day with the dogs and Nana (yes, of Wing walking fame), who was sharing her childhood days with me – what a woman (see her site)
Thank you girls, we couldn’t have done it without you … and my overwhelmed man is calm again!

Mini video of Holly on her Trolly, co staring Sabre Holly on the settee with mum! February and March are typically quiet months for fund raising … but you all still amaze us with your care and support.  Holly’s funds came in for her Trolly as mentioned last month … and here she is on it!  It is wonderful, gives her freedom to be a dog!  And so much has it lifted her strength and confidence … you can see her  here for the first time up on the settee with mum, looking like it is something she has done all her life.  Quite marvellous, thank you. The first Face Book auction finished, with Linda G working like made to teach us all and get us all involved.  It raised a wonderful €700 and great fun too.  You have asked … and ‘yes’ we will have another – thank you so very much for joining in. Bedding, disinfectant  and bric a brac continued to come in, which is a life saver all round.  And some super bedding from Linda G and friends which is particularly lovely for the non movers!  Thank you all, and for those who have topped up the ‘brown stuff’ appeal – those centimes do make all the difference. Thank you to Alby Rainbird,who is going to be building the shell of our new wet room, for popping over to ensure it will all work with our wonky building!, and to those of you who have come forward with materials – a huge thank you.  We are doing well … but still need flat roof tiles and plumbing bits if you have any lying around --- oh, and a door or two! And can’t not mention Nana June here.  You will be hearing a lot about Nana in the next few months, but WOW … Nana has signed up to do a Wing Walk to help the Twilighters.  All amazing just by itself … but Nana June is 88 years old – what a remarkable woman.   Thank you Nana … you are one amazing star.  Keep up those keep fit classes so you are in tip top condition … and bless you for doing this, I know for yourself, but for the oldies too.  Did we mention June is registered blind too??  Mighty isn’t it.  Hope you can donate a little something to spur her on. Thank you all for your ongoing support, love and care for our oldies and less able doggies.

January 2013 and already we have so much to thank you for...
Holly started our focus of need for January.  Her wheels clearly needing to be much smaller and a tighter fit to give her the ability to manouvre better.
Phoenix helped putting us intouch with (and paying for the appointment) Polly Anne-Lloyd, who did all the vital measurments and ordering.
Then several of you lept straight in to aid with the new trolley cost of €400 ... which was just amazing too (most were annonymous ... but we must thank Hope association and FB auction), and now they are on order from America ... we all very excited.
It has set us dreaming ... and we are wondering about putting a hydrotherapy pool in for all the oldies and disabled puddings - mmm, I'll let you know how this thought develops ............. wheels first!
As I mentioned in my last thanks ... Lynn Blackman has taken on our write ups on the website ... which saves me hours ... I write and she posts ... a wonderful partnership to which we are incredibly grateful.
It is obviously the year of the Lynn/Linda, as Linda Goulding has just picked us up (bless her, we have never even met) ... amazingly so .... and got the FaceBook going.  She is just coming to the end of her first Twilight FB auction which is quite incredible.  For the work she puts in to run it, for those of you who have put up items ... and more licks for those of you who are buying, thank you.

Paul and Jeanette are doing great van rides for us, with food and bedding collections and soon to do a doggie drop off and collection.  We are thrilled to have our driving team, thank you all.
For those of you who have have sent bedding, brown stuff, cleaning materials and general support - thank you xx. 


And, dear Jacq and Lesley...for your wonderful grooming day you spent here with the dogs - smelling and looking so much better, thankyou xx.

And now a thank you to 'someone' .... who we do not know by name at all.  This 'someone' heard we were strugging a bit with being tired and Mike not so well.  Amazingly, with the help of a very dear Twilight supporter, we were told our dog sitter was arranged and paid for ... and we just had to toddle off for a break!  Isn't that incredible.  This angel allowed us to take a short notice break, costing very little - and the freedom to know the dogs were safe and cared for. THANK YOU, who ever you are.  I not only read a book, but I watched my man join the world again and regain his beans!!  Thank you too to Tina Sarnecki of Sit and Stay ...... you are an incredible sitter and friend to us and the dogs.




Thank you from us all at Twilight  -  2012

 Thank you to all the raffle donors – top prize here, the Quercy Quilters specially made quilt for the Twilighters And thank you all for an incredibly festive and caring December and 2012.   

 What a December of love, and sharing.  So many thank yous it is difficult to believe – bless you all.

 The tin requests from Santa topped 120 … so 4 each …. Was just brill.The penny pot was added to by many, with Gill finishing the ‘brown stuff’ appeal with €97 … making the years total €1034!  Isn’t that incredible.

Tina and Jane who ran a craft fair, including 4 charities to benefit – you ladies and your Mum … Joyce, are amazing.

To the 495 of you who bought Christmas raffle tickets … a mighty effort.

For all of you who popped a little something in your Christmas cards …. It has allowed us to keep the two fires burning and the babes snug …a life saver.

And to all of you in 2012 who have made Twilight feel special. 

Be it your words of support, your cheque for the vet, your physical support, your old bedding, the bric-a-brac, and your care in a hug. 

Twilight is here, the average 30 doggies at any one time are alive – thanks to you all.

November & early December .... like angels you came to help in abundance


The  weather may have chilled, but your  love of the oldies certainly hasn't.

So many thanks you's for these autumn months...

We were delighted to be welcomed to join Jane and Jackie for their annual British Legion day.  Gill was a star and helped me with Twilight calander and card sales.

Dear Jacq and Les came and helped groom the doggies - Swann looking doubley handsome above!

Suzie who is seen above manning and providing goodies galore at the La Pouge Craft Fair ... you really shouldn't miss her Lemon Curd next year - it is the best.

So many sent bedding and bric a brac to L'Atelier de bois and The New English Bookshop for our monthly collections.

La Charrue raised more 'brown stuff'

Jacq and Lesley came back to help prepare for the great Christmas party at La Charrue.

Froze ... but had the best time at the Le Puygere craft fair, thank you for inviting Twilight Mandy... we met so many new friends.

To our hardy raflle ticket sellers, Dana & John, Bernie, The New English Bookshop and UNIK.

For Mandy getting us up on Facebook - but I'm going to need more help!

To Jacq and John for the beautiful Christmas cakes to raffle and weigh.

To the generous Beaumanns for helping with our food bill, after seeing us on Little England.

La Charrue - for our second Christmas Fair ... what a wonderful time.  Cold it might have been, but the stall holders were stoic, the 200+ that came were magic, the carol singers just melodic, all the helpers ....Suzie, Elf Tony, Doreen, Gill, Jacq & Chris,  Santa Alex ... you all made it a special night, and made the Twilighters Christmas.

To all who brought a tin (or more) for the doggies xx

Thank you all.

October was meant to be a quiet month, but so much to thank you for

This super woman above is called Sandy. Just look at that boot, and that is just a third of what she collected from you who shop in Super U.

Dear Sandy, who had never been to Twilight, dreamt up a wheeze for collecting what we needed, by just being bold and asking you to add that little extra to your shopping whilst in Super U one Saturday. Nothing is simple though, she had to go through the red tape of the management, and then have the guts to stand and encourage people ... and take some unkindly words from some who thought if we wanted that many dogs ... we should be able to afford it (mmm, sorry to those we offend)

So well done, and thankyou Sandy, and all those who contributed.  Sandy collected 98kg of dog croquettes, 57 dog tins, 53kg of cat croquettes, and 82 cat tins, plus disinfectant and kitchen rolls.  She shared them between her local SPA, Phoenix and us lucky Twilighters.

La Charrue added yet another €200 from their penny pot collection - wow and thank you all.

Hope Association had their best ever book sale, and were most generous in helping the Twilighters with costs - what a team you are, thank you.

And we can't let ITV not have a mention, because our few minutes on Little England in this second series seemed to reach out and touch many.  We've had over 1000 hits on the website and amazingly raised over £500 on the Paypal button.  What we find so incredible, is that so many people searched for us on the web and troubled to write to us or donate.  We have felt quite overwhelmed, bless ITV and bless you all for caring enough to be intouch.  We can only hope that a few more oldies might now be adopted around the globe.  Thank you xx



A September of Sundays, and so much sharing of fun to help the doggies this month

When Pauline of La Charrue and I looked at the year ahead back in December ... September looked so quiet we put the Boot and Craft Fair in, hoping for good weather. My were we blessed, a gorgeous sunny day, with thanks to all the stall holders for all their hard work, the La Charrue team ... and ofcourse the hundreds who came and spent. Such a fun day of recycling all our goodies for each other and vets fees raised to cover all the med bills - thank you to you all.

As Twilight grows in doggie numbers, so have our most caring supporters.  Suzie and Tony came up with the wonderful wheeze of a Gala event at a Chateau, whilst Doreen and her team Maria and Jo were sure a second hand clothes and books day would be fun too.  All of you set to and arranged these events with only the smallest input from Mike and I.  Bless you so much.  See the report pages to see just how well they went.

More suprises came with a most generous 'G' giving 5% of her gite takings this year to the dogs, blessings on you. And Tony, a La Charrue regular, donating his special birthday to us - asking friends to donate rather than buy him a pressie.  Tony, your gifts raised two weeks food for the dogs - thank you soooo much. Debbie from Carcassonne just 'popped' in, some 9 hours from home - with the most amazing years collection of knitting hats and scarves for us to sell, and collecting over 70 goodies for us to raffle/tombola. We were speechless, such kindness and thought, bless you  and 'wow'. And La Charrue 'brown stuff' pot emptied to another €235 - it really does add up, so please save all those centimes - it truely saves a life or two.

We had another incredible contribution that still raises a tear when I think of it.  Dear Lynn, Steve Blackmans recent widow, donated nearly a thousand Greetings cards to Twilight to sell, and asked, as Steve had ordered them, that the money raised be in his memory.  Steve, we will always have you in memory, and we shall ensure something special and long lasting is built for Twilights needs in your name. Thank you Lynn .... and old Eric too xxx

Twilight enters the autumn months knowing you all care, and that lifts our spirits on these darker evenings.

Love and paws to you all xxx



August sunshine, and so much love and care from you all

Mike has just returned from his third overspilling van and trailer of bedding, bric a brac, food .... and settees!  Quite amazing - so many of you we have never met and cannot thank personally ... but the hugest love and paws from us all.

We often talk of the 'inter-agency' approach between all the animal rescues, and as ever this month has proved 'the love' we all share, and we cannot thank our fellows enough. All the fundraisers of Hope and the support you give us, dear Sue at Poorpaws who has enough to deal with herself, has helped us too, Orfee and the amazing Isabelle.  Also I joined Phoenix for their super Summer Fair and met lots of old and new friends.  Bless you all for the work you do, and for being there for us too.

Kate held a wonderful sounding tea party on behalf of several animal charities, and we were humbled to be a main recipient - especially as Eveleyn at Dog links, and Sue at PoorPaws gave their 'share' to us oldies.  This especially allowed us to take in Sammy with confidence that we could support his needed vet bills.  Thank you Kate, with mighty paw hugs to you and your team xx.

And wow, what a night at La Charrue for our first ever Fun dog show and craft fair.  Thanks go to dear Clive and Pauline for the venue, ambiance and love .... and dear Jaqui and Dorren for the Dog show and all its arrangements, sponsorship and judging.  It was a huge success for fun and tail wagging care.

And never to be overlooked, our special unsung regulars who quietly add that extra bottle of disinfectant to their shopping, or pop a few euros into the doggies tin - without you we wouldn't maintain the high standards we have now set for our oldies.

Bless you all, and thank you for an incredible summer xxx




July fund raising ... with a few jitters .... but a real wow end result, so many to thank ....

Dear Twilight fundraising friends.  Once again, we have the amazing variety of bedding, cleaning fluids, dog food and Vide goodies to thank so many of you for this month.

La Charrue have a pot where they ask everyone to drop their 'brown stuff' - well, astonishingly, the last 3 months were emptied this week .... and €200.72 was in the pot! Incredible - going to start a brown stuff appeal .... that is mighty - thank you all.

The wonderful fundraisers of Hope Association donated us a share of their incredible booksale takings.  This really is so so kind, and just shows how we all work as a team.  The current president, Linda Burns said " I can't do the number of dogs you do, but we can help raise the money for you to keep them".  She is so right.  We cannot fundraise on their scale, but we love having the dogs - and thanks in a large part .... to them.  Bless you all in the Charente and beyond.

The great Auction of Promises time came .... and went.  Oh, for the first time we felt low.  The start time and only a handful of folk. We waited, and when about 40 people were there we did the auction.  The generosity of the auction offers was incredible, and thank you all again.  The number of email bids, and then the few folk on the night were stunning - you raised €2000.  Low numbers meant La Charrue as a venue didn't do well though, and for us that is a worry.  The staff gave their time for Twilight, ladies, really thank you so much.  And Dane, the DJ ... wouldn't take his fee.  Bless you.  It rained like never before, but we all giggled.  So, whilst a double edged feel on numbers, the money raised for the dogs was outstanding.  Thank you - all bidders, promisers, staff, DJ and dear Pauline and Clive.  The doggies live on.


June saw no major fund raising ... but so many of you kept us going, thank you 

They say it is the small things in life that are important, and sure enough, Twilight had no formal fund raiser, but those of you who support in pennies, bedding, dog food or disinfectant ... kept us going this month, thank you.  Also, it was the end of our first year of attempting to achieve a financial target for food...and it was achieved, amazing thanks to you all who contributed.

Noteable was paying our vet bill this month.  Including two sterilizations, pain killers, antibiotics, general meds and specialist food.  We couldn't have done it without those of you who sent cheques payable to our vets - enormous paw hugs to you all.

May be or May not ... but you were there for Twilight, thank you xxx

Our heartfelt thanks to so many of you, for more bedding, disinfectant and bits for the vides etc... and those who have started donating to our vet bills.  We really couldn't do any of this with out you.

I went along to the Holisitic fair in Brossac, met some beautiful people, did a little healing on visiting doggies, and just soaked up the special atmosphere.  You really should pop along next year, so many creative stalls and caring people to meet.  Liz you did a great job organising it all, and thank you for having Twilight along to raise awareness and indeed €240 in sales and donations for the doggies.

A week later, feeling like a roady now, we had been invited to the Hope grand Booksale.  What an event, marvalous.  Thousands of books, so many buyers, and all those volunteers caring enough to help raise money for lost, unloved and illtreated animals - well done to you all.  Twilight stood with Orfee and Levriers and we shared stories to the visitors braving the rain about how we all work together to help the dogs.  I thought it was superb in everyway and was proud to be part of it all.

Mary, you deserve a special internet kiss.  You are in UK, 93, and you care enough to support our oldies.  Thanks to you, Lizzies Lean to is having a small extension added as i write... Scott is laying the first slab ... more news soon.


Oh my April showers in abundance ... but so much to be thankful for...

Our thanks to Kevin who amazingly ran the Paris marathon - just for fun!  But his father in-law, Rocky, sponsored him €70 for Twilight. Every step made a difference, thanks Kevin and Rocky.

To my Mum, Lynn, for taking Mike and I on holiday.  A real treat.

To Tina, of Sit and Stay, who looked after the dogs while we were away.  No easy task taking on 30 dogs.  She is superb, we would recommend her to anyone.  Calm, loving and our dogs best friend.

To 'Auntie Susan', who knitted Eric and sausage boy Luka, special coats - photo's to follow!

To Jane and the craft fair on the 21st April.  We couldn't make it, but Pam donated books, and you donated €96 in total to the paws, thank you so much.

To dear Wendy Martin, who lost her hubby John this month.  So so very sad.  We all send our heart felt love to you, and incredible thanks to you asking for donations to Twilight instead of flowers.  €120 was raised.  In your memory John, we are going to put a hedge at the bottom of Twilights garden ... so the dogs are not distracted by the road.  It will forever be John's hedge xxx Bless you xxx

LA CHARRUE ....... oh my.  6th May and it had rained for 3 weeks non stop.

We went for it, afterall, the dogs still need feeding, and we have a mighty vet bill that we haven't paid for a few months...

Pauline and Clive had the faith ... so we did it.  Whilst only 5 other stall holders turned up (thank you so much), several hundred of you did.  It was amazing.  You baked and bought cakes.  Jacq you were the queen baker and seller.  Bric a brac was in abundance, and you brought more.  You bought most things for €1, but gave more...

Three rain drops at 9.30 am was it, the rest of the day just got hotter.  The bacon butties were second to none, and we met old and new friends.  THANKYOU all.  You raised a mighty €842, which has set us right with the vet, and just seeing you all has lifted our spirits.  We cannot thank you enough, your support is overwhelming.

......and we can only go out and fund raise if the dogs are cared for.  Thank you Helen, Trevor, Eddie and Ollie for taking on that role, we know the dogs had a great day!


March  - the sun has arrived, the blossom is out, and this month we thank especially... 

Jackie who came and sat with the team so I could visit Mike in hospital, and all friends who offered help and support during this unexpected week.

To all the furniture and vide goodies from folks moving back to UK, to dear animal lovers who have died and asked for their belongings to be passed on to help the dogs, and to those down sizing and passing on sofas to tea pots to our cause xxx

To Les and Jacqui, who seperately have pushed us on the DVN network for support - without even having met us, just so keen to help.

Our regulars, who just seem to 'be there' for regular and steady support xx


February - the month of survival for us all in the big freeze ... we thank especially...

The couple of folks who helped fund Luka's Hernia Op and aftercare

To our vets at Chalus always, but so especially this month for trying so hard with Malek, for the Op with Luka, for the hydrating of Nina, the 8 others for smaller care, and for the incredible miracle of surgury on guys are very special.

For the food and beds from the special sponsor of a wonderful couple through Hope Association

For Doreens nail cutting session! 

For Orfee holding on to hope for Sissou


January ... It might be cold and damp, but we cannot thank you all enough... 

To all who donated bedding/books/pennies/food/ & vide goodies for us at * The Zen and English Bookshop, and *Anglo Foods. 

For the Chairs and settees from several of you, the dogs are quite the comfiest in dordogne!

Hope Association, for the special food and bedding donation you had for us from a kind un-named chap.

Sue of Poorpaws for taking Duffy in, and J for trying.

Phoenix Association for the support of the dogs you ask us to help you with.

Orfee for supporting Vivaldi.

To the lovely lady who took Lucy across the channel and wanted no contribution at all x

... I hope I haven't forgotten anyone ....and if I have, sorry, and thank you xxx


Thank you from Twilight - 2011.

Christmas Market - La Charrue - 2nd Dec

 Santa Mike and his helper Leeanne!

Dear Pauline and Clive did it again for Twilight at La Charrue, with Lesley working for love and so many others helping too.  A great festive night market, with over 15 stalls donating their pitch money for the dogs.  Jacq providing the yummiest mulled wine, mince pies donated by Leeanne's mum, stunning cake weight to be guessed - made by Jacq and incredibley one by Pauline. Our handsome elfs' Tony and Eddie selling lucky dips and helping the carols along.  Friends old and new supporting the festive fun and raising much needed and valuable funds for the old dogs. Thank you to all who came, all who helped, and despite the cold ... all those cheery smiles and with festive spirit.  You made it Christmas at Twilight.

Piegut Crafts for Cancer -27th Nov.

We went to the craft fair near Piegut, in aid of Cancer.  It was a quiet day, I think there are so many fairs on this year, and funds are limited.  But we met some lovely people, sold a few more raffle tickets, and most importantly helped Jo raise funds for cancer research.  Thank you to all the new friends we met.


La Pouge Craft Fair -26th Nov. Brantome


We were so grateful to be invited to this annual craft fair in aid of the incredible work for South African ladies learning crafts amongst other life enhancing skills ( This was Suzie's show, explaining to the vast supporters how she makes her magical coasters and cards. It was a privealedge to be surrounded by such talented people, part of such a good cause, and thank you to all who supported Suzie's work - which gave Twilight doggies a secure start to winter for monies for dog food.

Zen and the English Bookshop,St Severin  (4th Nov)

Wow ... how can we ever thank you all.  Mike went down to meet Lynn at home, working on her most stunning Zen jewellery (  She has donated a beautiful necklace to the Christmas raffle ... and Lynn, the piece you have made me is breath taking xx there are not the words, just my love xx

Then ... my boy went on to meet Steve in the English book shop he runs in St Severin.  Coo, hubby was delighted with the welcome of the shop, the stock and ambiance. Steve then showed him all the goodies so many of you have donated to our doggies.  Books, bedding, food, disinfectant.... the van came home chocker.

Thank you ALL so so much, you really cannot know the difference you make

British Legion fundraiser 29th Oct

This is young Harry and there oldie.  I had the pleasure of meeting them at Jane's British Legion coffee morning, where Twilight was kindly invited to sell our Christmas raffle tickets and cards.  It was a wonderful morning, meeting lots of new friends, and selling enough goodies to keep us in food for a week.  Thank you Jane, Jackie and for all of you who supported the gathering xxx ... and Harry who carried all the heavy boxes! xx


 September thanks...and a bit of October!

Lynn and Steve came up to see us again fro the Zen and English Bookshop.  Coo, pennies, bedding, food and the lushest bean bags ever - thank you all.

Thanks galore to all the bric and brac given to us for the vide at La Charrue on the 2nd Oct.  A - may- zing!!  With the stall, cakes and Suzies coasters ... 997.11 was raised.  Pauline, Clive, Lesley, Christine, Suzie and Tony .... thank you from the bottom of our paws.  And to you all who came and supported us, we can keep going - thanks to you, bless you all.

See photos from both of these on the pics section...

August woofs of thanks... 

Having been off line and phone much of this month we feel very behind with our thank yous ...of which there are so many.....

La Charrue held  their first Craft Night Market on the 9th August in aid of Twilight.  Sadley we couldn't be there ourselves, but it sounds to have been a great success, and hopefully, as word gets around it will become an annual event.

Thank you to the 11 stall holders whose stall fees were donated to Twilight, to Alibi, the young group who busked for us, and for Leigh who managed the Twilight stall and Jacq and Chris who nobbled you for the tombola.  And of course, dear Pauline and Clive for hosting the event.  The night raised a wonderful €471.90

Thank you all for coming and your support

The English and Zen bookshop  Having you as a collection point is suberb, thank you. Your first visit up to us this month was like Christmas, bedding, bric and brac, €40 from the tin, food and just the good will and love .... thank you xxx  Steve has already arranged their September visit up to us, so if you have any bits for us ... thank you in advance.

Phoenix, Hope, Poorpaws & Doglinks We are all so much in this together, and our amazing fellow animal rescuing friends seem to have been by our side even more this month than normal.

Phoenix were donated monies especially for older dog food.  Bless them, they have donated this straight to us here, so our dog food cupboard looks like all it's Christmases has come at once, thank you Sheelagh and Rik.

Siobain at Hope, and Eveleyn from Doglinks helped home young Maybe from Cahors SPA with us, Hope also made a significant donation to keep the little fella, thank you, we really couldn't do it without you.

Read about Sue from poorPaws in our latest news.

Have just got to say thank you to Suzie, the most amazing cards and coasters you are making for us are wonderful and selling like hot cakes.  I promise to create you your own page soonest!!

A special thank you must go to young Charlie Jackson.  Charlie arranged a vide grenier, knowing she would donate the proceeds to us and Phoenix.  Well, bless her, not only did she raise €35 for us each, she added €10 of her pocket money.  Charlie, you have made so much difference to Twilights incredible vet bill this month, thank you.

So many of our supporters are becoming regular carers for Twilight ... I know you don't want the thanks, but we couldn't do any of this without you.... whether it's that 97 cents javal or a larger bag of dog food - thank you..........Bob, Brenda, Nicki, Elen, Vic, Gaynor,  Clients from La Boucherie gites contributions for the books, Jacq, Lesley, Judi, Shawn, Anne, Rowan, Darren, Doreen .... and the few Paypal donations who wish to remain anonymous.

And just to close on the thanks this month, a little girl, whose name I sadley do not know, saved all her coppers whilst here on holiday with Doreen ... and gave them to Twilight.  Thank you sweetheart, your kindness and such care for one so young.

Thank you all so so much

July thanks... 

La Charrue copper collection- Thanks to Pauline and Clive for shaking our pot to all their customers for small change, this month totalling €64.43 & 14p!!

To Jan, for all your furniture and goodies, as you prepare to move on to pastures new.  Good Luck and thank you for your support xx

To Jane, Christine and all those whose names I don't know....for towels, blankets, bedding and duvets ... woofs of joy from the team xx

To Jacq & Chris for the enormous dog bed, to Lesley for the wash powder and disinfectant

To the 7 Paypal contributions ... €110 in total, with licks of thanks


Appeal - Wolfy... 17th June-7th July

Thank you to you all for your kind and generous wishes of love and light for dear Wolfy, and also to those of you who bought him a special meal or two.

Bless you and bless dear Wolfy xxx


19th June 2011 

Our thanks go to Steve on his rig and Kate for raising an amazing €300 towards  Vet bills


 Pauline of Le Manoir Palus, for selling off unwanted household items and raising a super €100 for needy vet bills

Heartfelt woofs from the team xxx


La Charrue - Bingo for Twilight[email protected]Sunday 5th June 2011


Incredible … Bingo prizes galore, Tombola prizes in abundance, Pauline the hostess and bingo caller extraordinaire … and the biggest rain and thunder storm this year!!

But, it was a full house and everyone stayed to that last ‘full house‘ prize, then a yummy meal.

La Charrue, all the prize sponsors and all of you who came …raised an amazing €1100 for all the old doggies at Twilight.

You have secured their lives with food and medication for at least the next three months … we couldn’t do it without you all, thank you and woofs from us all

Twilight thanks to Dordogne on Line, Dronne Valley Network & La Charrue, Vieux Mareuil (05 53 56 65 59) for the weekend's Vide Grenier in aide of Twilight. (1st May 2011)
And to everyone who came along! You came to the boot fair, you spent on Twilight's stall for bits and bobs (which had all been generously donated),

you bought the yummy cakes especially made for us, and La Charrue donated all the pitch fees to Twilight.  
€773.18 was the grand total for Twilight
And ... you also brought bedding, dog food and disinfectant.
La Charrue and all your friends have helped the lives of all the old doggies we
care for, allowing us to settle vet bills, keep that food stock in and pay for a special tumor op for one of the inmates.
We really wouldn't be here without you.
Thank you so very much for caring.
Come see us at Twilight, or support us by visiting La Charrue for a munch or music night and buying their special Twilight coffee cocktail.


Also thanks to the people who attended the Craft Make and Take Day at le Manoir Palus. €120 was donated and everyone went home happy with their hand made soaps, cards and bookmarks.

A second craft day is planned for June on the theme of "Shabby Chic". Make and Take home a "shabby chic" hanging heart, a fridge magnet, a "hat pin" card and a hand-painted candle holder. No skill or knowledge required! All help and materials supplied. €20 per person (includes tea/coffee/biscuits) All the money raised will be donated to Twilight.

Email [email protected] for further details or to book a place. Special children's craft sessions can also be arranged and again, all the money goes to Twilight.




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