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January 2014

Being an Aquarian February is an important month for me, but this month holds a very special feel.
January has been long and dark for many of us, but the Twilighters faired well, and although darling Mimi is not so well, Marmaduke still struggling with his former mental baggage, and Holly back on the antibiotics ... The puddings are holding up.  Tara joined us via Phoenix and is a little sweetie, and our tripod Emie and blind Petito came from Limoges SPA, and are all very happily part of the family already.  Emie had been bullied at the SPA, not to mention what ever fell before that meant she had septicaemia, was dumped and needed her leg amputating. The SPA had been brilliant, but knew she needed a home home.  Younger than normal for us, but being disabled it seemed right ... And now I could cry.  She plays for hours on end with old Coraline from Carcassone SPA, and our little Fleur.  They mock fight, they run, it is quite magic.
But this month also saw human tragedy that has touched us.  A beautiful fellow animal lover and volunteer of Hope association, Verity Lineham, lost her 10 year old daughter in a sudden and tragically fatal unexplained illness. Darling little Maddie loved all animals and her wish just hours before she died had been to join in the appeal to help the oldies at Twilight with new special beds from Cozy Cats and Dogs. Her family have held on to this last wish of this vibrant princess and Twilight is now the centre of donations in Maddie's memory.  This is beyond humbling for Mike and I, but we will do all we can to keep Maddie's love of our oldies alive here at Twilight.  Maddie will have her funeral in Kent on, ironically, my birthday, the 10 th February.  Here in France we will be able to say our fair wells on the 21st Feb at Champniers Church 16430, at 4pm. There are no words that we can give to Verity and her family that will help this deep sad tragedy, but we do pledge to keep Maddie's love of animals part of Twilight.
It seems very appropriate that the next pudding to join us is called Hope. For those of you who have followed this homeless and starved little ones story, she will be joining us on the 11th Feb.  her journey will be long but her bed and love awaits in abundance. I am always a bit superstitious of too much info before they arrive .... So will say more when she does!
Darling Floss, now Tilly, was whipped away in dear friend Pam's pocket when she came to stay. Wonderful news for Tilly, as a smaller pack life will suit her better, bless you little darling x. So with Hope's arrival we will be 34. Our doors remain closed, and our waiting list is full ... We always hate this situation, but can only care for so many x.
Mike has done an amazing job this last few weeks.  We have a gravely sick friend in North Wales who I flew in to give a hug, and also my mum has had her breast cancer surgery and chemo soon ..., so I have been in uk to support in a small way. Mike has held the fort and been the best daddy the puddings  could ever have.  I shall be home Thursday ... Sorry that I cannot be everywhere at once ... But so looking forward to see my man and babes.
The washroom will be all but finished now ... So so exciting.  We shall launch her late Feb, so pics and full info next month.
The days are getting shorter, the light will be brighter soon.  But for now dear Twilight friends, please light a candle in memory of Maddie, and all your own loved ones two and four legged.  Let us celebrate our memories and blessings.
Huge loving hugs, Leeanne and all the team xxx



Twilight 2013 Review


And what a year it was, seeing us 4 years into Twilight.

The statistics are always harsh; they go with the very nature of what we do.

2013 saw 58 dogs walk through our front door here, the ordinary home of Leeanne & Mike and their ‘puddings’. Remember, no cages or kennels here, just settees, love, food and all a doggy needs in his/her old age to live out their time with dignity and care.

Sadly 24 of those died. We will never forget any of you, special friends, now at the rainbow bridge xx

Our very special Teg (15), Young Jake(14), Old Jake(17), Elwood(16), Flopsy, Dylan, Koki, Tumour, Scamp, Swann, Nala, Pearl, Justine, Kaiser, Fudge, Timi, Timothy, Humphrey, Tara, Penny, Dave, Finette, Max and Oodle.

4 were re-homed … Tabrouk [who since sadly passed over] and Otis, and reunited with mums … Brambles and Megane.

Some were here before the year started … and have lived to tell tales throughout the year and will now thankfully see in 2014 … Taffy- our handsome and shaggy Dr, who will be 6 soon (he was pre Twilight x), Mimi – who must be 14 now, with a large tumour on her leg …no pain, but it will soon be an inconvenience. Nana, well, she should be long gone, but is a fine example of a comfy old age. 16-ish now, blind, deaf, lumps and bumps all over – loves her food, her drink, her waddles – she asks for nothing, bless her. Darling Sabre, our ‘grandad’ German shepherd, will be 15, has arthritic hips, but is best chums with Fleur, loves to chat to us all and is truly our gentle giant. Chrissy must be our oldest; she was ancient when she arrived, but as our vet says, poodles are living examples of decomposition! The sweet 17+ is now blind, deaf, has kidney troubles and is a little senile – but happy in her world. Who would have thought old Joseph would have survived this long? That starved, skinny little man from the Paris streets. He is about 14, eyes still sad, but never far from mum! Sausage, some might recall as Luka … well, he has got to be Peter Pan in disguise. This little man of hernias and tumours lives now to play with Fleur, munch his food and be the oldest swinger in town … 17? We do not really know. The youngsters Fleur and Jacob are the still points now that Teg has passed, and they are superb with the oldies. Jacob remains the softer of the two siblings, whilst Fleur breaks all male hearts that come … our very own tart! Holly has had quite an adventure of a year with us, and has overcome many hurdles, but faces many more, too. Our daily challenge together; you are indeed heroic, little girl. Old Robin is so old I can’t find any papers …in fact not sure we ever had any! He has seen lovers come and go, he has wooed for all of France. Even now, with tumours, no teeth, poor sight and a dodgy heart & bladder … he is the king of the tiny people!

And those who joined us throughout the year and hope to see many more new moons: Simsay 12, Queenie 12, Tosca 14, Sally 12.5, Batman 13+, Marmaduke 11, May 11, Nemo 10, Coraline 12, Rex 13.5, Teddy & Louis 11, Upsa 13, Dick 13, William 11, Quito 12, Floss 11, and Stevie 11.

This year has seen the main bulk of the building work for the wash room completed. Mighty. It was but a dream, and now it just needs finishing off. The thank yous for this will be listed in detail when we finally launch her … the list is incredible and we are so, so touched at so many for being so generous. You dug out your materials, your pockets and many volunteers your time – and several professionals donated mighty time, materials and expertise … The thanks will be in abundance for you to see soon, as we anticipate an end Jan’14 finish to the work. For us though, we will be forever bowled over at such generosity for our oldies’ needs.

We had to have some of our own work done on the house, too, this year, a little matter of floors on the move … all now expertly done, and an upstairs bedroom to give us our own little space. The workmen are to be congratulated on their skills, but perhaps even more so for their patience at having to work around an average of 30 dogs. For us, this has been a little stressful, so pleased to be back to our quiet norm this coming year.

There are so many of you to thank for all you do, the growing number of ‘Team Twilight’ volunteers is remarkable. You know who you are and we thank you from the bottom of our heart. Two wrinklies and with failing bodies ourselves, managing a houseful of old dogs is our passion, but your support and help make it doable – bless you all, there is no question we couldn’t do it without you.

And funding, well … how do you budget for 30+ dogs? Growing experience allows us to see ahead for average needs of food consumption, cleaning needs, average health issues on hearts/arthritis/teeth/pain control/fits/heart attacks and strokes/tumour removals/dry eyes/antibiotics … etc. etc. But having the important desire to assure death with dignity means that many need that final help across the worlds … even with the friendliest vets, this costs money, and bodies need disposing of… 21 of the 24 had those costs this year … that is a lot of money, however you try to phrase it. 11 of this year’s inmates have needed sterilization(5F/6M) … which, given all our puddings are over 10 years old, is going some. But all the bits still work, and in nearly all the cases cancers were removed at the same time. [Please. Sterilize your babes, save their lives!] And then there is that one who will arrive with dormant kennel cough … and you live in fear for the pack … so it is antibiotics en masse. You are getting the picture, I can go on … the bottom line is that to have this number of oldies in situ, whether basic needs or more complex at times, we can only do this with the support you give us … and we thank you on the dogs’ behalf for that. It really is a case of every little bit helps … and you find so many ways to do that … thank you xxx.

So, 2014 looms. Sadly we know that there is still a need for so many rescue groups, mainly due to man’s lack of humanity; those of us who care a little end up doing a lot. What is really sad, is that doing this work has shown us first hand … we (the rescue centres), cannot do it all. What we can only reassure you from Mike and I, is that Twilight will twinkle for as long as we are able. Ourselves physically, and for as many dogs as your support allows us to help.

Mike and I, and all the previous, current and future Twilighters, wish you heartfelt happiness and good health for 2014. And may your prosperity come in a form that covers all you need.

May your year ahead be full of light xxx

I do apologise to our regular readers, I kind of lost September ... but hope all this woffle below makes up for it
So much to tell you ...
September started with sharing a wonderful celebration of Cozy Cats and Dogs first anniversary. What a super place to pop your animals when you have a holiday, and Phil and Linda generously donated us a wonderful dog bed (memory foam, the dogs adore it) and some great ear cleaning product which really works.
We had the mighty end of season Vide at La Charrue, raising much needed vet funds, more to read in the Thank you page, with Facebook joining in with a 'bucket' collection - you are all so fab. Thanks galore, so do take a peak.
In the Latest news page you can see pics and read more on the progress of the super dupa wash room - now showing off it's incredible roof by Glenn, and more pics and stories of the army of volunteers and the successful Hope autumn booksale.
We now have our 2014 calendar for sale with some gorgeous pics of the oldies by Trevor. Really useful for you, but will make great pressies ... and I've had them made lighter this year to help with the horrid postage costs. All the info for these and our Christmas Raffle ... which really is rather special this year, are on the 'For sale' page.
On a sadder note, we lost 4 puddings in the last couple of months. Please have a read in the memorium pages of little Oodle, Humphry, Jake 2 and sweet Flopsy. It is sad, but we must celebrate their lives with us, which have been so full of love and care in their last days.
I'm going to have a little grumble too. Please please, have your babes sterilized/castrated. We spend so much of our time, and money for that matter, having to help so many of these oldies with later life health issues that are avoidable. Sweet Chrissy will never stop bleeding now, and her heart too weak to have her uterus out. Finette will have to have the big op, even though at 13 she could do without it to worry about, but she bleeds constantly and is uncomfortable ... and driving the chaps a little sex mad! The boys, almost all have prostrate trouble of some kind if they have not had their chaps off ... again, causing them a big op in old age, and often an earlier death with cancer ... so unnecessary. Please ... just sort it, you will have a healthier happier pet and ... trust me, far less vet bills in the long run.
Lightening up with twinkly light ... Christmas looms and I love it! We will be out and about, check the events calendar ... British Legion event 2nd Nov, Keishkama craft event and Chez Conkers craft fair - both on the 30th Nov, and the FUN in abundance La Charrue Christmas Fair on the eve of the 6th Dec ... not to be missed.
I've waffled long enough ... but keep a peak, new collection points, some great fundraising ideas coming through (thank you all), and tomorrow ... Mike and I collect 5 dogs from just one SPA. Not our usual way of working ... but will explain more. Please, if you are thinking of homing a pudding ... Carcassone, Cahors, Saintes, Figeac, Limoges, Perigueux, Bergerac ... to name just 7 SPA's..... ALL have some stunning, lonely, uncomfortable babes of all ages, shapes and sizes that need you, not to mention Poorpaws, Phoenix, Levrier & Co, Orfee etc.
Chunter soonest ... and thank you from all of us her at Twilight ... for you being their, we really couldn't do it without you xxx Leeanne and team xxx

August 2013
What a super month has passed. My mum now bouncing around like a young kangaroo with her new knee (well nearly), the four new old puddings settling in ... yes, go meet Rex, Upsa, Big Dick and Finette on the new comers page - and so much interaction and care between rescue groups and you ... thank you all.
Whilst it was infinitely sad to lose darling Pearl, you can read her loving story on the memorium page, it was so heart filling to see that over 1000 people acknowledged her passing on Face Book .... a medium that we are growing into thanks to Linda G and all her work on this for us. Pearl, like all our past babes, will remain within us for always - she was so incredibly special.
A surprise but thrilling story you can read on our latest news ... Otis. This handsome lad has moved on from us to a very special home - we are delighted for him.
Thanks are in abundance again, please take a peak on the Thank you page. The 'brown' stuff appeal (yes, that's all your small change...not something else!) is mighty. La Charrue handed over just over €200 from all their customers for the last few months, Debbie and her friends are collecting down in Carcassonne, Peter had a jar at his party ... and so many little bags/pots that get handed over ... it is wonderful. I take it all to the L'eclerc machine, and then shop for dog meat tins, wash powder and new mop heads! Brilliant and thank you all ... and please keep it coming, it makes all the difference.
The wash room is progressing with each day. Alby Rainbird currently building the walls (his donation ... worth €600), then next week Glenn Allsop will be putting on the roof ... which is his donation - all amazing. In this months photo album you can see the work progress and Fleur helping, as well as many many more pics of this months visitors and relaxing old puddings in the sun.
If you have any old bedding/bric a brac ... then this is a good time. I will be at Cozy Cats and Dogs open day this Friday the 6th - celebrating their first anniversary, and on the 29th we have our mighty vide and craft fair at La Charrue - really hope to see lots of faces for hugs and catch ups.
Many have been asking about this years calendar ... well, not only will we be doing one, but we are thrilled that professional photographer Trevor is coming to take the pics ... so these will make super presents, perhaps together with a very special dog shampoo soap that is being made just for us ... more on that soon.
Thank you all for all your care and support ... and for taking the time to keep up to date with all the oldies news. Take the greatest care and keep well and happy.
Leeanne, Mike and the puddings
JULY 2013
As each month comes around, we can no longer presume weather patterns or indeed make assumptions that the world has sorted itself. Sound heavy ... well, it really is a sad time, so so many dogs being dumped, abandoned and left for dead. The refuges become more full at this time of year and it seems that not all helpers have the best intention of the animals at heart - do you know little old Twilight here alone has turned over 20 oldies away in just 3 weeks.... Mike and I despair, and they are now all dead (and they were all healthy ... just had the disadvantage of being old, so first off the list to go ...).
So ... what to do. We have broken our house rule, and gone back up to 33 again. It is a very very meniscal offering to the current crisis, but it is what we do, so we feel we have to over burden for just a small time to help these poor old loves. Ironically our fund raising is the lowest it has been in our 4 years ... everyone is struggling we know .... but if you can help any of us with animal rescue then it is a wonder ... and thank you.
And our thanks to you are wonderful, read more about the Talent show at La Charrue, the Chez Conkers art day, the Fun Dog Show at La Charrue (in the rain!), Linda doing her vide between storms and Debbie and Bryan having a dinner party around the firework festivals, Connection and their plant sale.... and the wonderful Clare and her 'Buttons for rescue' Face Book Auction for us.
You will see on the donation page we start a new financial year for the food and cleaning bill. We were €995 short last year, which thank fully we were able to finance ourselves, together with a shortfall of several thousand on the vets bills .... but we do not look at it as a deficit ..... we are just thrilled and indeed relieved it is not more, because thanks to all your support we can look after these oldies with everything they need, at least for now.
Holly is doing well, loves her trolley time and is strong at the moment. New boy Rex is settling and is the gentlest giant ever. Quito has had quite a month of stardom as you will see, and Batman has settled with his women now! 12 years in a cage Queenie is just pure magic, and old Stevie gets more handsome everyday!
Not such good news, Kaiser is not responding to meds, Penny's tumour is growing rapidly, Dr Taffy has a nasty ulcer and methinks Tumour might be weakening again. Dear Pearl is slowing down and Humphry's open wounds are growing .... so a big vet week ahead.
The pics show the foundations for the wash room being dug ... with little helpers of course .... so whilst jolly muddy, all very exciting. Also new, we have put a 'Before and After' section on the site. First to appear is handsome old Eric. Phoenix rescued him, asked for our help, and Lynn fosters him. He has come on a treat. Hoping to get stories of the other Twilighters who have gone to family homes soon ... and maybe it will encourage you to have faith in adopting an oldie xxx
We really hope you are enjoying your summer and that any puddings you have are managing to keep cool. Thank you from us all here, for your care and love. We might be old ... but we have buckets of love xxx
Leeanne and all the twinkling Twilighters


Happy sunshine everyone...
So be it that the rains are still here, love still makes that world go around!
Mmm, funny old month June. Was a real roller coaster of emotions, Mike hit the clickedy click of 66 years and his gift was two hearing aids (no excuses now!). That our break away should cause so much negative feedback (you have got to read Sue Gibbery's version - but thank you Mum for a cultural experience and the wonderful Tina for caring for our babes. Then we had the most visitors we have ever had in just a few weeks (bless you all and read about them in the thank you section). 6 new old doggies in - you can catch them on the new comers page, such sweeties, and Terry for being a star and collecting the two Spanish inmates.
Sadly it was a mighty month for deaths too. Phoenix lost Pandy, Poorpaws lost Sukie, and here at Twilight - we lost our baby girl Teg. She was the very reason for the birth of our now heart filled old doggies home, and what a wonderful and treasured life she had. From the moment she was born to her passing just a few weeks before her 16th birthday. Travelled Europe standing up (! yes ...she did), fluent in Welsh, English, Greek and French. We will always love you special girl, run free and belly flop again with your Ma(Abby) and Auntie Kizzy. Read her in memorium page xx.
Thanks galore are given in our thank you page, from face book jewellery auctions with Linda to Kevins story telling and more. And you cannot miss Nana June's tale of her amazing wing walk for us on the latest news page with a mighty total she has raised so far ... and is hoping she can round it up with a little more - so not too late to show your support for her wild adventure!
And so as we move into July ... we prepare for the realization of our dream .... the Twilight Wash Room. So many of you have helped towards this, from buying a brick to Alby donating his building time, Glenn donating his roof skills and tiles and Tony donating the internal work. Honestly, we haven't quite made enough - but then that is what our credit card is for - and we know it will make our lives for helping the dogs so much easier that it is worth all the extra that it needs. The digger starts any day, and we will keep you up to date with progress. So so exciting. We (as in our own pennies) have had renovations done in the house to compliment the work, so Holly can move more easily on none slip tiles, that ramps ease her wheels and the little old legs of the smaller dogs, and larger doorways make for smoother passage.
Fund raising this summer should read 'Fun' raising ... see the calendar. Next week is the Talent show at La Charrue (still time to join in), Vides and Craft fairs, and the big fun dog show. Hope we will see you at one or all of them!
Thank you for your love and care of the oldies, come and see them in the happiest of Twilight years ... thanks to all you do to help them.
Paws of hugs from us all,
Leeanne, Mike and all the 28 strong team
End May 2013
At last, we all cry, sunshine. We all know only too well how that rain eats its way indoors from the doggie paws and deeply soaked coats. We have all been patient - it is time now for dogs to laze in sunshine, sleep in a warm haze of bliss!
A wonderful month of continued love and care from you all, and as ever the longest list of Thank you's on the Thank you page, do please have a peak, as I have also put a little heart felt woffle especially from me.
Meet lovely Penny on the New Twilighters page, and hold on to your hat for June, as 5 new puddings will be joining us on the week of the 10th - we are all very excited.
May has been a funny old month here - what with the floor work in the kitchen taking us outside for several nights. Yes, outside ... ho ho. Well, if the dogs have to stay out, so do we - and boy was that an insight into a poor dogs life that lives outside 24/7. Far too cold for their old bones, and really underlined for us that we feel even more strongly about letting our oldies live with us indoors with all the comforts that come with that.
Sadly we have just had to say 'goodbye' to dear little Koki and troubled Dave, please read their in memoriam page, bless them both.
To lift our spirits though, it is now just days for Nana June's big Wing Walk for Twilight. There are articles in the Connexion France this month, local news and paper reports in Kidderminster ... and hopefully some National recognition for her too. if you do not know what i'm waffling on, have a read ... . You can donate on her site or here ... Over 6,000 hits have been taken on FB and her site ... imagine if all those hits just gave £1. That would set up a base foundation of Vet bills and Food for the Twilighters for moons. 7th June is her big day - can't wait to share pics with you all. Good Luck Nana June, with heartfelt love from all your Twilight friends you have chosen to dedicate this amazing feat, at 88years young.
Also in June we are able to start, thanks to incredible generosity of builder Alby Rainbird, the wash room. Whilst the fund still needs a little boost, we have decided to go for it now, as those doggies need easier means of wash and care facilities, and it will help our bodies too! So thank you all those brick buyers, birthday donations and all those thank you's on the thank you page, that mean we can have a Twilight parlour!
Poor old Holly has had a tough few weeks and remains with a high fever, but she is a fighter.
We have no formal fund raisers where we can meet up for a hug this month, but July will see the first ever La Charrue's Got Talent .... see the diary. So come on all you budding singers/comedians/magicians/dancing dogs - your time has arrived.
As I sign off this for now, Mike and I are joining my Mum for a little break before she has surgery. If you need any info/support etc, please can you contact Lynn
Blackmann on [email protected] . We will be back in circulation ourselves from the 10th June. Fret not about the doggies. The wonderful Tina of Sit and Stays is here with everyone, and I suspect they are having a riot of a time.
Have a wonderful June everyone, and bless you for caring - it is you that makes all the difference here xxx
Leeanne, Mike and all the babes
An update in the life of TWILIGHT
Nana, is a new girl. Never let it be said you are too old for anything. She has gained in confidence, eats so so much better and more variety. The hair cut was a bit drastic, so coats on galore. She does shuffle though, so have to go more for the fleecy jackets as she catches her tootsies. Lips stitches all looking good, and her eyes are badly milky and red ... but I'm sure they have a glint now!
Sausage. Mmm, not such a feel good story. No change ... but no worse. Which means the idea of an infection is unlikely. On full monitor watch - we will see. Had lovely cuddles and gentle play with Fleur today, so pain level obviously bearable.
Quito. Love him. Well, his little tail just doesn't stop wagging - even when his huge back molar fell out yesterday! Thought about making a big necklace from it! Vet said it would come out soon... was nearly as big as his little mouth (Quito's, not the vets!). His breath so so much better, but not perfect, but who's smelling. Much happier little man, but soup his main food now - chewing is a bit like his Mums .... a thing of the past!
Pearl. I'm terribly sad to say the antibiotics have made no difference. But, the good bit is, she is no worse either. We can only watch her carefully, keep her on the pain killers, and the day she is too pained or too weary .... make that grim decision - but we feel positive we have a few months of those beautiful cuddles to go yet.
Koki. Poor lad. Not a jot of difference, and things not good on the pain front. Back end of next week to the vet for further thoughts ....
And to add to the list....
Dave remains a great source of concern for himself in happiness and for the pack, especially the weaker ones. We hate these difficult decisions. Our appeal remains ... if anyone is out there who could take him ... alone, he might find some calm for his inner man, and the other Twilighters could rest a little easier.
Teg ... darling Teg, has more senile moments than not .... phumph ..... just keep cuddling. She is fading, but is otherwise well.
Tumor ... usual up and down that goes with a brain tumor.
Sabre ... arthritis tabs now upped, will go for a scan soon to see what is going on.
Humphry a little restless. He goes this way from time to time .... close eye being kept.
Big Jake ... a little wobbly on those long pins, but eyes so incredibly bright
Otis ...learning .... slowly!
Holly. Oh that I could find away to stop her chaffing her feet and knees. Obviously he has time on wheels, in her drag bags and jeans etc ... but those few hours she is left to her own devices ... she is a minx and darts everywhere. So joyful to see, and she is so proud ... just that she cuts herself. Currently usuing some super cream from Cozy Cats and Dogs range ... does wonders for her bum sores - thinking of trying it myself!!
Leeanne's monthly update
3rd May 2013

I thought for a change, you might like a day in the life of Twilight ... and today just seemed like one of those days. Especially as this month is all about promoting 88 year old Nana who is doing the amazing Wing Walk in aid of Twilight . Perhaps our day today will give you an idea why she wants to raise money for the old dogs ... and in such a courageous way.
The alarm went at 3 am ... yes, dear old Stevie feeling a bit stressed. Blind Stevie is doing so so well, but he does need to call out through the night still - but it is getting less. A big cuddle and back to sleep, thanks Mum.
The main alarm at 5.30 am ... "It's morning Dad .... get up!" Yes, a full blown pack choral sing song .... but it is brief .... even the oldies want to turn over for another hour. Yes ... everyday they do this! The 6.30 howl and now dad is up. Having the joy of the nights incontinent clean up. Often this is mighty .... I'm so pleased Mike is 'happy' to do this!
Today we have a friend leaving for blighty. We will all miss him. Another pair of hands just for cuddles is wonderful, not to mention he is strong and fit and helped whilst he was here, thank you Rus. Also, some electrical work needs doing, so wonderful Jean-Louis is here at 8am ... and he is great with us all.
Dad feeds us at 8.30 am, and all the pills are dished out ... a good hour is needed.
Mum is up for 9.30 today. A swift dash to the dentist, then home to clean the floors and change the bedding that was spoilt in the night. Somehow it is lunch time, and a few emails got answered, and the phone did ring ... must check the messages. 3 are needy dog questions, one is a request to re-home ..... so many such calls everyday.
A quick yoghurt ... and Mum off to the vets ....

A week rarely goes by when we are not at the vet with one or two of the puddings, and of course, the vet comes to us for checks from time to time … but today I almost needed a mini bus to head off to the wonderful vets at Chalus.
I took 5 of the babes … and as Mike helped me with them into the car, I heard his loving little mutterings … just incase I didn’t come home with them all… a fact we have had to get used to given what we do.
I like taking them in the car, somehow extra bonding occurs as we sing our way along the country lanes. But the news the other end was mixed. 5 old dogs … and I had a vets full attention for 2 hours and 20 minutes, and a second vet took one, unscheduled, for a small op. It never ceases to amaze us the level of care we receive, and for dogs that would otherwise be dead.
Darling Koki.
Remember, this chap is 13.5 years now, had 11 years in an SPA behind bars, and had major ear surgery when he came to us. He has been so happy at Twilight… until now.
Now, grumpy, pained and not himself. Recently treated the good ear … which is now very painful, and the treatment did not work. Also, his heart is now weak. Long story, but we are going to hit him with 5 treatments in one go … antibiotics, anti-inflam, his brain …. And his heart. If a fortnight of this doesn’t help … we may have to think hard to his quality of life.
Your support this weekend will help pay his not insignificant vet costs.
Sweet Nana.
I’m not sure I know … Nana is ancient, at least 15 years old. She is blind and deaf … and has a quiet yet strong spark about her. She has a tumor on her lip, which until recently has been no trouble. Now it causes her a mighty itch. Of course we should look at the maths …. The work needed will cost, she is old, the op a 50/50 recovery … as she is old …. But her heart is strong. The vet looks at me … but we both grin at the same time ……… Nana must be given a chance, she is a fighter. So. Nana will start a course of 5 days antibiotics and anti-inflams tomorrow. Tuesday morning she is booked in for surgery. Have the tumor removed and her lip reconstructed. All bits crossed.
Sausage (Luka)
This handsome boy has got to be 103 years old if a day! Remember he had that huge tummy hernia. Now he rolls around like a nipper with young Fleur, and limps off with his arthritis … but doesn’t care! Asks me for another pain killer … little rest, and off he goes again! But, of late he has a grim swelling under his left shoulder. Mmmm, vet not sure. So we are going to treat it as an infection to start with, so antibiotics. Little man cannot walk well, and if this does not work, as his heart is weak, we might have to look at his quality too. Yes, tough isn’t it.
A more beautiful and graceful girly you could never meet. Pearl’s story is a heart breaker, so this lady must have the best. We know she has mammory tumours that are growing, but no evidence of them being a problem just yet. She does bleed a little, but she has no uterus … so a bit of a concern. And why to the vet, well, she just isn’t herself. Tired, and a whizzle grumpy at the end of the day. Sadly the vet can feel grainy lumps around her spleen and liver. Mmmm, not what we wanted to hear at all. So, try an antibiotic and see how she goes. The room goes quiet – we all know time is now even more precious.
And then in bounds little QUITO.
I love this little man. He has only been with us a few weeks, but he comes everywhere he can with me, and clings so close, but loves to be out and about. He has a bowed spine, and the vet winced at the severity of the arthritis, so this little guy might look all full of beans, but he is brave – so some painkillers for him. His breath though is a painful experience for us all! So much so, the second vet who popped his head through the door offered to resolve the problem ‘toute suite’! So little man had his teeth cleaned, under anaesthetic, three teeth out … and one he can keep for a few weeks … but the tooth fairies will have it soon! Love him, he snored all the way home and woke up slowly on mummy and daddy’s bed some while later.
So … that was the vets, just today. What did it cost……I’ll worry about that in the morning – for now, I took five and came home with five.
No time for mum to relax. Whilst I will usually feed the tea, today I need to start packing up the van for the Vide Grenier on Sunday at La Charrue. Dad does tea, mum starts packing. But she must chat with Linda who is running the FB virtual vide .... and return the afternoon and morning calls. Would love a bath, but need to eat. Little Quito is coming round and needs extra love and a little jacket, he has the shivers. Holly needs changing, and her daily bath.
Mum and dad have supper, a question of sport to relax. Dad needs bed, and Mum will now do admin for a few hours - giving us all cuddles from time to time. Tonight she wants to be in bed before midnight, as an early start tomorrow - Penny, age 13 is arriving at 9am. How exciting.
This just an ordinary Friday at Twilight .... we hope you can see and feel how much difference all your love makes.
Bless you all for your care and support. Have a peak at Nana June's webpage for her wing walk. Yes, we hope you will sponsor her (just £1 makes a huge difference), but most of all, keep those comments coming in for her to give her all the praise she deserves for this mighty challenge at any age ... let alone 88 years old. Bless you Nana June for loving us like you do, thank you from all the oldies.
Leeanne, Mike and all the team xxxxxxxx

Leeanne's monthly update
2 April 2013

Given the day we had yesterday, you would never have believed me and blamed it on an April fool .... but here I am amongst the daffodils, safely on the 2nd day!

I don't think the Twilight news will ever be anything than a mixed bag for you. As, whilst we are delighted to introduce new friends, in Max and Otis, both long timers in refuges ( do meet them on the 'Meet the New Twilighters' page) .... it means we have the sadness of old friends passing. February and March saw 4 of those. Please give dear Fudge, Justine, Swann and Elwood a big goodnight kiss on the 'In memorium' page.

The winter months are hopefully passing us by now, and with this sunshine we look forward to our fundraising ventures and meeting up with all our friends throughout the months ahead. I shall be hoping to bring a few oldies to the earlier events and vides, before that sun gets too hot, and Holly too, who wants to show off her trolly! Have a peak at the events calendar.

The end of April is our deadline for any material you might have for our eagerly anticipated new wash and treatment room. We are doing so well, as you can see in the 'Thank you' page - but any stray doors/French windows or flat roof tiles would be most welcome! Thank you all so much - for everything you do for us.

Which leads me on to our star fundraiser for the next few months. You can read about her on this site ... but also on . An amazing friend of Twilight, June, fondly known as Nana, is going to attempt a Wing Walk, see more in the latest news page. Nana is 88 years old, and has had to undergo health checks and follow fitness programmes .... but she is ready and booked. Amazing. Please, donate to give her that extra courage ... and a better life for the oldies. Thank you Nana xxx

So oodles going on here at Twilight. Old Tumor is not too well, and new boy Max is delicate ... and we fear Jake will miss his buddy Elwood - but all have our full love and attention. Holly is becoming a little minx, but learning fast - and the old faithfuls like Flopsy, Robin and Chrissy remain as gorgeous as ever.

Keep well dear friends, and thank you for taking a peek at what we are all up to here.
Love and paws from us all
Leeanne and team

Happy March everyone - isn't it great to see the daffs.  Sorry some of you cannot read the site  ... so sorting technical issues.  Next full update (with ooodles to share with you) will be 1st April (and no fooling!!) xx


Leeanne's monthly update
18th Feb 2013
Little did I know when I wrote the last update we would be having a holiday before i wrote this one!  Amazing ... and thank you, who ever that 'somebody' is.  Have a read on the Thank you page to see what I'm woffling on about and the kindness you all show seems to have no limits.
Sadly we lost dear Timothy and Tara this last month, do have a little read in our memorium page.  To be honest, we thought the list might be longer.  Dear Teg's senility grows, but her eyes remain bright.  Darling Brambles went into a decline losing her mate Tara, but pulled through, mainly for being tucked into dog sitter Tina's trousers! Little Chrissy has fibroids that she is too old to fix .. but she remains strong, and her boyfriend Robin keeps a very close eye on her! And last, but a daily memorable problem, poor old Swanns bowels ... but best left at that for a comment!
A sadness for us this month has been the number we have had to say no to ... as we are full.  Once I go into double figures i stop counting as it gets depressing - but we cannot save them all.  As I write our numbers are 27.  We have decided to take this number to 25 and keep that as our maximum.  The reasons are various for this.  For those who have visited us, you can confirm we are happy, but 'nuts' as the babes all live in the house.  We feel 25 is our limit for giving all the babes what they need in care, love, walks etc and space.  Also, that 25 in number could all be fit and well oldies, but more often it is a mix, and the costs for general keeping and vets bills are mighty.  So when we look at the level of support you give us here at Twilight, which is incredible in so many ways, we feel that if we are lucky enough to sustain this with you all, we can look after the 25 with most if not all of their needs met.  Having averaged on 30, topping 33 this last year several times - we found we did push our luck on the level of care at times, and also struggled physically ourselves.  So ... 25 it is, for now anyway!
As news of Holly's needs spread ... Holly met Polly for a new Trolley!!!  To Hope, Phoenix and all those who have helped with this - the new wheels are enroute from America .... we all cannot wait, it is so exciting.  You will see as you read the site, that with the disabled and old I have a dream ... but let's take just one step (as it twer) at a time.
Had a great chat with Pauline of La Charrue, and several other new and regular fund raising friends.  Have a peak at the calender and pop dates that appeal to you in your diary.  Obviously more info will be revealed for each venue as we have it ... especially the categories for 'La Charrue's Got Talent' in August.  Yep, kiddies, adults, animals alike - we want you to share your talent - fun and prizes galore....don't be shy!
We look forward to seeing you all as Spring time unravels.  Keep warm and well dear friends and keep those tails wagging.
Love Leeanneand the Twilighters x


18th January, 2013 –

Leeanne’s monthly update


Thank goodness the world didn’t end in December … the dogs have not quite finished all your Christmas treats … it would have been such a waste! Our festive time was a wonderful mix as ever.  As new girl Holly settled in and taught us daily how to help her with her two legs.  Meet her, with little Leon and gorgeous old Tabrouck in the Newcomers page.The thank yous are in abundance, please have a peak.  Your generous emails, cards and goodies for the babes were so so welcome, and your words made us cry on many an occasion.We have a bumper number of photos for you to see, and if you are tempted to adopt an oldie yourself … have a nose on the adoption page.On the How you can help page … see the new collection points, we are thrilled to maintain the old venues … and welcome on board the Kerridge’s down in Eymet, Kitsch Café in Exideuil , and Monsieur Frites – who gets all over the plaice!!! (Sorry, couldn’t resist it).The ‘brown stuff’ appeal came to a close at the end of the year … and made a wonderful €1034.  Incredible that your odd centimes can add up to such a staggering amount.  It seemed popular with many of you, so have started a new appeal for this year too.  Also, we are hoping to build a wash-treatment room/doggie store  - which you may feel you want to help us with …. Have a look on the Donations page.Our two deaths over the festive period were sad but on notable days … do read the memorial pages for Leon and Coopie, bless them both. Equally, remembering our human loses this year, see the lights on the candle tree xx So much happens here we were not sure how to round the year off – but we have had a go on the Latest News page, and hope it gives you an insight on a year at Twilight.Thank you dear friends for staying close. We wish you a peaceful and healthy 2013, with much love and laughter along the way. Bless you for all you do for us all here.Leeanne, Mike and all the Twilightersxxx 

Catch up with our old news....

12th December 2012....update from Leeanne


 I am sitting in my comfy chair by the  lounge fire ... some 21 other dogs sprawled beside me - the other 18 lurking around the kitchen fire!  We are having a late night tonight - no silly, not practising to see if we can wait up for Santa, but tonight at about 2am Topka arrives - but more of that later...

Sadly, not long after my last update, we had to say night night to dear old Peggy.  What a character she was.  It seemed doubly sad, because the day she passed we changed the settees over - and she just loved to be first to try them out, bless her.  Do read her little piece in the memorium page - together with the equally sad passing this week of little Pug Loulou, Poodle and dear old Henri.

In the New Twilighters page you have got to catch a glimpse of Joseph ... all the way from Paris.  He did bring a little present of kennel cough with him - which poor old Flopsy caught (but is fully recovered now).  You will also meet the duo Tara & Brambles as well as Dave, who might just turn a head or two for adoption interest.

Our thanks page seems to get longer, please do see what so many of you do for us, it really is remarkable.  Lesley must have a special mention though, as she is the first to officially arrive for poo collection!  You are a star Les, thank you xxx  You can see Les too with her 'favourite' little Timothy in the photos.

As the year comes to a close, reviews will be in abundance, and we too will do one in the coming weeks.  It is also the time for looking ahead, of which I've started some thoughts in the Twilight news page ... see what you think and please do give us your thoughts.

I love Christmas, so have been thrilled to go to two fairs for Twilight, and have the delight of our 2nd La Charrue Christmas fete. So many of you came and braved the chill,. and whilst we continue to learn to make next year even better ... your feedback has been wonderlifesaving team for us here this year.

As I close for now, Topka will soon be arriving.  All I can tell you at the moment is she is severally disabled.  Her story and photos will follow soon.

The dogs have received some wonderful well wishes for this coming festive season, and Pauline had a gorgeous Patchwork made for us which we will cherish - but Doreen wrote us an 'Ode', bless her ... have a smile and read the new poem page.

So for now dear friends.  However you celebrate this winter time, we wish you much love, light and joy. Remember every minute of every day is special ... here at Twilight - every day is like Christmas.

Happy Christmas, with love, paw hugs and licks from us all.

Leeanne, Mike & the Twilighters.


Our You Tube link...


17th November ... update from Leeanne

Fret not dear Twilight friends, it is still old me writing the updates .... not our agent yet! Hoho!

What did you think of Little England's coverage of the babes? We were pleased Geoffry Palmer was gentle on us, just wish they had shown you more of the doggies. However, delighted to share with you ... and our new friends, that a staggering 1000 hits followed on the website, and over £500 came in on Pay Pal. We were quite overwhelmed, and welcome our new followers of the oldies.

We thought October would be a quiet month, but .... not to be. For those who were aware of my car crash in August, don't think I am repeating myself, but can you believe it, we had another car crash and were written off again three weeks ago! Incredible bad luck isn't it, but neither of us were hurt, and we could only feel sorry for the poor older lady who fell asleep at the wheel and drove into us.

The doggies have had us on edge this month. Poor old big Jake had a stroke, but at 17 we could not be sad. However, swift first aid and the old guy was back to normal within 48 hours! What a guy he is. Dear old Poodle is really struggling with his lower back and nerve damage. He is up and down on his pain killers, but suspect we might have to help our little friend soon to a more peaceful time.

For those of you who have visited our happy but nutty home, you will know we have gone 12 years without a bath, and nearly a year without a flushing loo! Well, I'm pleased to announce, that it is finally safe to visit with a full bladder - as we have a new loo ....... and even a bath! our own little saving pot reached its target, so thank you Mike's pension - I just loveit!

Thank yous are in abundance, so please do read our thank you page, and just look at Sandra's boot. Special thanks to Mandy who set us up with a FB page. Lots of pics for you to enjoy on the photo page, and meet Timy 2 and Stan on the new Twilighters.

Stan features on the adoption page too - he really is a handsome golden lab .... so if you have place for an oldie, we have 4 looking for a home. Go on - see if we can tempt you.

We had no deaths of doggies this month, thankfully, although a close call with little Pug Loulou. A grim respriratory infection laid her very low, but a real fighter she is back on form. Two families though have remembered their loved ones, so please share a prayer with us on our candle tree page.

You will have got the picture that Mike and I love dogs ... so I thought I ought to break out last week, and went and had a cuddle at the Brantome Police Horses. I'm not a horsey girl, but I loved it, and Roland made me feel so comfortable, and with Susan now doing courses to teach those of us not horse wise - it really is a super place to visit and learn. Our links page will lead you to them.

So as I close this month, having been on the TV, a new Facebook page, and Phils super Youtube of us still getting lots of hits - we are feeling like we might be joining the modern age! However, our limits remain. With 30 dogs in as I write and 4 in over the next week - Twilight Inn is sadly full. No more room. Physically 34 is all we can squeeze in the lounge, but also, it is all we can attempt to give our very best care to. So, if you are up for a doggie walk, we could do with some extra legs ... and even dare I suggest, a few poo pickers!

Christmas looms, we have calenders, cards, Grand Raffle tickets, and a very special new pin badge you can buy. We hope we will see you at one of the three fairs we have pre Christmas, and especially ofcourse at the La Charrue Christmas Night Market ... which has just bundles going on and great stalls.- 7th Dec, come have some fun.

Enjoy your mid winter time, remember to check your doggies water doesn't freeze, and little coats make a huge difference to our old friends. May your candles burn bright, and keep well and happy.

Huge paw hugs from us all, Leeanne and team xxx

Our You Tube link...

October 11th .... update from Leeanne

Thank you for your patience dear Twilight friends. I am late with our update because we are away at the moment. Only a little break tagged onto helping Hope (on a busmans holiday) with their bi-annual grand booksale.

September was a month of great highs and lows as ever. Sammy was our highest high, finding a new forever home and joining a non canine family ... so humans all to himself. Read on our update how he is doing.

The month of Sundays' events were incredible, read Suzie's wonderful Gala report, and how a pile of your old clothes and nolonger wanted items can raise so much fun ... and much need money for the oldies. And to top it all, what wasn't sold did a heartfelt turn for the homeless. You are all so amazing.

Darling little Timothy has joined us, being saved by Phoenix from euthenasia. Meet him on our Twilighters page. Sadly though I am going to ask you to look again at the memorium pages. This month dear old Titi passed, but so did only 10 days in little Pedalo. Pedalo though must warm our hearts for what we do. He was rescued by Hope from a very stressful cage in Limoges SPA. Turning and crying and pills for senility. But after a couple of days at Twilight he found a life, grass, love and a true little friend in Robin. A stroke took him, but only after he had tasted love and freedom.

Our Teg is now showing senility to a level of needing meds. She still seems happy, and what's a bit of dementia between old friends. She doesn't like being left at night ... so the photo page will show us taking naps on the settee - perhaps she fears dying alone ... that will never happen with us my little one.

So many thank you's for you to read, and see how that 'brown stuff' appeal is growing. Bless you all.

As Christmas looms, Twilight has it's own cards and calender you might like to buy - Perhaps let me know and I could come and do a coffee morning locally to you .or send you some.

Fame at last! As I close I have two very important Twilight firsts for you to view. ITV's Little England goes out on the 22nd of October, on Monday eve at 8pm (Following on where the Paul O'Grady, For the love of dogs has been on). We still do not know which episodes we will be in .... so please just fill your glass and watch them all! Fingers crossed they got my best side!

AND ... a dear friend introduced us to Phil, a professional camera man. He has put together the most sweet two and a half minutes of a video ... which you can see on on the link above - sorry about me, but don't the dogs look brill x

Have a great October where ever you are in the world, and keep safe and well ... and watch your old canine friends as the temperature changes - we have lots of wooly coats if they need them.

Paws from us all, Leeanne and team xxx

September 7th .... update from Leeanne

Happy September dear friends. This really is a month of Sundays for Twilight .... not least in my late update (sorry), but we have three Sundays of events coming up, so please do look at the Calender and see if we can tempt you to join us, or perhaps you can help in some way. Last minute tickets still available for the wonderful Gala Suzie and Tony have put together for us this coming Sunday the 9th ... so do call them if you want to join the unique fun.

Now ... to our babies, and August. A very mixed month as ever. It started with the most joyous Fun Dog Show at La Charrue ... what a hoot. See pics on the Dog show page, and more news in our Thank you page. Can't wait for next year. Also, so much support from our fellow dog rescue friends, quite humbling, please read the Thank you's.

But ofcourse, however much the sun shines, the reality of what we do was hard this month. First dear old Sally, been with us almost two years to the day, here with her daughter - so an old special girl. Stomach cancer got the better of her at the end, and I shall never forget the tears that rolled from her eyes as I said goodnight. (Big breath) ... then just a few days after, dear Phoebe, her daughter - had her breakfast, gave us both a cuddle and tail wag, and slipped down the garden and just went to sleep. Bless her. And finally, little Nicci, her body just shut down. Please read the memorium page and blow them all a kiss xx.

Never down for long, four new puddings have joined us. Meet Nana, Swann, Pedalo and Sammy on the new Twilighters page.

As for a heart warming story, little Pug Loulou wins this month, hands down. You will remember last month, a very frail girl joined us. Now, having moved gently through the madelines, she enjoys ham and grated cheese ... and only on a plate ofcourse! She is now at a good weight and as fit as a fiddle. Don't you just love it when they pull through.

Loads of pics for you this month, and must give a special mention to the Grooming girls, Sandra, Jacq and Lesley came and washed and clipped many of the dogs with me - a real Twilight parlour, brilliant. Dylans legs have seen light, probably for the first time in years.

We've had visitors galore this month, many in the pics. Delighted that the new Hope chair lady, Linda, came to see what we are about, and the ladies from the SPA in Limoges - who, bless them, thought we were "an inspired set up".

If you have any clothes or bric a brac to pass on for this months sales that would be wonderful, and any cake bakers - Doreen would love them to boost the clothes/books sales day.

For us, a tough month. Not sure if it was the full moon that started it, or little Swann suffering seperation anxiety ... but the nights now have a disturbed pattern to them, getting us up at least four times. Such times do pass, but we look a haggard old pair! Pedalo needs a lot of looking after, but I hope he will pick up, and all the rest are doing well. 30 inmates at the mo with super harmony amongst them all. All that is except poor Wesley. Do look on the adoption page, he really isn't coping with the numbers. He is a sweetie, but needs a smaller ... or no pack homelife. Can you help?

So my friends, as I close this months update, once again we are blown away by your care and support. Mikes monthly pick up this month needed three trips, so much bedding and goodies. Winter looms, so it is great to feel our warm nest of pillows and duvets are ready to snuggle up the oldies. And, if you don't do anything already with your 'brown stuff', look at the new campaign for Christmas .... a great idea from Pauline xx

Bless you all, keep well and happy, and hope to see you sometime in this month of Twilight Sundays!


 Aug 3rd .... update from Leeanne

Dear Twilight friends, welcome at last to August. I don't mind saying, I'm pleased July has passed by, what a funny old month that one was! Not least my car crash on Friday 13th - where my poor little car has gone up to heaven, but I didn't, so pains apart, we are very grateful. I must just say, the emergency services and A&E in Perigueux were outstanding, we are very lucky to live where we do.

Now, back to our babies. A sad month for losing two. Dear Theo and Pongo passed within 6 days of each other, and both quite traumatic in there own ways. Please read their little tributes, and perhaps remember them with a candle, both big characters, we do miss them.

Chippie, Chrissy and little Pug Loulou soon filled the quiet places, you can meet them on the new Twilighter page. Dear Pug has been so very poorly, needing drips and injections at home - all which the vet has taught us to do. She fights on though, and is a darling girl. Big Eric has joined Lynn, and her poem says it all. Read about them and dear Gentleman joining Sandra on our news page - great great news.

As ever, so many thank yous' on our thanks page ... see how the auction went, and just how lucky we are that Hope association are helping our oldies. We have had some great filming days with ITV, the two working with us have been superb. We will have dates to give you when we will be on the TV in October - no idea how it will come across, but they certainly have filmed some special stories and many many hours, they have been very sensitive to the Twilight cause.

This month we have the wonderful Craft Night Market & Fun Dog Show at La Charrue on the 7th August. Other events are being laid on in August and September, take a peak at the special pages and calender. Mike and I will be at La Charrue on the 7th, so hope to see you ... and your doggies there. It will be the last filming day for ITV with Twilight.

As I close for this month, we wish you a wonderful sunny month, hopefully with friends and family around you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued care and support - because these doggies, 29 as I write, would not be here if it wasn't for you. Bless you, and thank you all xxxx

July 3rd update from Leeanne:

A sad start to this month I'm afraid. As I sit and type this, this evening we are one dear Twilighter lighter. Our special little Toto didn't make it. We tried hard with him, Mike feeding him the tastiest morsals by hand... but his little body just gave up. He will forever be a most famous little chap though, because ITV have selected us for this years 'Little England' documentary ( that will be going out in the autumn). Yes, just a week in of the 7 weeks they are filming in France ... and today they were with us, which of course meant they filmed the passing of dear Toto. No, not exciting viewing I hear you cry, but the reality of what we do here I guess.

Now before we all go getting too soppy so early in the month - have a peak at the new oldies on the block. Cooper and Gentleman are both very handsome ... and our big black boy might just tickle your fancy. Gentleman is only 9, a Royal Caniche and a fine fella - myabe you could give him a forever home?

Those two pickles that we took on last month have been just amazing. Little Jake (now Jacob), has nursed little Toto, chased Pearl and Taffy into post supper frenzies, and Fleur has taken Luca (Sausage) under wing - and it is like we have a houseful of pups. Just adorable. Try the photo's and see what you think, it really is a joy to watch.

Pearl, despite her second childhood is a bit of a worry. Her breast cancers have started growing a pace, we are now measuring them and may choose the surgery route while we still can. Amazing to report that Robin had his tumor off (thanks to his Auntie S) - and is like a new man. Ditto Fudge with her knee tumor. Little Poodle had to have his bits done ... he just got so over excited and his little heart, not to mention his little chap, were about to explode ... so he is now much calmer, at 15 years old!!!!

We are grateful to Anne Cummings in Riberac for joining the collection points, please see her info in the 'how you can help' section. And I'm amazed how easy it is to put a link to our friends, so see links(with web sites) and friends (without) for contacts who help and support Twilight. I'll keep adding...

July and August see some big fund raising events for us. Saturday the 7th July will be our Auction of Promises, where we have received over 40 offers of amazing promises - so should be a great eve at La Charrue. Full list will be available by the 5th. ... Or just come along for €5 and enjoy the 70's disco and atmosphere, plus food and drink too if you want. On the 14th we will be at the big Jumilhac Vide ... come and say hi, and we've got some great bargains too. Keep the 7th August free, as we have a super night market, live music and very silly fun dog show with great prizes.... all at La Charrue. More details to be posted soon.

Can't close without a special mention for my gorgeous Mike. He passed that big 65 this month, so is an offical pensioner. Thanks to Tina from Sit and Stays, we had a couple of nights away ... one at La Charrue, where that cheeky Pauline covered our bed in red petals, draped the champers by candle light and just spoilt us rotten - we loved it Pauline and Clive ... thank you.

So dear Twilight friends, lets pray for a peaceful summer ahead. We hope we shall see you at our events various, or brave it and come and have a cuddle here at the mad house. 31 puddings snoring as I sign off now, so lots of paws of hugs and love to you all.

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