Our fullest at 34 puddings, I have my arm in a sling, and this weekend is our Open Day.

But, there is always that emergency that touches you.


Edgar is 6 years old. His last known two years in a grim caged environment of a small area based with his own faeces. He has stood for these two years calling for help.

Rescued in the last few months by the wonderful Les Amis Des Animaux. Hi fostered family loving him and working on his terrible separation anxiety.

But last week,tragedy struck and the vertebrae in his neck gave way. Urgent surgery and spinal reconstruction....dear Edgar is alive, but something's wrong. He should have walk again by now .... but he can't. Also his separation anxiety is 24/7, needing head contact with hands and eyes.

So .... he needed a home for recovery and rehabilitation.

As Edgar is a lemon setter, just like our Pearl used to be, we decided to offer our help.


48 hours here now .... what a love he is. He yums his food. He is on antibiotics and steroids, we have added pain relief and anti anxiety meds to his regime. He drinks if we help him. He cries instantly on being left, needs washing, physio and toilet support.


We will liaise with his surgeons so far, and introduce him to our own vets and orthopaedic specialists.


We will do our best. Thank you Les Amis for trusting us xxx


He is adorable

It's time to meet our little Leia

This beautiful black girlie is more delicious and special than any pudding bundle can get.

As you know, we take a small percentage of pudddings from the streets of Romania, and this 12year old blind girlie has been on our list via the wonderful Association Orfée.

Remarkable really. Who knows what her life was on the streets, other than we do know she was riddled and beyond with fleas, and clearly hasn't seen for sometime. Rescued there, but still not secure ... Isabelle fell for her plight, and now .... after days on the road, she has come home.

I usually let them settle, but we needed to get her to the vet toute suite, as that right bulging eye needed attention. Yes, she does have pain, so will treat the right eye, and maybe have it removed later, and the left one is long dead. She also has a heart murmur.

She is calm, loving, and just a bundle of pure goodness. Yes, we love her, deeply .... already.

Welcome little poppit xxxx

No blinking now .... or you might think it is Taffy!

This hairy gorgeous mess is 12 year old Teepee. Spent all her life with her older mum who sadly died three weeks ago. She has been left in the house since, and was becoming understandably vocal about the situation.

Not a lot of meat under all the fur .... and only ham and chicken tempting her just now. Very stressed for the first two days .... pacing the fence line, she reminded us of our very first oldie left in a similar situation ( dear Nina).

Three days in now and she has settled, is loving, wags her tail, has made a friend of dear Ben, and you have guessed it .... we love her!

She needs a jolly good hair cut, and some goodly feeds, but so far, all looking ok. Of course she isn't sterilised, but we will see how her early days unfold first.

Welcome little Teepee


Dear Sam is 12 years old, a Cocker Spaniel, and sounds like he has had a bit of a time.

We are grateful to a neighbour of his and long time supporter of Twilight, Stevie, for bringing this lad to our attention.

It would seem Sam was in an abusive home in his early years. Rehomed to his last owner, who has sadly had to move on through circumstances that mean Sam is once again left for himself.


Sam is blind and deaf. Clearly been sometime since his matted heavyweight ears have been shaved and his feet cleared of thorns and stones. Poor lad must be quite uncomfortable.... so some loving and grooming time ahead methinks. He is also entire .... (yes, sigh, again!), so we will need to sort this out for his health and family living.

He has met his new chums, wondered freely in the garden, and is just learning to find his way back in .... thanks to our stepping system he should learn this more quickly.

Two days in, we love him .... you are most welcome dear friend.

1.5 kilos .... probably! Bless the little fella.

Norman is 16 years old, and has had less than a comfortable life in later times. He has a damaged left eye which will be part of his first vet stop, together with a check of his gummy mouth.

Dear little man has no support behind him, so needs us to give him all we can. Rather partial to mummy's lap .... but methinks he will soon have that Peggy Sue edge that will give this little fella a big man feel!

Very welcome, those big ears and hanging out tongue will soon be regulars on our screens I think.

Black and white, 15(ish), and just found awondering. Poor old lad. No chip, tag .... nothing.

But ... luck would have it he found himself in the barn of a vet nurse, of a friend, of a friend, of our Linda of FB.

The now special lad, taken on by the wonderful Borderline Collie team found his way to our list ... and the right timing .... which meant he could come here soonest.

Thank you Linda and Keith for collecting and bringing him.

What a happy little man. Full vet check on Monday, methinks maybe a brain issue or small stroke, he has a head lean and wobbly pins ... he is also entire and rather keen on the ladies!

He has settled really quickly, although eating is not yet a high priority for him .... perhaps falling in love with Vicki hasn't help!

You are very welcome, very soft and cuddly and very much a Twilight man xxxx

My want a huge lump of love!


Brigand is an 11/12 year old blind Lab. he has been in a family all his life, and when his human mum died a year ago.... he lost his sight instantly. Bless him. No apparent tests could determine why, just a broken heart. His dad has done his best by him this last year but  Brigand is being left too long and is now very stressed.

He has been on our waiting list sometime, but now he is a Twilighter. He arrived late yesterday afternoon. Within an hour he had checked out all the house and garden, with his mighty paddy paws leading him gently, and Taffy helping too!

He will need castrating, and whilst I know the family could not really afford this, they have honoured €100 to help, which is more than most do, so we thank them.

Brigands dad left with a tear, I guess he left a part of his departed wife here yesterday too, bless him.

Welcome big man, methinks you are going to settle just dandy. You are such a love bundle, and as for that waggy tail!

This chap is going to be a bit of a heart breaker.


Mister is 17.5 ..... and was found exhausted and dying in a field. A lovely young family found him and took him in. Tattooed, but owners long since moved from the BORDEAUX address given .... this lad, so very weak, a mess and no tummy to speak of at all.

The family sort vet advice and did all they could to find someone who might know him.


Very aware his days are now limited, the family asked for a home for his last days via the Dronne Valley Network in our region. I left the ad for 24 hours....hoping someone might come forward to help, but sadly as not .... we fell for his plight.


Twilight is always full these days, but sometimes we push our limits. In this case we have done it in honour of the volunteer and wonderful soul who manages the DVN network. Annie Fitchie's public posts have helped Twilight over the last 8 years and we want to show our gratitude to her amazing public service.


Dear old 'Mister' is really struggling. But now medicated, warm and with love .... we shall endeavour to get some nutrition into him .... and that he can keep down.


Welcome dear deaf old man. Thanks to the lovely family that found him and for their care.


Let's snug, you are a pudding now xxxx

Rest peaceful now 24.02.2017

Meet the big beauty ... Memere.
What a softie this big 11/12 girl is. beauceron crossed with the heart of a teddy bear methinks.
She has been on our list a whizzle too long, but thanks to Les Amis des animaux, she was taken from the refuge where she was struggling and fostered with super mum Tracey whilst waiting to come here.
No history other than left at the refuge. She is fully blind in one eye and the other is all but gone. She is so gentle and loves to kiss.
Thank you team Les Amis des Animaux for seeking out this girls needs and entrusting her to the Twilight family. Xxxx

Meet Arthur 

This handsome old man is here at 11 years old, having spent all those previous days, months and years on a chain protecting a farm.

Credit to the family though of the now deceased farmer .... they have paid to have him 'done', sent him here with some food and clearly care that it works at Twilight.

I must confess, we thought we had agreed to arumskullion of a new inmate ..... but Arthur is delicious. Day one, the usual nerves and hiding. Day two .... in the lounge, day three .... on any lap that will have him. Don't you just love it.

Welcome little man, methinks you are going to be quite a character here


meet Sox
Best you don't blink ..... we have us a Gillou double ..... meet old Sox.


This nearly 14 year old lad seems to have had a bit of a turbulent past and apparently not overly well cared for.

Left for days on his own, and with a grim mouth, he was lucky that Borderline Collie were able to take him into foster and look after his urgent toothy needs. He has been patiently waiting on our list and now it is his time, love him.

Over the last few days he has travelled half his 8/9 hour journey with the lovely BLC team, and then met up with our wonderful Terry and Brian who brought him his last half journey home.

Alert and keen to meet his new chums straight away, he spent his first night on his new mummy's lap watching a film!

He has helped de poo the garden this morning, no trouble emptying his food bowl and has run a little with big brother Bear.

Thank goodness Gillou is going a little grey on his forehead....they really are like twins!

Welcome little man, and thank you Borderline Collie for entrusting the old lad to our care.

meet Nella

One whopping 14 year old lump of a gorgeous old lab.

Nella has lived all her puff in a small caged area. Her owner now unwell, Phoenix were able to step in and take her. Aggressive with food and very possessive of her bed space, which is all she has ever known.

Well, 24 hours later at Twilight, I cried as I watched her pad the grass, try out all the beds, sniff other dogs, and learn so quickly that there was another side to life.

She has a few large lumps and bumps to be checked out, but no rush.

Delighted to be able to help Phoenix out and welcome Nella to the fold.

meet Lulu

This beautiful old boy is so pretty!  He is 14 and apparently spent his formative years with his siblings in a rabbit cage. When then rescued from this odd life he was at SPA Limoges for some time. Taken home by a lovely lady 5 years ago he has clearly been loved, and sadly his mum is now hospitalised and not coming home, bless her xxx

Back to the SPA but went down very fast ... so he is now a Twilight boy and already well settled.

He has limited walking time, due to being slightly malformed from his former years, but he also has a broken front leg, which has healed as a clean break .... so he wobbles!

He is a love. Learning he can sleep inside, and that cuddles are in abundance. Soft food only, as just two front teeth!

Welcome Lulu man xxxx

Meet Daisy

Well they don't come much more black and curly, tiny and quiet.


This sweet little old lady was left in a cardboard box outside a refuge ..... she is blind.


Named Daisy by refuge team Mornac, you are very welcome little lady. We will get that hair trimmed, find your eyes, check you out and keep that hot water bottle topped up!


First few meals suggest grim mouth trouble and an appetite only for soft meat, bless her.

night night Daisy 21.02.2017

Meet M

16 years old, blind, deaf .....leaping with fleas and has the biggest testicle tumour that it weights him down and he falls over.

This urgent case arrived yesterday. When the gendarmes ask for help ... we help!

Poor M's dad, had died alone New Year's Eve.... collapsed in his home and haemorrhaged .... you get the picture. He was found yesterday morning .....

Darling M is shocked, hungry and quite gorgeous.

M? Well his real name is longer but we can't pronounce it, so a snugly M he is xxx

You are very welcome new friend.....Night night M 27.01.2017

Meet poor old poorly Tim

Not the best first pic I am afraid, but I haven't the heart to wake the lad who is 24years old and a setter.

Tim was taken into Mornac at the same time his old owner was taken for his last days into hospital. Sadly, as so often happens, pets do not always get their full care when a human is poorly, no ones fault.

Tim is incredibly malnourished and experienced two strokes in as many days at the refuge. He has almost certainly come to Twilight for his last days .... but to be in the warm and be loved.

He is eating, but often only with encouragement, his mind is not entirely with us xxx

Loved, snuggled up to the radiator in Maddies washroom, the little lad has all he needs.

Welcome Tim xxxx  21.12.2016..rest in peace

Meet Mila.

What a gorgeous little pudding et we have here.


This young lady has been on our list for 6 months, and given her tender young age, this is so very sad.

She is .... you have guessed it, a paraplegic.

We have a lot to learn, but she has a twisted spine, has had to have her rear right leg amputated, and the rear left is twisted and we will have to see what the future brings here.

She arrived thanks to our dear Terry and Debs travelling a 16 hour round trip to collect her.  We are indebted to their energy and unsocial hours to love this little one for us.

Two days in, she has rested from her journey, she is the sweetest little lady you could wish to meet.

I feel a positive journey is ahead of us, and thrilled she has joined the wheels team of pudding Twilight.

My goodness, what a poorly lamb we have here.

Thanks to Phoenix superstar Sally, this little lady has come here for some love, realistically knowing her time might not be for long.

Named Mavis by Phoenix Sheelagh, this older girl has tumours bigger than my bum. I suspect a fever too, but want to just let her rest tonight and will get her to the vet in the morning.

Dumped on Monday ... it doesn't bare thinking how long she has been suffering.

We will ensure she has comfort and love.

Welcome princess, you are why we keep going with Twilight.

Night night beauty 10.07.2017

Barely settle with new boy Ricky, dear Melodie has arrived.

Melodie comes from the same refuge as dear old Paddy, so pleased to help this super group of folks again.

Info is a bit thin just now, but she is eleven, blind and diabetic..... so enough to be going on with!

She was brought the first leg of her south of France journey by the refuge team, and then our super Krissie and Fran stepped in to collect her from Cahors.

She knows her name, is learning mummy and daddies voice ... but is a little timid, so taking her time to be a full mixed in family member. She is happy and the sweetest little pud. Of course we love her already.

Ricky has just had a long journey thanks to Orfee Association. They have funded and supported this 12 year old, handicapped pickle from Romania.

We have lots to learn about this little man, not least why his elbow and wrist of his front right leg are deformed.

He has that horrid heart cough and he is very weak.

We collected him from his final leg of his coming home journey on Sunday eve. Smitten at first sight. Seriously head over heals.

We shall give him a couple more days to know he is home, so a vet visit will be less trauma for him. Already eating well, wagging his tail and his eyes seeing with a little more light.

Welcome Ricky. We shall see if we can find you a Bianca..

Rest now little one..28/03/2017

No trusting the Whitleys!

Mike and I, thanks to Verity, had a few days at the seaside. Just packing up to come home and I checked the emails on my phone .... And the lovely Kate from Saintes SPA with a little emergency ...

Well, we were only an hour away, and what's one more pudding between friends ....

So we picked up Vera enroute home.

What a poppit. Usual abandoned story, owner didn't want, and sadly as the SPA is fit to burst, her days would have ended this Friday.

Twilight is thrilled to welcome Vera, 12 years old Breton Spaniel cross. Had a wash with mummy tonight. Ears full of mites, tummy a bit lumpy, and likely girlie bits needing some attention. But for now .... a few good meals and love, time to settle in and then we'll see what needs doing.


Handsome alert .... Look who has landed at Twilight!

Just over 11 years old, jolly wonky hips, trouble in his bottom department .... And not castrated! But only been here a few hours and he has made his handsomeness felt. We thank the Cahors refuge for bringing him up to us, a super team of hardworking volunteers.

He has clearly been much loved, and sadly his owner now passed, he needs a retirement bed himself.

He comes with Meds for his bottom wounds, including cortisone. We have popped him straight onto a pain killer and when he is settled will get our vet to give him a once over.

Don't mind saying ... He is quite delicious and we will do all we can for him. Thank you Cahors for entrusting him to us. sleep well little one 04.11.2016


This poor old lad was found Puivert way on the roadside, by our wonderful fundraiser and friend Debbie. Coerced into the car and taken to a warm snug, Deb followed all the necessary rules. The lad was then received by the lovely team at the SPA in Carcassone where he served his time but no one came for him, bless. Carcassone team were happy he joined the Twilight household. So Deb and Julie took him half way, where he was met at Cahors by our wonderful Terry and Deb. In the photos, you see this aged lad, likely 14+ meeting his new chums with his new daddy.


Hold onto your hats spaniel lovers, two poppits are to follow ....

The wonderful Sue of Galia Asso asked us a while back for these two, and we are thrilled they arrived yesterday, minutes after Nenette, and having been brought by Sue and Tim on their 8 hour return journey.

Shreck is the eldest and you will meet Vickie in a minute. They are two of four poppits who have spent their entire lives chained at the front of a property. The owner committed suicide. A real pickle. The two older ones have sadly passed on now, leaving Shreck and Vickie who had nothing but each other.

Bridget Bardo foundation took them, and Galia generously gave them kennel space. But as Sue said, life on a chain swopped for life in a cage. So they have now come for some freedom at Twilight and see how they settle to some normal living.

Well, the usual garden and house walk, and by Jove those tails are all of a tiz. Run, food, choose where to sleep .... They are in that early excited phase! Bless them, it makes for a nutty for days here, but it is a joy to see.

We are not sure if Shreck needs his bits seeing too, not obvious, but we will give him a few days then have a vet check.

For now little man, just 10, run free and feel the wind in your soul.



Yes, I have been got in the heart immediately.

This dear 13 year old lemon setter cross was found on the road and taken in and cared for by the wonderful Asso Auberge des Le Pattes and noticed by our Diana.

She has a little heart murmur and clearly sight issues that seem to go with a nerve breakdown as her whole body flops. We will obviously seek further vet advice here.

I love her. It is nothing short of an instant maternal take over!

She arrived yesterday, thanks to the Association and Diana bringing her. One walk around the house and garden with daddy and she is part of the team. A good supper, a good night and hearty breakfast this morn.

I feel she might not be with us long, health issues might have the better of her, but we will give her all we can

Welcome Nenette xxxx

Meet old Bertie boy

This handsome chappie had a grim old job as a badger baiter in his day. He was rescued in retirement and found good health. Unfortunately his rescue family have to move on, and thankfully the wonderful Orfee association were asked to help. Orfee asked us if we could have the little man.
Bertie is a poppit. He has a very sore mouth, and will be having his teeth cleaned and ulcers and poor teeth removed on Tuesday. He also has a heart murmur of which we have started him on Meds and the vet is keeping an eye.
This happy little man has found his special niche within Twilight, much loved and most welcome.


What a sweet little pickle this man is. 14 year old poodle whose owner died ... And thanks to Danielle he is saved and now a Twilight pudding.

Our dear Terry, Deb and Colonel collected him from south of Cahors, his journey quite noisy, and his first night full of tears, love him.

But now, this blind little chap has settled well and enjoying snugs with all his new chums. Welcome little man xxx

Night night Voyaux 18.01.2017

Those of you who follow Kate's post will know of dear Scoobidoo. A sad and neglectful story of dogs left alone in a house .... Sadly not all made it out.

Scoobidoo is 14 years old, severely under weight and with many battle scars.

This little poppit is wary, keen for attention, and jolly hungry.

We will give him the full Twilight loving treatment


Sweet little Tekel pudding from Sainte SPA. Chronic mite skin condition on her back, rear and bits. Also has a grim heart murmur and liquid in the lungs .... We will do our best little lady. Has clearly been loved in her time and had made herself very at home in just a few days.

Little Lulute is a Griffon cross …. probably.  Poor lamb is 13 years old and was left, after her daddy died, at the kennels of Sharon and Andy in Nontron.  No bill paid, and no interest in helping rehome her from the family … not uncommon i am told. Lovely Sharon phoned and asked if we could help.  We couldn’t straight away, and Lulute has been on our waiting list for six weeks or so, and Sharon and Andy generously kept her until now.  Well, she has arrived here now and is a sweet little thing.  Bit shy, but mixing well.  Methinks she might have a little abdominal trouble and girly needs … but we will let her settle then get her to the vet. Welcome Lulu, we can feel the love already.

Meet little Jazz!


Not the first Great Dane to join the Twilight team, but our first harlequin.  Isn’t she a poppet. Seen walking with her new daddy within hours of arriving, she settled OK, but had that first night of tears.  Not surprising really, given she came from a home of 10 years. She is now 12.  She has come because the owner feels she will be better here. Ours is not to reason why, and we are delighted that the alternative of early euthanasia is not on the cards.  We suspect some arthritic issues and need to check her weight.  But for now, i can report she has settled in beautifully and a delight to have around.

run free now...20.07.2016

Dobbie is a three month old, French Bull dog. The little lad has a back hip/leg problem, which has yet to be finally diagnosed as to his future mobility needs. He also has a prolapsed rectum .... Which means his little bot is with a constant poo stream, and is weewee incontinent too. All that apart, he is jolly delicious and most welcome here as a mini Twilighter. We will continue the fantastic work started at Mornac SPA for following up his needs with the specialist at BORDEAUX. His birthday is, would you believe, the same as mine .... So is a fellow Aquarian, and our paths are clearly meant to pass xxx

Named Dobbie .... Coz he Dobs his little bottom all over the place!!!

Oh my, just look at that little face!

Lucky is 16 years old, and had a few homes in his life. His last owner has personal circumstances that mean she cannot keep the little lad. He has also had a recent short spell lost and in a local SPA. He is the sweetest little man. He has met all his new Twilight chums and is clearly a hit. He gives the most delicious cuddles.

Lucky does have a heart condition, but Meds should keep this under control.

Thank you Katerina for bringing the little man to our attention, we are delighted to be able to help. Welcome Lucky, feeling the love already xxxxxxx

Hola Domingo!

Time to meet another pup! No, still no need to fret, Twilight hasn't gone all puppy, but circumstance brings this boy here for now.

6 months, and a Sharpei cross.

He has got to have the softest fur, bendiest legs and gentlest nature. This was yesterday, five minutes after he arrived!

Methinks he might be crossed with a donkey!

Welcome not so little man. Got to tell you already, he has assisted Battan to find the garden more easily. Bless X

Urgent call from the vet .... Time had run out for Simba, as mummy had died of cancer, no family, and friends had helped short term .... 15 years old and a little sweetie (albeit in tacked!)
So little man joined the Twilight team this very afternoon.

Has met the puds, already wondering the garden on his own, and finds himself eye to eye with little Bear, so might be cuddle buns?
Welcome little fella X

Dear old Rupert
This old Berger is one lucky fella, thanks to Phoenix taking him off the death row at Bergerac.
He is quite the sweetest nature, but has been left and neglected, albeit on the streets or his former home ... He is in a bit of a pickle.
Fur loss round his neck and back, with skin needing a loving tend to, eyes a bit of a mess, and ears that have shook for so long they have become cabbages, bless him.
I have to be honest, when Mike first saw his pic he called him a poor old sod ... But we felt we couldn't call him a sod all his life! So Rupert it is.
Thank You Phoenix for entrusting him here, we shall do our best to turn the little old lad around.
Night night Rupert 2.7.2016
Meet Battan
> Whatever your beliefs, this old collie boy needs your healing prayers this weekend.
> Battan was found for dead by a wonderful couple in the snowy hills of Eastern France. They sledged him home and warmed him up ... And saved his life without any doubt. Borderline Collie took up his plight and a search for a home was on. Battan is very old, very weak, he has a large external tumor, he is entire, he is emaciated, he is blind, he is a mess .... Love him. Well, it is Easter and he needs.
> Our Terry, Deb and the Colonel headed off to collect our new Twilighter, and the little lad has been here a few days.
> Trust me, he is all fur. He has lost so much weight that his organs will have almost certainly have started to shut down. This is his first major problem. The tumor can wait, surgery now would kill him. So rest, love and food. But we need to work hard and fast on the muscle loss. So in a few days we will walk him just a few metres at a time. He is on baby vitamins, he has injections for the muscle needs, and painkillers ... As his hips are grim.
> He is a poppit, but an exhausted one.
> We can only thank and congratulate all who have helped save him to this point. We pledge now to do our very best to bring the old fella back to some sort of life for however long.
Night night treasure 31.08.2016


Oh my, this little poppit is immediately our oldest Twilighter. 19 years old, this little lady, named Chiqui has travelled down from Paris, thanks to our wonderful collection trio, Terry, Deb and The Colonel x.
Chiqui has always lived in the capital, living with her owner from a pup. The owner died a year ago and a neighbour kindly took the wee bundle in. Now though Chiqui has needs, she needs care for when the anxiety attacks kick in, and obviously her toileting habits need a relaxed home and her body is starting to creak a bit!
She has only been with us three days, so still in the assessing phase, but we do have her on some calms. She is eating well (especially when on daddies knee) sleeping deeply .... And as you can see from a joint snug with Scamp, making new chums.
Her sight is reduced, but she has very easily trotted down the garden on her own.
She does squeak .... Quite loudly!, but we look forward to getting to know this elderly lady and giving her some happy last days.  Goodnight Little one 03.04.2016


This very handsome black lab joined us a few days ago. 12 years old and found wondering in the Angouleme area in December. The wonderful SPA at Mornac took him in, located the owners .... And you can guess the rest.
He is a wonderfully gentle lad, bit underweight, several old hot spots, and very sadly, a weak heart that the refuge vet has given him just a few weeks left this side of the bridge.
Named Vangogh, which was beautiful translated in the refuge to Vangog. We have gone through a few ideas for him, but settled on Vincent.  If you look at him and call him anything  he just wags that lush tail and is grateful for the attention .... I don't think he minds what we call him!
So here is hoping this very special lad can live on just a little bit longer within the Twilight family.


Sweet sixteen .... Meet little old Daisy.
This little sweetie has joined the Twilight team just a few days ago. Little poppit is a bit off with the fairies, but holding her own. Sadly the journey might have been a bit much, and having lived all her life with one family .... So a bit of a shock here. She had a stroke day one, but has regrouped well, thanks to the swift intervention from the vets.
Day two, and she got herself entangled in the brambles ... Her thin skin pulling open under her ear! Bless her. But her two teeth manage a good munch and she loves a cuddle.  Promise to get a good face on photo of her exquisite little face.... She really is quite adorable.
We thank our wonderful Terry for collecting her and giving her safe passage to her new home here.
Welcome Daisy pops xxxxx
Meet Lady Tinta
A beautiful Husky, 13 years old, and a Parisian.
This precious bundle of soft fur has come to us from a very special family, who are heart broken, but due to ill health needed to find their little girl a retirement home.
Tinta has been on our list a few months and we are delighted she has now joined the Twilight pudding team.
Only three days into her new world she is doing well. Enjoys the garden with the confidence of the lead for now, eating well enough, and so reminds me of Ukrainia with her little ways.
We welcome this Lady and feel sure those beautiful eyes will soon relax into Twilight twinkling ways xxx sleep well little one 16.07.20176


This precious little bundle isn't so old. As a local we know this lads history. Eclair was taken into a family as a pup. He was this families second attempt at having a pup. He was, like the first, rehoused  after his first three years. Loved by his second mum, but left a little to be the local wonderer.  Eclair is down as a French bulldog lab cross, and methinks he has some beagle in him too. Sadly mum two died just before Christmas and the local Mairie have kept the lad fed between wanders. They feared for his safety on the road though and sort refuge at the SPA .... But no room in the inn due to works. As the local doggie association they asked for our help. As friends, neighbours and good people ... Of course we will help them.
But, the nub ... We have now a 5 and a half year old little entire man who needs a loving home .... and a strong gardened fence. He has been here just three days now. A real sweetie. We will let him settle, sort his bits out .... And then see if we can tempt anyone!
For now though, you are very welcome little man.

Meet Unic

This 13 year old tiny naked chihuahua was no longer wanted by his owner. Was found, his little fur less self trotting on the autoroute, and is bling and deaf. His owner was contacted .... But sadly he is no longer wanted.
So, love him ... He has joined the land of Twilighters. Like all little ones, his personality and drive makes up for his size. Within hours of being here, he had mapped out the house and garden, chosen his favourite bed and befriended Dennis, as well as putting Stanley and Mozart in their places! He can be a bit feisty, but sense that is just nerves and settling.
No teeth and in need of his only asset being given the chop ..... We welcome little Unic to our wrinkly land xx  Night night sweetheart 23.4.2016

Sweet little Romanian 'Life' has arrived safely at Twilight, and is quite the most gorgeous  Christmas pressie I could have. She is our new little pudding who has only the use of her front legs.
> Having travelled the last few days from her homeland, thanks to the wonderful French Association Remember Me, spending last night in Paris with one of their team, the little princess was collected today by our super team, Terry, Deb and The Colonel.
> We thank all the Remember Me team for her care and we promise to do our best for her.
> She is safely tucked up in bedibise now, with yums in her tum. We haven't see her move yet, so lots new ahead for us all, but she is snug with Ukrainia and Scamp in Maddies wash room.
> Bless you for all that driving Terry, all that cuddling Deb, and Colonel for keeping all in order!
> More news on little Life as her new adventure begins.

Meet a very handsome Ulys.  This 12 year old fella has come from Cognac SPA, where .... he has been for 8 long years. He arrived yesterday afternoon and we let him sleep quietly with Ukrainia and Scamp ... then today, you see him here in the winter sunshine meeting his new chums. We thank Michaela and Annie for bringing him here.  He has been perfect with eating his food, and is already very chattie and an old fella that leans for his cuddles.  We love him and hope to make up for all those years behind a cage.  this is Mike's Christmas pressie ... are you tempted to take in an oldie for Christmas???
Welcome Ulys xxxx
It is time to meet old Albert!
This elderly old fella has only one working eye ... Which is not too good either. His owner died and he was then left in the garden .... For sometime it seems, bless him. The family didn't want him, so he then landed at Sainte SPA, where you can see the war wounds, not a place for a gentle soul. His original name was Youkie, but he doesn't seem to respond to this .... So we have re named him as Albert.
He is a real poppit, gentle, loving and just needing to be close.
He is entire, and already clearly a little frustrated with his female chums, so we will get him done once settled. Kate very kindly sorted all the escape papers from the refuge, and Sarah fostered him for a couple of weeks once it was known he was coming here - thank you both ladies very much xxx and thank you to dear Krissy and Fran who picked him up and brought him to us, as nearby to them.
Albert is very welcome, his little tail wagging with loving delight already.
No,  not really, but she is a bit of an odd mix! Frisskettes is her name, but we feel she needs a more beautiful name to compensate for the ugliness! Bless her!
She has been with us 48 hours now and is relaxing a bit poor poppit. Left to run free on a farm after her owners have departed with old age themselves, she is one of four rescued by Phoenix. Old and .... Not overly with glossy looks, eye troubles and I suspect anal troubles too ... This old lady needs a place to lay her paws and be settled in her dotage. A little grumpy to start with, more at just a wild life change within only a few hours I suspect than anything more meaningful. She is eating .... And as these pics show .... She is starting to explore. She has a Westie body, podenco ears, bulldog eyes and a most interesting nose! Welcome little lady, maybe even Tinker Bell?

Thanks to auntie Kate and friend Carol, Cleo, Caesar AND Algae have now safely been handed over to become Twilight puddings xxx
They thank so many of you for caring and contributing to their needy arrival pot ...... Vacs, sterilisation etc.

We have two very little old sad cases arriving on Tuesday here at Twilight

We are grateful for the eyes and ears of so many volunteers at SPAs, and this is a good example. Kate Potter helps Sainte refuge, and had a much needie little pudding on our list for sometime. However, when these two arrived she just had to own up ... Their need was even greater.
Here are two pics of Cleo (in the harness) and Caesar. They are sadly two little puddings who have been removed from a home due to mistreatment. They are frightened, quite literally stiff, Caesar unable to walk with the fear and both unable to make eye contact. They are currently huddled in the back of a kennel just now, in fact the same Kennel and the same circumstances as our Teddy once was, now here 20 months and much recovered.
So, these two little scared bundles will arrive on Tuesday, bless them, and we have our patient love package ready!
However .... It is the usual situation, they arrive with nothing done. We will immediately vaccinated them against kennel cough, de flea and de worm. Once settled enough the vet will give them them the once over for general health. Then they settle further and the female will sadly need to be put through the sterilisation process, we will access which route we take with her. The same with the little man, he too is complete with all his wobbly bits. And of course neither  are chipped. It is the full package, before we have even started! I so so wish folks would do this with their animals when they are young and strong, it really is my grrrrr.

They will arrive here late Tuesday, but I promise to introduce you fully on Wednesday morn.
Bless them, huge mighty cuddle times ahead and Maddie's cabin to protect you.
And what a fine young man we have to introduce here.

Stanley (formerly Kangoo) was rescued from the streets by the wonderful Association Galia. My photos just now are not the best, but you will see he is deformed from birth, with a left leg hooked up to him from his elbow and his right leg shorter than his rear legs.  In time we will have him ex rayed to see how a muscle band tightens behind his head and pulls over his right shoulder blade.
He is positively delicious. So sweet in nature and so very able.  He is thought to be only five, and with us due to his disability, and needs to be fed up a whizzle too.  Sue of Galia asked us for advice, but it was clear the lad needed a stable environment and some rehab to strengthen his weaker limbs. 
This fella is indeed a young prince, already been rolling around with Emie, and gives the most scrumptious cuddles..    .Night night Stanley 18.01.2016

Yesterday we took an urgent call from our Phoenix chums, a little lady needed a home and tlc, or would have no option but for euthanasia.
Meet Sandy. This princess, was like so many, left to fend for herself on the streets. Of an age, but difficult to age due to being so poorly. Her blood results are grim and looks very likely she has tick fever. She has meds galore thanks to Phoenix stepping in, and we will now love and care for her here and desperately try to get some food into her.
She is weak but a fighter. Her eyes are grateful and her bones of a body are clearly wanting to survive. 
We will keep you posted, but this little lady could do with your healing thoughts xxxxx

Night Night Sandy 20th July 2015

Socrates is 13years old and has sadly lost his elderly mum who has gone over the bridge before him. He has been on our waiting list four months, through the family who clearly cared enough to want to find him the right home for his last days.
He arrived on Sunday, and these two pics are taken within an hour of him being here ...... So I think we are going to get along!
Unfortunately he is still with all his man bits, but the family have kindly paid for that to be done. He is also going to need some teeth work with the few that are left, bless him.
So welcome old wise one, we love you already x  Night Night Socrates 18,12,2015
I am a big old deputy Doug of a fella, over ten years of age, left as a stray, and now either grim with epilepsy or mini strokes, hence my urgency to be in a controlled environment, as I wouldn't survive in an SPA . Auntie Verity brought me to Twilight and I know she wants to help raise funds for my meds.
Thanks for loving me. My new mum is so busy with lots on, but I feel loved and welcomed already.
Wednesday was not the best of days for a variety of reasons ...
Basil woke with his stump ripped open ... needed to rush to the vets
Moral was on a bit of a low ebb for other reasons too
Had to be upbeat and ready to greet Velma
Velma arrived and settled beautifully
And then look what we found at the front gate ...
This ancient, bag of bones beneath a hedge load of fur, covered in ticks and fleas .... and a very grim bottom.
Maybe 12+. Intact, hungry and horny!! No ID ofcourse.
We called him Brambles, as that was all he seemed to be made up of!
All the usual things done, but now to give the lad a jolly good wash and Leeanne trim!
One very patient, beautiful girly has landed at Twilight.

Dear Velma, from the streets of northern France, this princess found her way into the heart of the lady who runs the Swiss Springer Spaniel rescue ... but she couldn't take her due to the legalities of no docked tails allowed! 
We had no room in the inn 5 months ago ... but promised we would one day soon.  The refuge was not good for this precious little lady, so Alexa had her moved to a Paris refuge as a holding area.  They operated on her here, again thanks to her fairy godmum, so blind eye removed and tumour from her rear end.
Two days ago, Paris TGV to Angouleme, then a friend went from Bordeaux to collect her and bring her to Twilight ... wonderful isn't it. All sorted by Velma's guardian angel.
And now here, living as if she has always been here.
She is 12 years old, one eye with partial sight. Gentle, keen to love and please, and took 30 seconds to feel at home.
Will keep you posted, but she is adorable.
Welcome Velma  Sleep well little one 23.05.2016

Ukrainia is a 12 year old Siberian Husky. We have a rare full history of her life, and she has clearly had some deep love and heartbreak too.
Our wonderful Terry, Deb and the Colonel, collected her from Toulouse on Sunday. She had travelled up the day before from Marseille, so a long hot weekend of mixed emotion, bless her. She also had grim toothache, which you can see from the bloody picture decided to come out on her first night, lucky the tooth fairly was close!
Ukrainia suffers too with her paw pads, so you can see her limping. So this beauty needs time to settle and a few things to get sorted.
The lovely lady who rescued her a couple of years ago from a premature euthanasia is going to miss her, but we have promised to do our best.
Well Ukrainia....our little Ukey xxx sleep well little one 27/03/2017

And now, for a very special treat, meet little lady Pie.

Darling little Pie, named at the SPA in Limoges as Pepite .... But we can't have two ..... So Pie she is ( reason to follow!). She is such a sweetie and arrived late last night thanks to volunteer and friend Katarina.
Sadly, same old story, found on the streets, likely dumped as she has her wits sufficiently not to have been lost. Age, well, we would put her at least at 12, but her lower back and legs are in a bit of a pickle, so vets to assess in a few days. She has a hearty appetite, a delightful little face, and has fitted in like she has always lived here. She will get the mummy wash and blow dry treatment when she looks settled enough, but for now .....there are so many lovely beds to try out and new friends to sniff. Pie, you are very welcome to Twilight, the first of three newbies coming in this week.

Night night Pie 10.01.2016

Rubis, 15 years old, a very shaggy long nailed little puddle. Blind in the only one eye he has left, found abandoned. Thanks to the Mornac team he is alive and now all snug here at Twilight. Loving you already little man xxx

Night Night Rubis 9th June 2015

Given we are fit to bursting, we hadn't really expected Lilly to land at Twilight quite so soon ... but, well .... here she is.
12 years old and a gorgeous Griffon.  She has only been here a few days, but you can see, she is quite happy to settle to a life on the settee!  This princess is in a good mind set, cuddly and loving of us and her new canine chums.  We know little of her history just yet, more to come ... but for now she is safe and a real sweetie.
Welcome poppit xxx 
12 years something ... and left on the streets.

Thank fully Perigueux SPA could take him in and asked if we could home him, as he is such a gentle little soul he would never survive SPA life.

His eyesight limited, hearing iffy .... but his little legs are quite able, and already he has settled to his new Twilight pudding life, making friends easily and just loving human snugs too.

Hetty of the SPA was rather keen to call him Bobby, but daddy feels sure a chap of his years might prefer Robert!

Welcome little man, lovely to have you aboard xxx

Leeanne is delighted to introduce you to Bouleboule ... with the words of the wonderful Sally of Phoenix. No comments on the washing pile behind my pics please!  More updates anon ... but the little lad is a sweetie x

Little old Boubou was a lucky old fella the day Phoenix rescued him from an early demise at the SPA. But old and fragile he was likely not to be with us overly long.  Gutsy little man though, body far too long for his little legs, bless him. He never asked for much, loved his food - which was the sure sign when he was poorly. Age got the better of him and with the vets help, his weak heart and tired body was able to sleep and pass over the bridge. Night night little man, rest well now xxx

I must confess people, that I don't always give you the action as it happens at Twilight, and am often a bit like a delayed shock. It isn't a game plan, just how it happens for time and often emotion.
Emily, sweet sweet Emily. Have had to check my notes when she arrived, taking me back to just before Christmas last. You will remember, painfully thin, feet rotting from standing in her own urine, tied to a tree .... Just left ...
Yes, it was a grim story, but she was found by a young man who bothered to seek us out, for which we will all be forever grateful. She survived that first and critical week. We were able to treat her with antibiotics and feed her up. De wormed, fleas and all sorts ... Only soon to find she had a rotten old uterus that needed removing. Whilst this op was performed ( which I watched), a tumour was found filling her intestines. The vet didn't think she would wake from the op .... But our Ems did .... And what's more gained 12 kilos whilst here, and her tail never stopped wagging. She played, ate, sunbathed and snugged on the settee with her friends. She loved and was loved by us all.
I am deeply sad to tell you that at the beginning of this week we lost her battle. The intestines wall started to bleed and the tumour was growing rapidly. Our vet cried as he tried to talk himself into taking maybe 70% away, knowing he would then have to do the same two to three days later again .... And so on. It was not tenable.
Her last 24 hours she grew weak again and clearly was ready to be free of it all. Our vet helped her, but mummy held her tight and we looked deeply into each other's eyes with precious memories.
What a princess girly she was. Brave, loving and utterly forgiving. Bless you Emily for coming into our lives. We will always love you and hold your example up high. We know you would want us to thank everyone for their extra care of you, especially Sherra, whose friends funding support allowed every action of care that was possible.
Rest now lovely one, and hope you have given that Basil a nose rub from mummy xxx

Night Night Emily 3rd July 2015

Deckson is a very pretty old lab lady.  Our vet doesn't ask us too often to help out, so when he does we try to help immediately as we know it must be important.
This totally blind precious golden girl lost her owner in the summer.  A not unusual story that as the owner gets more fragile themselves the dog gets forgotten for care. Deckson was found by a neighbour when she had dropped to 15 kilos.  Taken away on the death of the owner and fed up, she is now back to a fine 23 kilos ... but has totally lost her sight.  Fortunately her hearing is good and we can work with voice commands to help her find her way.  She is growing in confidence and I must say, the other puddings are very caring and helpful. She is learning to live indoors for the first time too, so bless her, a lot to take in.
Soft, cuddly and a tail that doesn't stop wagging, even through projective diarrhoea and vomit ... all part of the settling process!
Welcome Decks, you are a poppit x  Night night sweetheart 22.4.2016
The wonderful Orfee doing amazing work with rescue, so we are always pleased to help if they happen upon an oldie in need.
This little old girl is a Welsh Fox Terrier, 12 + and sadly bereaved of her elderly owner. Caroline of Orfee wonderfully fostered the little lass until we could squeeze her in and did a super job at assessing her needs.
Pearl has a huge mouth solid mass.  It is what happens when the tarter is not cleaned and a benign growth just becomes solid.  Our vet has tried a special injection therapy actually into the lump ... bless her, she was so brave.  The injections were about 10 each time, with a light anaesthetic, antibiotic and steroid mix.  Honestly, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry as I held her down - she looked like a mystic munchkin from outer space .... but you know ... it has helped ... amazing.
She also has a little open mouth tumor that is not removable either and sadly bleeds.  Both of these make eating messy and difficult ... but we have found that grated cheese makes it all worthwhile ... bless her. I also inject meat juices and vitamins to aid her basic needs.
Mouthwashes are constant, and cuddles are her mainstay.  I am not sure she will be with us too long ... but by jove we will have a messy and fun filled Christmas!
Welcome Perly x
If it is midnight, and it is Calais .... then the wonderful Terry, Deb and Colonel must be in the Twilight mobile and waiting for a collection of an overseas pudding!

Yes, Sarajevo this time, and thanks to Blind dog rescue uk getting involved with a rather grim situation of 13 dumped dogs. All whom had been very seriously ill treated and bullied ... and finding Feriha amongst them ... only young, but petrified and blind, likely from the bullying.

Asked if we would take the little lady, and covering all costs to get her here ... we can share with you, that not only has this scared stiff little pudding wagged her tail, she has given me a full heartfelt hug today .... made me cry.

I really want to thank the lady who cared for her before she travelled, who cleaned her and cried with her, I can understand you will miss her.  The courier team I understand where kind, but all feared this muzzled lady who wouldn't  move from her cage.  Well done Blind dog rescue UK for taking on her plight.  And a mighty thank you to Terry and Deb, for taking in your stride ... yet another not so simple collection of a pudding we never know very much about - you are both magic.

I hope no one minds.... but Mike and I just can't get our tongues around her name Feriha ... so Farley she has become ... coz her colouring looks like a Farleys rusk and it sort of sounds the same!!!

Precious girl, you are mightily welcome. One eye gone, the other totally blind ... but we shall get you to the vet and see (no pun intended ...) if anything can be done.

We have several pairs of eyes at Limoges SPA, and like many of the refuges, we get requests to take an oldie when things are not looking too good.
Both benevole and public drew Ralf to our attention, and the lad has been on our list 5 long months.
His turn to come, and it would seem, very sadly, just in time.  The SPA took the decision to operate on a nasty tumour under his left arm ... and the diagnoses is grim, with an aggressive lymphatic cancer.
So ... this very delicious lad has come to end his time here, and be pampered like any Twilighter would expect.  Fret not, he has the steroids and painkillers he needs, and we will not let him suffer.  For now ... for however long that is ... he is enjoying plumped up cushions, warmth, grass for a sniff and mooch when he fancies it, and food that his taste buds fancy at anytime he fancies it. 
In the few days he has been here, his tail wags and those eyes just melt you - cuddles are of course in abundance. 
He may not be here long ... but he will have all he needs to forget what caused him to be dumped in the first place.
Welcome Ralf xxx
Well, haven't we got a handsome little lad for you to all meet. 

For those of you who will remember Holly ... yes, we have us a new little disabled pudding in.  Basil has come from Romania, via a wonderful organisation, http://associationmukitza.forums-actifs.com/
Association Mukitza.

Basil was originally called Balthier, but we struggled with it a bit and he didn't respond too well (probably how we said it!).  He is just 5 years old, and I have to confess, has got mummy heavily in love already.  He was a street lad, who was run over ... and the end result is he is paralysed from the mid back down.  He can wee with a little help from ma and pa, and his no. 2s sort of arrive .... but none of that is a problem.    He is better off than Holly was, as being Male, his important bits are higher up, and also, being 5, his organs were developed, so methinks things might be easier all-round.

All these photos are within the first 24 hours ... so you can see, he has adjusted brilliantly.  The mighty Terry and Deb (and the Colonel of course) collected him from Paris, where he flew in ... yep, this little man was flow with his own stewardess to care for him ... magic.  This paid for by the Mukitza team, we take over now, but this is a wonderful start for him.

He has a trolley, but it is are not ideal.  We are looking to adapt what we have here, but in the meantime, he does well, and wheelies are an everyday highlight! 

So, welcome little man.  Already a much loved Twilighter.  Old Bianka and Sabre are clearly smitten, as you rolling over them with your wheels is not a problem!
Night Night Basil 16th June 2015
 And what a fine old gent we have here!
Meet Chunky, a French Bulldog ... just short of 14 years old.  This little guy has been mightily loved all his life, and whilst it is sad he has had to leave his family ... they clearly love him and miss him heaps, and we are delighted to be able to help.
This lad has been waiting for many months on our list.  His toilet habits and need for company have caused him trouble in a Paris apartment, so this little guy needed full time loving and an open back door and garden.
Marie, your little man has been just lovely, re learning that he can pop out to the loo whenever he needs to, and his cries are reducing, as he knows someone is around him all the time - this is not an uncommon need for the oldies.
He loves his cuddles, his tummy rubs ... and seems to have a nose for sweet things!  hehe, we adore him and will love him for however long his little legs and big ears need us.  Chunky, you are very welcome.Night Night Chunky 27th May 2015
 Oh Happy Days!

Hehe ... well I remember this tv series even if my handsome hubby doesn't!  And look at this very special little fella we've got here. Meet Fonzy!
Our super Terry went and collected this fella at a pick up point, as he has come up from Spain.  Little lad has been on the waiting list awhile, but thanks to Angela, he is alive and has got a goodly while in him methinks.  12 years old, and sadly a casualty of his daddy dying and his mum not coping.  He was one of 5 dogs left behind, with other animals, and without the help of friends and neighbours ... this little lad would be dead - as too old and no room in any ones inn.
His hearing is not good, but he is a happy chap and mixing well with the Twilight puddings.  He has fallen for his daddy, having become a shadow and door sniffer if daddy is the other side!
Welcome little man, and thank you Angela for finding him foster homes till we had space and for funding his travel, and thank you Terry for collecting our most recent pudding xx  Oh ... happy days!

welcome Gladys


What a pretty and delicate girlie we have here.

Another dumped oldie, with mammary tumours full of nasty things ... and painfully thin.  Well done Mornac SPA for taking her in and operating to clear the gremlins.  Now this little princess needs time to grow strong, feel the love ... and what ever has happened in the past is behind her ... she is a pudding now!
12 years old ... and yes, has already stolen daddies heart.  You are very very welcome little one, and thank you Verity and Emma for bringing her here and trusting us with her


 Yes at last, and long overdue, as darling Bianqa arrived here some 8 days ago ...  But just sometimes we cannot keep our public pace up, and all we have we give to the dogs and sleep!  So hope you will forgive my apparent silence.  Bless you for your patience and care .... and at last meet the darling of Sarijava (Romania) ... Bianqa

With the passing of Hope, we hoped we might be able to help Balkan Underdogs once again.  Bianqa has been due here awhile, but a combination of ill health for her and a most interesting travel package with a group we will never work with again (no point for names) ... she finally arrived at 1.30 in the morning - thanks to our mighty and intrepid collection team, Deb, Terry and the Colonel.

Having crossed the border to Hungary and been poorly, we awaited for scant news.  Then, some 14 days later she headed off with 20 others in her straw filled cage ... to land at Calais looking much better than we had anticipated.  Deb was ready with an emergency pack of meds if needed, even prepared for a Calais vet to ensure her safe travel home.  Yet another trip with little sleep, Terry did the chauffer honours ... and a tired but gentle giant arrived at our front door.

Not too keen on her new ma picking her up from the back of the Twilight mobile ... Terry and I stood like lemons for what seemed ages ... wagging treats to entice her!  Bless.  I think it might have been the threat of my starting to sing at 2 in the morning that she moved and settled into Maddie's washroom for her fist night.

Well, we haven't looked back.  She is quite adorable.  Gentle and calm, we adore her.  Immediately started treating her eyes and giving her pain killers and anti inflamms, as clearly stiff in her back legs.  She is improving by the day. 

Thank you to all who contributed to her travel costs from Calais, particularly as this was done twice (! ... mmm, like I said, the travel company were interesting in communications)  But all that behind us ..... although a HUGE thanks to you  Terry and Deb are a must. 

Bianqa is thought to be 13 years old.  We promise Sandra and the Balkan Underdog team we will treasure your princess and give her all she needs. 

Night Night Bianca  10.01.2016


 What a fragile bag of bones Kate found for us at Sainte SPA.  Poor lad, his owner died, and the family, as ever, can't have him ... so he joins the oldies and just pines on his own, and not really strong enough to get his food quota.
Well done Kate for putting him on our list, and glad we could respond quite quickly, as this 14 + chap wouldn't have lasted much longer methinks, in fact, the day Kate brought him to me (via the wonderful La Charrue as a pit stop), she wasn't sure he would make the journey.
Pauline at La Charrue had put some cat food down ... which he soon sniffed out, and the last few days here at Twilight he has eaten little and often to build him back up.
Thank you Pauline for giving us all a cuppa on this handover, and thank you Carol Arsie for all the goodies you sent us in a bag from the SPA, so thoughtful.
So, welcome little Munchkin (formerly Reglisse), we are loving you already ... and that little rat tail of yours is the best indicator to show how you are getting stronger!

Naomi and Poppy


Rarely is any rescue straight forward .... and old Naomi and her side kick are no exception.
So Rik of Phoenix wonders if that collection with old Peggy could become two with Naomi ...'why not' say we .... but then when I collect the two ... there is a third!  Sweet, sweet young little Poppy has attached herself to Naomi ... or Naomi to Poppy??, but either way, these two are going no where without each other.  I have never seen anything quite like it. 
Well done again Phoenix for saving these from a heart breaking separation, and euthanasia.
How long will young Poppy stay at Twilight .... for as long as she/Naomi needs .......... it is a given.
Welcome both of you, heart melters the pair of you.
I can't get a good picture of this old girly, but you can see her here in the foreground.
Darling old Peggy is 14 and a half.  Owner sadly passed, and as ever, the family do not want to take the poor pudding left behind.  In Peggy's case the family left her tied up at the SPA in Bergerac.  Age and space would mean she would be euthanized ... but thankfully Phoenix came to the rescue ... and a swift turnaround and you can see this sweet old lady has settled in well.  Clearly a little disoriented for a couple of days, but now happy to relax in a comfy bed. We are delighted you have joined us Peggy xxx
Cahors refuge is a wonderful place and we are delighted to help them out from time to time.  Medor ... now Alfie, is one such handsome time.  This 10 year old plus setter cross arrived safely to Twilight with the wonderful driving team Terry and Deb.
This guy was not found in good shape, but the team at Cahors have done a super job.  Now he just needs time to settle and feel secure.  He already gives adorable cuddles and whilst clearly a dominate chap - we feel he is going to become quite a prince here.
Welcome Alfred ... xxx
Yes, Peggy, Peggy Peggy Peggy, Peggy Sue ... Ooo ooo.

Haven't stopped singing since she arrived! 15 hours journey with a lovely chap called Andy, who transports from Spain to uk.  This little three legged princess was taken in by a super new refuge we have come to liaise with, owned by Andrea. Asked if we could help, we are delighted that her time came on the list ... And she has just arrived.

Peggy Sue is a sweetheart, not troubled by her disability at all. 12 years old, already making good friends and eating well.  She loves a cuddle and is seen here exploring her new home immediately, no signs of being timid and has quite taken daddy's heart already!

Welcome little lady .... You have arrived just in time for the dog show ....? Methinks you and Quito might make a dashing couple.
Filou starts a new relationship for us with another SPA, in Montpellier.  Another fine example of how FB reaches far and wide.
Filou is a Breton Spanial and reminds us very much of several puddings who have come to Twilight, as we are rather taken by spanials x.  This handsome chap does have a few testosterone issues, and is an example of why Maddie's cabin would have been wonderful if it had been in place just now.  Not necessarily for him ... but the two bitches that have come into season ... (both notably ancient!)
He is a happy little chap, his stump hasn't stopped and his eyes are those loving melting ones. His eyes need a little treatment, his teeth and gums are grim (as Deb will confirm - so many hours and sooo close in the car!), and his weaker heart means surgery might be an issue, but we will see.
With Sirius, Nimrod, Alfie, little Prince, Paddy and now Filou ... male dominance is needing time to sort itself - so extra calm and loving thoughts Twilight way for a little while please xxx
A poorly pudding from Poitiers...

It is almost a book title, bless the little lad.

16 and really not well at all.  He went on our list and was due in in a couple of weeks, but wonderful friends in Poitiers felt he might not make it for then and he needed a bit of love.
So sweet little Bandi became Sundays SOS and he travelled down and arrived somewhat sleepy and confused, having two cars make the journey for him.
He snugged up for the evening in Maddies washroom, together with the little minx Pepeito who is in season (more on that later).
Seen here the following morning, happy to eat some soft food.  Now checked with our vet and with the xrays from the SPA ... this 16 year old lad has double cancer and likely cushions.  The only thing we can treat him for is his heart .. which we are now doing.  He loves cuddles and sleeps ... and a little nosh betwixt ..... adorable.  Welcome love boy. xx
Of course we do not have favourite breeds ... but we did once, and it was Golden Retrievers ... and look who has turned up at Twilight.
This handsome old chap ... nearly 10 years old, is the absolute spitting image of our old Kizzy  - uncanny.
Rescue friend Veronique sort our help on this one, and we were delighted to be able to have room for this handsome chap. Needed to have his bits seen to immediately as he was joining us entire, but he hasn't minded at all, bless him!
Seems he has had a grim life to date, unloved by a farmer, left in a darken barn ... ran off several times and eventually was found in a critical condition ... but thanks to Emmanuel, he found life again.  Only briefly though, as his new owner took ill and he was back in a darkened room.  Poor poppit.  Well, that is old news now, this goldie has found his paws again, and we just adore him.
Welcome fella, a golden Twilighter xxx
Well, they don't come more beautiful than dear Bella, what a teddy bear. 10 years something and down as a mixed breed .... she huggles with her body and eyes, just love her.  This lady has come via Orfee, no longer wanted by her owners ... as she doesn't fit in.  Please, I know ...
Most importantly now, she is already loved and has settled like she has lived here always. Welcome princess, but methinks you might be moving on again soon ....
Batman has found his new love! Little and large xxx
Mmmm, after Mr Black of Harry Potter fame, or the star ... either way, this one eared, recently stroke afflicted old chap is just gorgeous.
How he was overlooked at Mornac SPA for so long we do not know ... he is a love.  He came on our list though as he was struggling with kennel life, and thanks to Emma and Verity, this fella has found us, and I have to say we are rather smitten.
Hair coming out, a bit wobbly on his pins, and clearly a sensitive chap, he is going to need to have his bits seen too, Paddy has already told him he isn't keen that he is showing off so much man hood!
11 years old ish and a bit of a Heinz, it was also friendship at first site with Harold, bless.
You are very welcome little fella

Amazing we have gone 6 years and not had a Paddy before!  Whilst not the best photo, lovely that he has it with his auntie Linda.  You can see his swollen face ... well, that is worse just now ... so he has asked if he can wait for a posh pic in a day or two! (Blocked saliva gland)
So this gorgeous fella has come up from the south, once again collected by our intrepid Terry and Deb team, blessings and thanks. The wonderful refuge took him in from the usual abandonment.
Border Collie, and has already showed me his stalking ability, gorgeous.  Not too well just now, but that will pass with antibiotics and anti-inflamms.
You are very welcome little man
Not my best photo ... But meet two new chaps!

Here just one day and big man Tiger is wanting to follow daddy into the bathroom!  Tiger is from Arpan refuge, now 11, and still looking good and with loving beans galore.  In great health and just wanting to be loved, he has fitted it straight away.
Under him is poor old Sunday. 18 years old and 14 years with his owner ... Who has rehomed him due to domestic changes.  The poor lad is incontinent and his mind quite stressed.  We have put him on a calmer and hoping cuddles in abundance might settle him.  

Meet Chien....Yes, this poor fella has gone 12/14 years with the name Dog!  He has been rehomed due to his owner being moved to social housing. His life has clearly not been quite as calm and cuddly as we might like, and he is somewhat snappy ... As both Mike and I can now show you!  Bless, but we feel he will settle to be a poppit.  Welcome little man x


Meet old Harold.  His name was Pit, and Sheelagh of Phoenix rather fancied Pimms ... But Mike felt Harold .... And the old fella gave Mike a paw when he said Harold ... So H it is!
This 14 year old lab was found a wondering.  Bergerac took him in, checked out his id, and no owner response, so his execution date was set.  But lovely Sheelagh of Phoenix fell for him, and rightly so ... And kindly rescued him from an early death and brought him to us. He is one lucky man too, as Phoenix will fund his vet needs, thank you xx.
He is a bit wobbly on his old back pins, and stairs are a no no, so that ramp we built for Holly is perfect.  His tail is of the helicopter kind ... Love him.  Already on painkillers and anti-infamms, he loves to mooch about, enjoys his food watered down as his teeth are limited!, and gives the yummiest cuddles. He has a gentle cry if he gets stuck, but Taffy goes to his aid ... So friends already.
You are most welcome old fella, and as Mike just remarked, like you have lived with us for years already ... And it is just day 4. Xxxxx
Gorgeous Duke has joined us via Cahors refuge.  This elderly setters owner suffered dementia and sadly forgot to feed him.  He is so gentle, but not too well just now, kennel cough needing swift and hefty treatment, as we cannot risk an outbreak.  Welcome little man, looking forward to getting to know you.
Rescuing any animal can only be good, and the look in their eyes is all you need to just know you had no choice.  The more we are involved in the old doggies rescue world though, the more complex it seems.  How many, where from, what stage of health ... For us we just do our best.  If the dog is bought to our attention, it comes ... Warts and all, or goes on the now infamous list.

Hope is likely to be our best example of all the questions in one go ... Where from, well, she has come from Bulgaria, a long and expensive trip.  Found by the amazing Balkan underdog team and given life from being a starved roadside stray.  Seen by artist Di Bentley and hearts starting to break - it's the eyes that do it. Social media with Di finds us ...., well, of course we will take her.  But that was nearly six months ago. Since then she was going to a local lady, then that changed and needed to be got well enough to travel, needed to have room on the transporter from the Balkens, needed funds from their end to.  This end Phoenix, Susan Jennings and Mike Alexandre all contributed her collection fund, so generously.  And our wonderful Terry and Deb agreed to drive our car and collect her from Calais back here to Twilight in Dordogne. But then logistics, and snow ... And the other 7 dogs, one to Southern Austria and the rest to UK.  Now Kit Kats travel are involved .... And the snow is mightier than all of us. 
Paul and the Kit Kat team set off with last minute arrangements in place for all those collecting.  Deb and Terry also set off to Calais.  One dog down in Southern Austria and all going well ... Then the snow in the Alps freezes the transporters diesal ....and an unexpected night for Paul and the dogs in the raw of the Alps, under duvets together and grateful of shared body warmth.
Snow ploughs did the trick in the morning, and Kitkats could pass through the Alps once more. Our Terry and Deb didn't want to sit waiting in Calais ... So they headed off to Luxemburg, as you do! Here they met up with our now well travelled Hope, she herself already some 1500 k into her journey. Terry and Deb then drove home through the night, completing their 2000k trip, as they felt Hope needed to rest properly, bless them. Yep, some 3500k in total for Hope's rescue.
All this is amazing and wonderful ... But now we have to do the sad part.  I have taken Hope straight to the vet.  She has a huge abdominal tumor which is giving her pain and affecting her toileting.  It is possible too that she has secondary cancer in her lungs, kidneys and liver.  Mmmm, not so good is it.  She also happens to be mid flight of being in season, and not sure if it is the tumor or arthritis causing rear leg mobility issues.
So, not to be beaten.  She is here, we have put her separately for now, she has eaten, she is in her comfy Cozy Cats and dog bed ... She has had steroids and pain killers .... And she has all the love we can give her.  Terry and Deb refused  financial help with their accommodation on their tour of Europe on our behalf, or help for food ... So we have €100 in the kitty still for her. We already know we will not operate, no point.  Our Vets sense of humour .... To send her back .... But he knows we will love her, as he will give her the best treatment. How long?  Who knows at this stage.  A good long sleep is called for, lots of hugs and rebalancing .... Then we will review the situation.
Welcome darling girl.
Meet Tara
This little sweetie, another spaniel pudding, has joined us thanks to Phoenix saving her from euthanasia.  Her owner sadly died, she is 11, a few lumpy bits and eyes and ears not what they were.  She has settled really well, sleeping a lot .... But loving her food x welcome little lady.
This undernourished, in tacked, bottom tumour's fellow was likely abandoned over Christmas. Age unknown ... Could be anything from 7 to 11 years ... But with tumours, poor love doesn't stand much chance. There is no two ways of looking at this gorgeous boy, he will be expensive. We will have him sterilized, and hopefully two tumours removed at the same time, but we will let him settle first and feed him up, which now de wormed he might have a chance. Found in a garden, thankfully caring owners followed up to help him, as the Maire had no interest sadly. He is a sweetheart, but is lost in spirit at the moment, but improving by the day. He has the gentlest nature and learns quickly. Douglas is our first example this year, just a few days in, where hundreds of euros go from the pot in a heartbeat to sort him out. The Maire would have shot him, the SPA said they would have him pts, he crossed our path as we know the folks whose garden he chose .... We couldn't say no could we? Xxx
12 years old Shitzu ... Totally blind and bereft of his owner who died ... With the sad and not infrequent story the family do not want him.
From Limoges SPA, the handsome little hunk of a pudding is settling really well. He is intact but his heart is too weak for an op ... So just need to keep an eye on him. He needs drops and creams for his eyes, but he doesn't trouble. Like Stevie, if he hasn't heard you for a bit he says hello for some reassurance. Loves a cuddle, and has ofcourse got his new mum wrapped around his curly little wagging tail. Very welcome little man x
Meet Emie

Just 4.5 years old and the most precious girl. Can you see why we have her at such a young age? Yes, just three legs. Found abandoned and injured, the wonderful SPA at Limoges took her in and had only the option to amputate. It has only been 3/4 weeks, but she is amazingly agile. She was being bullied at the SPA ... So they asked if we might help. Well, this brave and beautiful pudding is a dream. She has befriended all the other inmates, it makes me weep when they sniff her stump, especially blind Stevie ... Some even lick it for her, bless.
Other than the visual difference, you really would never know of any disability. She has a wonky right eye and squeaks instead of barking ....yes, you would love her x Tempted? Wouldn't it be lovely if she found a home with a smaller pack, she is too young to stay here long term love her.
Meet gorgeous Sally the sultana! Beautiful softy from Limoges SPA. Not much is known of her story, but we can tell you she is 12 and a half, and has walked into Twilight today as if she has always lived here, making herself comfy in abed within minutes ... And then on the best chair ... So methinks all will be well for the lass. A cocker spaniel, with a bit of a cough just now, but very welcome xxxx

Look at Holly meeting her new mate Coraline. This 12 year old princess has an unknown history, but saved by the wonderful folk at Carcassone SPA, and nurtured back to good health from mange.
She is a whizzle nervous, but enjoyed Debs lap on her journey here. Whilst a little cautious, she is settling well, enjoying food, running free and clearly happy in her new surroundings ... Just needs a bit of time to really know this is truelly all hers and home now.

What a jolly big fella this boy is. Rescued at 4years old to a couple, now10. Sadly his mum has died and his dad wants to move on. Yes, he does look at bit sad here, but been here a few days now and is making friends and adores his cuddles. You are very welcome, and we will get that glint back old boy xxx

Queenie was called Pirahna in Spain, where the poor love has spent 11 years in a refuge ... Yes, 11 years, and she is 11years
Thanks to Levriers and Co this poppit has escaped. She is remarkably well adjusted and has fitted in really well.
A podenco, pretty and loving freedom, now called Queenie. Welcome little one.


And a more handsome chap it would be difficult to find x
Bless this 10 year old cocker spaniel, who is partially sighted and 'delicate'.
He was at the Bergerac SPA, rescued by a couple, who in 12 hours, decided he was not for them. Best we do not get into the whys of this one. So, thanks to a network of our vet, the SPA and Phoenix, twilight have now taken this special chap on ... And no ... He will not be put down as was the new owners request, he is clearly going to take time to settle, all but blind, we have no idea of his history, the little man is scared. He is loving cuddles, great with his new mates, and can now eat something soft. He has stopped shaking long enough for me to pop a coat on and for him to know I am friend and not foe.
You are mightily welcome .. Marmaduke ... A grand name for this special soul.
Not my best photo, but this husky cross is called Simsay. Another old lady from Danys aid. Arthritis, and a few open tumours, but a waddle that expresses happiness to be amongst new friends.
Thought to be about 12 years old, she loves to snug close and be near her friend Tosca.
Welcome xxx

This handsome fella, a collie cross, and around 12 years old, is one of 9 that were sadly orphaned when fellow rescuer, Dany, died last week. Phoenix stepped in to help, two homed here and one fostered. A couple of others were homed, but sadly the others have moved over the bridge.
Tosca is the sweetest soul. He has a rather large tumour, but for now he has no pain.
Welcome friend, and sorry you lost your mum, we will cuddle you all we can xx

Curly Floss

Well, we couldn't leave her behind could we? This old little hairless pudding was in the same kennel as Megane ... So she had to come. Again from Sainte SPA, again just abandoned. She is going to take awhile to fathom why the hair loss. Clearly not mites ... So treated now for worms and checking on thyroid. Age ... Mmm, certainly 10 plus, teeth are well warn, likely from eating rubbish. Home here now, and tucked up in a coat and on the settee, the world will get better for her, she needs time. You are most welcome princess xxxx

Meet Megane
What a beauty this little pudding is. I am told she is a miniature GS ... And she hasn't much meat on her and even more sadly little to no rear muscles. found wondering the streets in Saintes, the local SPA took her in and contacted us to see if we could help.

We did the fatal thing, and actually went ourselves to collect her ... Yes, you are ahead of me, we took another 4 out ... They will follow in info, but how could we leave them .... Glory, it is a mad world. Please, please consider SPA/refuge adoptions ... And ofcourse I will further encourage you look to the older ones, how ever well run they are, they are no place to be.

So back to Megane, likely about 10 years old. Undernourished, no ability to digest her food, poor eyesight and waisted muscle ... Let me never near the humans that watched this demise occur. She has to be the sweetest girl, just 6 days in, heavily medicated to the good, and moving with a little more ease and even in a bit of a straight line ... This girl is going to fight hard for some decent retirement time.

You can see, we love her in buckets already, she is at home and we vow to make her strong and happier than she could ever have dreamed of. We can do that, thanks to you. Welcome Megane.


Well, look at this little heart breaker. Regular supporters may think they have slipped back in time to Swann. This male American cocker is 10 years old. The SPA called him Obama ... Enough said, and very little is known. He has been 12 months at the refuge and not a bite for re homing poor love. Again, entire, which we will sort, and needing treatment for his eyes and ears. This little man is a victim and quiet ... But he has found all is comforts already ... As you can see. Let's make old age fun little man xxx

Hope you didn't blink ... This is Teddy (formerly Riri). Doesn't show too well here, but he is a whizzle darker on the head to his bro, and taller. He is by far the more sensitive of the two, and men are not on his welcome list just yet. Again, 11 years old, entire and clearly with baggage. His cuddles make you cry, this boy will be very special as he learns to trust and relax x. Welcome little man 2
Meet brother Louis

This handsome boy has also come from Sainte SPA. He and his brother were withdrawn from a family some 18 months ago due to maltreatment. A re-homing attempt sadly failed, and they also need to be together. Some 18 long months in a none home environment is not sexy for a poodle. Both 11 years old, this fella is the smaller and more chummy of the two. Unfortunately they are both entire, and behaviour already shows that needs to be sorted!
Both are 100 out of 100 on cuddles, so methinks larger laps are needed. We have changed his name form Loulou to Louis. Welcome little man x


Meet little old Scamp meeting his new chums here today at Twilight. What a lucky fella he is, having been rescued off the road late one damp night by Stella, his life turned around in a heart beat. This special lady gave him all the love she could, then all the care with finding out all the 'official' stuff. Whilst we have a waiting list and an active incoming list too at the moment, we try to help with emergencies if we can.
Little Scamp has an open eye wound, which is all but certainly going to need taking out if his heart is strong enough. Having been a stray, he is going to need feeding up and much love and help .... But with the amazing start Stella has given him, we will do our best to continue her good work.
Scamp, old Batman here will show you around with his one eye ... Life in retirement can be quite fun here, so relax and take each day slowly, you are very welcome xxx

Meet New girly in ... Finette
13 years old and another ex gun dog bites the dust of a home. Thanks to Refuge Canin Lotois in Cahors she was not PTS and this beauty and all her floppy bits ... ears being the biggest ... have come to join the Twilight.
Very timid and so so gentle. This sweetheart needs lots of love and good feeds. Photo'd here within minutes of arriving - so methinks she is going to settle well.
Thank you to Jane and the volunteer team from Cahors for bringing her to us ...and with such a yummy apple pie too!


Isn't his old Dick just one big teddy bear. Bless him, 13 years old and has
spent the last 5/6 years in a refuge. Two very special people saw him and
could feel his plight. They paid for his freedom, and now the handsome chap
is finding his paws with grass, space, new chums and love in abundance.

I have to write very little, I think his eyes tell us everything ... and the
way he crouches if you move too quickly or go towards his head. He is not
confident just yet, but having been here just a few days he is finding his
way. He has stopped his pitiful cry, and signs already show that he will
hopefully regain his will again.

Auntie E and J ... Mike and I are delighted he has joined us, and will do
our very best by him, thank you both for caring.

We will take him for our usual vet check up. The only obvious problem I can
see are his old teeth ... but he needs a jolly good shower and a few more
days before we stress him for any outings.

You can relax now old friend, take each day slowly xxx and welcome.


This old fella is 13 years old, and sadly his owner died some 8 months ago.
The refuge at Narbonne kindly took him in, and thanks to young volunteer,
Izzy, this little old lad won her heart and she looked to home him.
Unfortunately the oldies are not given long before space is needed for
younger ones ... and the sad cycle of life takes over. To avoid an early
fate Izzy asked if we would take him.

Clearly a very caring refuge, Izzy and colleague Elodie, brought this frail
but hearty old chap up to us, even bringing some food. Now here 6 days I
can report he is doing very well. He has some arthritic issues, and bowels
that need a good sorting ... he also has a facial infection which we think
is from his teeth, but the vet will sort this all in the next few weeks. We
have started him on pain killers and anti-inflams and a course of
antibiotics ... not an uncommon start here, and then when he has settled we
can take it further.

He looks frail with his toast rack ribs, but he has a fine bark on him and
wants to play with his canine new friends, and loves a snug with his new ma
and pa. He is settling really well, loving the settee and very much his

You are very welcome little fella and hope you will be with us some time.


Isn’t this huge chap handsome. His fur is so lovely and soft, and as you do not have to bend down far for a cuddle … you can have a real snug!

He is 13 and in pretty good shape. His old back legs are a whizzle stiff, but some pain killers and anti inflams will help that. He is a Beauceron/GSD cross.

He is here on a long term foster situation. The family have had to go to Malasia, and feared he might not make the journey and that they would rather eat dogs there … so have left him with us. It is likely he will be with us for a long time, but the owner has promised all necessary vet fee’s and pays his keep …. So a rare fella who comes with support.

He has settled extremely well, made friends already, and whilst he might be the biggest – he is so very very gentle.

Welcome big man, you just settle down and make yourself at home.

Meet German Shepard Kaiser ... he is jolly handsome.
This old fella has had a bit of a tough innings. He was rescued some years back by Hope, but unfortunately the new owner had his own problems that led Kaiser to ending up being locked away in a barn, and has spent the last 7.5 months only ... in a dark barn. All very sad. Thanks to a very special lady, this was discovered, and he was rescued again at the weekend and came straight here to Twilight. Yes, he has jumped the queue, but we felt that old lad deserved to.
We gave him a lovely shower yesterday and have just come back from the vets today.
So, he will have a full and double course of antibiotics to help 'clean him' up a bit.
We will start with a months course of steroids, to see if this helps abate the anal fiscals (?). Described as small canals, that due to the lack of immune system, run down from the bowel. His are not nice at all, and are compounded by the arthritis pain. The steroids will have a 30% success rate in helping this disease.
If the steroids show no sign of helping, then he will go onto another medication, €150 per month at cost, and this will have a 60% success rate. It is worth noting, that so far, our experienced vet has not had much success with either treatment in a dog Kaisers size, but would be willing to try.
We will also give him pain and anti-inflamms for his arthritis - which is currently flaring front and back legs from being kept in one place for so long. His heart is good.
So ... lots of hope to work with


 Meet little Xana ...
This little pudding Terrior has come up from Spain thanks to Levrier & Co.
Her story is sad and tragic for her family. Hard times and eviction left
Xana and her human family living in a car, until they could no more. You
can tell she is bereft of her family, and we can only applaud their efforts
to keep their 12 year old friend.

She is frail, comes with almost more meds to take than me (!), and she is
going to be expensive to keep well and strong. We will do our best for you
little one, and hope you can grow to love us and feel part of our family.

She needs special food, but is also fussy. Not sure if it is a broken heart
that has her appetite, time will tell.


Meet old Ooodle the poodle

This old fella was found wondering the streets of Bergerac about six months
ago, and in a bit of a mess, and taken in by the great SPA at Bergerac. He
stole the heart of Sheelagh of Phoenix, and now this special little man is
at Twilight.

Unfortunately when dirty ears get left they create the grimiest bacteria
infections. Poor Ooodles ear is bad, he went under anaesthetic this week
for a clean, but as his heart is very weak he couldn't have a full dose.
However, the outcome has shown that he has no ear drum, and if the steroids
do not help him and the pain remains, he may need to have specialized
surgery ... Mmmm, something to wait and see.

Thought to be at least 12, another sad problem ... if you do not castrate
your boys, it is highly likely they will develop testicular cancer. Ooodles
tumors were large and he had to have both testicles removed in full. He is
though, less than 24 hours on - wondering the house and garden on a full
explore, and has exposed his tummy for a cuddle and seems very happy. Well
done Phoenix for finding this old pained soul - methinks he is going to be a


Look at this little poppit. Not 3kg, this tiny might was found wondering
the streets of Bergerac, and thanks to Phoenix, has come to enjoy Twilight
Pincher ... sort of. This lady is thought to be around 17 years old, and
her heart is so weak the vet thinks she has been dead at least a week! But,
she is a game girly, has enjoyed wondering the garden here and has attracted
the heart of the horny little Batman - who now spends all his time with her.
She was riddled with flees, and has needed antibiotics to just 'clean' her
up a whizz. No teeth and a little bit blonde in her behaviour ... she loves
a cuddle and eats heartily.

Welcome little one - you are the tiniest just now!


Diana … newly named Queenie

Queenie has come up from Spain with the wonderful help of Levriers & Co. Queenie was dumped as a small pup at the refuge, and has spent all of her 12 years there. Incredible isn’t it. She is a podenco cross, and is quite the prettiest little pudding with the deepest eyes.

She has taken a few days to feel secure enough to mix, but now … enjoying the settee, her new friends and cuddles galore. She remains unsure of coming into the house at night, but soon settles in a bed. She has a swolow problem and needs help feeding. You are most very welcome Queenie, lets hope you can enjoy a few years of grass, love and freedom.



Narla is a 14 year old poodle whose owner has sadly died ... and the
family do not want (mmm, where did we here that echo before)

Falling to the responsibility of Orfee, this pretty girl, with rather grim
weepy eyes has delightfully joined Twilight ... infact, just one hour after
Batman - which she may for ever regret ... as follow on photos will reveal!

Kindly handed over to me at La Charrue (pic with Pauline) by Siobain, this
little lady and her very nasty sized tumor has almost immediately become one
of the family - and gives very special cuddles. Vet checks to soon follow,
but she seems happy in herself and not too sad.

You are very welcome precious girl.



Batman arriving with the wonderful Hetty and Willem
Not a great deal know about this little fella - found wondering the streets
of Perigueux.

The wonderful folk at SPA Perigueux took him in, and Hetty's appeal found
him here to Twilight.

He is clearly ancient, has no right eye, a badly healed broken rear right
leg, ears to suit his name, but they may need some treatment. He is
probably the quickest to relax at Twilight. 001 seconds to settle in, off
the lead and a full check around on his own! Welcome little man.



What a sweet natured little pudding this old lady is.
Nearly 14 years old and a sad victim of families moving on. But she has clearly been much loved, and we will continue to do so.
She settled instantly, and in the nicest way possible … was too busy with her new chums to worry about saying good bye to her owner – who did shed a tear.
She has an albino nose … so little cancer nodules are present. We will get the vet to see what he can do, but for now, a little sun block might help.


Meet a very handsome little bundle of fur.  Long time supporters of Twilight might remember the sad little bundle we had called Malek. Physically Quito reminds me of him.  This chap though, although 12 years old has beans!  His dear mum passed away just a couple of weeks ago, and his human sister … Lara has been doing her very best to find Quito a home. So we are delighted to welcome this little man, and hope we can mend his broken heart and he will be happy here. I love that there are so many varieties of poodles.

Look at this fine handsome chap.  Otis is a Border Collie, and was found wondering the streets of Perigueux some 5 years ago.  The lad was taken to the SPA, who have clearly looked after him tremendously.  Now 10/11 years old, this chap needed to see grass again and experience a home once more ... if indeed ever.  There was some concern at his behaviour with other males.  However, we took the usual Twilight routine to introduce him .... and he is quite the gentlest soul.  He needs to be sterilized, just to keep that testosterone under control, and the cancer at bay.  He is very welcome, and after 5 years in a kennel - he can choose any chair at anytime!


Meet Old Max - and what a sweet pea he is. A spanial cross, this poor old guy was found at the age of 2 ... wondering.  Thankfully the Amis Dignois des Animaux took him in ........ but hold on to your hats ....12 years ago.  Yep, 12 years this guy has been in a kennel cage.  Spotted by Hope Association - we agreed to take the little man in.  So far South, dear Didi took him from the refuge and Sue of Poorpaws took him up as far as Cahors.  Our wonderful Paul collected him for us from Cahors, and the lad has been with us for nearly 10 days now.  He is frail. 4 pills a day ... and he is seriously de-sensitized. But he has no gripe with his new mates, nor them with him.  He wonders from bed to bed .... very wobbly ... but getting stronger.  I just love it when he takes it into his head to go on the grass ... something he will not have done in over a decade on his own.  We do not know how long he will be with us, but if he died tomorrow he has enjoyed renewed freedom.  You can't help but love him ... and deeply very quickly.  Welcome old friend.

Meet the new inmates: Twilighter  Stories


Oh my, they do not come much more heart breaking.  Holly is 18 months old, was a stray in Bulgaria, run over by a car and left for dead on the roadside, rescued by an organisation called Twitchynoses (don’t you just love that name!), by now hips broken and spinal damage beyond repair.  She was fostered to a UK home that seriously didn’t work out, and then was wonderfully  fostered while a new home was found.  Well … the TV and net are a wonderful thing, as Rachel, of the organisation found us by chance.  She did her homework on us … rightly so – and asked if we would take Holly (then known as Topka).  This little lady is special.  She has won our hearts, and you will see how she grows in the following pages.  She arrived at 3am in the morning … a unique hour for us …. But appropriate for a unique girl.  Welcome princess.



Aren’t we lucky to have so many handsome fellas!  This guy was thankfully noticed by Evelyn of Doglinks.  He was struggling at the Cahors refuge, having been found wondering the streets.  His cries reached into many hearts … and he found his way here.  The French ladies from Cahors, Noelle and Beatrice are wonderful and work so hard.  They cried with joy as they left this  beautiful old fella of 10 to settle in. Like many of the old souls that arrive here, he looked like he was coming home … a very beautiful oldie who has already given much joy to us and his canine friends.



 This 14 year old Staffie is sadly the victim of domestic change.  Having spent all his life with the one family, he has joined Twilight to end his days.A sweet little chap, making friends instantly, with Robin taking charge of introductions and taking care of the first few nights cuddles!  Sadly this little guy will not be with us long, but we will have loved him as our own in a short time.

Meet Tara & Brambles

Look at these two old puddings!  The GS is Tara, who is 13 years old, and her life long mate - Brambles is 14.  A gorgeous pair, who are here ... hopefully just short term, as dear Mum is poorly.

This is a pic as they arrived, and they have just gone strength to strength - making new friends and enjoying pack life.


Dear old Joe here has come all the way from Paris.  A lovely French lady, Veronique, fell for him but couldn't take him herself.  She got him out of a rather grim SPA,  where he was due for euthenaisia, and drove a 14 hour round trip.  He has spent many years behind bars, so is a little sheepish.  His eyes just tell you everything, and you want to just sweep him up in your arms.

Likely 12 +, this fella is a very welcome new member to the Twilight team.  He has a weak heart, but is growing in strength by the day.


Not the best pic, co's this chap is SO handsome.  He is thought to be 8-10 years old, and is a pure golden lab. This gorgeous chap was found by Bernie, who with Hope association, have given him everything, chip, vacs & sterilization.  So this little guy, I suspect, will not be with us long.  He deserves a family life with longer walks.  You couldn't want for a  more affectionate man in your life!

Timy of Paris

I am really sorry you are meeting Timy on his side ... but i just can't turn the photo around! Dear Timy was saved from a Paris SPA where he was to be euthenaised.  He had been found just wondering the streets, poor chap.  Thanks to Maryse, this talkative little fella has found his way here and quite stoll our hearts.  He has had his teeth cleaned, sorted an infection, and now just loves to wonder the grass and have cuddles.


This is not the best side of our little Timi, but I need to get more pics, he's a little camera shy!  This old fella, about 10, has come with little history via Phoenix and the SPA.  He is deaf, wobbly on his old pins and has already had a couple of little fits.  His heart is not strong and he's a rugged terrier type, but with all that against him ... he is a poppit, and just loves a cuddle.  You are most welcome my friend, we look forward to getting to know you.


Well, they do not come more sweeter and fragile.  This old boy, thought to be 16, has spent the last short while at Limoge SPA.  Little is known of him, other than he has a heart problem and likely going a little gaga 'upstairs'.  Janet from Hope fell for him, looking lost in his cage.  We have found space for him, and he is a joy.  If he died tomorrow, he has already enjoyed 24 hours of the garden, a friend in Robin, food, huge huggle with mum (me!), and  yet more food to fill his tum.  He is a bit wobbly on his pins when he first gets going, but then he is off, and looks so happy.  He is adorable.e


You could eat him couldn't you, he is so handsome.  This gorgeous cocker was saved by Hope, together with his mate Nana below.  Sadley daddy had to go into a maison de retraite and there was nowhere for these guys ... but to be put down.

We are delighted they have joined us, Hope generously removing a tumour and having his tackle seen too, and a good clean up, before they came here. He looks out for Nana, acting as her eyes if she needs him - a special pair.


Isn't she a sweetie.  Deaf and blind, and 14 years old.  She, like Swann, is bereft of her dad.  Saved by Hope Association from euthenasia, and given a huge clean up before arriving here.

She is amazing, she has learnt so quickly to negotiate the house  .... and all the other inmates.  She happily trots off down the garden and uses her scent to bring herself back - it really is a wonder to see, makes you feel quite humble. She needs both eyes treating, but is otherwise in fine fettle.  Adores a cuddle and tummy rub, and just enjoys life to the full.



Meet this handsome fella ... who looks like a smaller version of Wesley.  They must look at each other and think they are looking in a mirror!

Old Sammy has had a bit of a year.  His owner went into a Maison de Retraite .... and this poor dog got left in the garden.  Thankfully holiday neighbours Carol and hubby have kept an eye on the situation and contacted us.  We couldn't have this guy living another winter outside, so he has joined the Twilighters and is a sweetie.

Well done Carol and friends for being aware of Sammy's plight, he is a lucky chap and we are delighted he has joined us.


Chrissie & Pug LouLou

Just look at these two old sweeties.  Both as old as the hills, and sadly we know no history. 

Little poodle Chrissie (named after our ITV cameraman!) is very needy.  She has a little hernia, but nothing to fret on, and some grim teeth, that in time we will have cleaned up if she can take the anaesthetic.  Phoenix, who rescued them both are supporting both their needs, especially the nasty eyes that need a good course of treatment.

Dear little Pug LouLou, named after the ITV producer we have been working with, is not so strong.  Whilst her heart is OK, her lungs are very weak. We needed to get her hydrated urgently, and had her on a drip for three days on arrival, also with antibiotics.  We will do all we can, as she is the sweeties thing, and went that little tail wiggles ... your heart melts.  Welcome both xxx




Such a lovely photo, we could re-home Jackie and young Chippie here!  Little Chippie is a mere baby, and a rather naughty rescue by my man .... but thankfully he took the plunge, and she is now alive and well.

Thanks to Phoenix fosterer's Jackie & Andy, this little girl was taken in and cleaned up, and Phoenix funded all her needs - and within a week, she has been re-homed with a very special family.  Isn't it wonderful when a plan comes together.  Thank you everyone, and Chippie, your few days here were a delight for us all.


Isn't this guy gorgeous.  We've called him 'Gentleman' because, that is what he is, he is sweet natured, handsome and just right in everyway.  He did come with the name Theo, but we have one of those already, and he didn't seem to respond.  He is only 9, so if you fancy a big black man in your life.... now is your chance.  He has no known health probs, and the sad reason he is at Twilight is his owner died, and the refuge he was bound for asked if we had room. If nothing else, just come and give his 40kilos a cuddle!


Coo, look at this handsome old brut.  Coopie here is 12 years old, and has had a very full and happy life with mum Debbie.  Sad circumstances take Debbie to another country, but she does it reluctantly, leaving her first baby...as she calls dear Coopie. He is not well enough to travel, and the only option would be to put him down.  Deb found Twilight, and we have happily squeezed this cuddley chap into our happy home for his last years.  


Little Nyala has travelled all the way up from Spain, with the support and care of June of Levrier & Campagnie.  Usual sotry for an oldie who's owner dies ... no room in the Inn for the little love with the family.  Well, this family have missed a treat, she is a poppit and a most welcome Twilighter.




Fleur and Jake

Just look at these two ... what sweeties.  Not Twilighters in the sense of old timers, but a little indulgence for Mike and I, and a spark of youth for the oldies to aspire to.  Meet Jake at the back and his sister Fleur.  Not quite a year old, badley treated as pups, then survived Parvo ... thanks to the love and care of Hope's Siobain.  It was love at first site, and as our dear Teg is not long for this world, we felt we needed a constant for the oldies.  These two are very special and have already shown their love and care of the old delicate ones, and how their play has lifted the spirits of the more able ones. Welcome babies, and thank you for all your good work ahead.



I thought old Toto deserved a bit of blue ... given he's a boy! He has come via Phoenix rescue, after being left at the SPA.  He is a dear little pudding, but we suspect a nasty tumor.  He is givng you his best look here, as he has only one front tooth and is quite the comic.  He is a 'chatty' old fella, and ofcourse, loves his cuddles.











Dear Fudge here has obviously had a time of it, and her life has likely been one long line of puppy producing.  Found looking sad, thin and alone - a lovely couple took her in, did all the necessary re owners etc and basically saved her life.  Sadley they couldn't keep her, so old Fudge has joined us, and is the poppit she looks.







Wesley and Robin

Look at this real oldie, litte Robin - who has already become Mum's little special munchkin!  Rescued from Carcassonne SPA.  This guy had just been dumped at a vets, like so many when they get old and ill.  He has a mighty tumor, but we hope to sort him out.  He is very needy, so we are all just having big cuddles and settling.  Weighs in at 6k ... so needs a bit of a good feed.


Given Robin was travelling so far, we offered to take another from Carcassone to, they do such amazing work.  So welcome Wesley.  About 11 years old, this guy might find he can be re-homed.  Once settled, he is discoving he loves daddy's lap and playing with the other dogs.  Another gentleman, with little known of his history, just another sad abandoned case.


Meet handsome old Theo. We know very little about him, poor chap.  He was found wondering the streets of Chalus.  A call from the Marie, a quick vet check ... and he lands here.  He took about 4 days to stop shaking.  He is the sweetest fella, likely dumped. He is calm, loving .... with that special lean only a dog can give you.  Thought to be over 10.  Did he wonder off, or was he dumped??  Likely we will never know, but at least he seems happy here, and if he had gone to the SPA ... he'd be in heaven by now.  We love you big man, you are most welcome.

Nelson...now Henri

 You'd have to go some to turn this face away wouldn't you! Nelson here is 16 years old, and was found wondering the streets of Nontron by a wonderful couple. Put a caring vet together with the couple and Sharon from the local kennels ... and he finds his way to us.  He looks very thin, but old age and gastric troubles give him this.  He has settled like a veteran only could, loves his square meals, and no more wondering, just fireside cuddles here on in.





This little guy is not a usual Twilighter, but he found his way to us via word of mouth.  He has come from a lovely young family, who took him in a few years back after he followed them home.  Nervous little man, his nature got the better of him, and he followed his own name by becoming scared - indeed - of his own shadow!  Interestingly, amongst such a large pack here, this 6 year old seems more at home, and his little fits are less.  Time may prove he can be re-homed, but for now, settle in little guy and relax.





 Nicci here is thought to be 14 +, and would certainly win our smallest inmate yet. Unlike his name suggests, he is both male and whilst settling, quite cranky.  Bless him, his owner has died and he isn't happy about it one bit.  Brought up to us from Figeac ... in a cage and with couriers wearing gloves ... this little guy has needed his space to settle - but two weeks in, he is doing well, as todays pic in the March sunshine shows.



Dear little Patou, the eyes say it all really.  He is the cuddliest old boy, who Mike feels we should call Dennis...with those eye brows!  Sadley his owner has gone into a maison de retraite - so this old guy found us through Poorpaws and Danielle. He is gentle and loving, you just wish they could speak and tell you all those stories.

Toutou, Toundra & Polka

Meet old Toutou, known very fondly here now as 'haircut'.  Big old griffon cross, no teeth and a heart only for hugs





Very old Polka here - with very grim arthritus, with his life long white GS friend Toundra. These three have come to us from a super French organisation called SOS Chien, in Bergerac. They were in contact with a shelter who homed some 15 dogs, but were not coping... But wait for this, the woman had just lost her dear husband who was 92, and she is 88.  How could we not help her.  What an amazing inspiration to us all in the doggie world - oh that we can still be caring for so many late into our eighties.

Scouby and Luka

 Look at old Scouby here...meeting his new dad...bless!  This guy is the sad result of a family breakup.  Too young for us really, at only 8, but a persuasive vet who had been asked to put him down on the day I popped in - what could I say! He is a darling, and whilst OK with us, we'd love him to be re-homed.  He has more beans than he should have for an old folks home, and would just love to be loved by you..xxx







 This really is a little sausage!  Poor chap, his old dad went into hospital and never came home...sad.  He is 14, and not a lot going for him.  Losing his hair, incontinent, heart murmur and the biggest hernia (which we hope to have seen to).  This very lucky old boy was found out by Hope, and Siobain asked if we could help. Be prepared for love and huggles little man!

Eric & Malek

 Eric and Malek have arrived via Phoenix.  Eric is a starved great dane, needing a lot of love and food to get him back on track - his owners being prosecuted for ill treatment. 

Malek too is the result of severe ill treatment and was touch and go.  He is young, but grimly disabled.  We do not know exactly what happened to this fella, but my guess is that he is deaf, and maybe the family kicked him with frustration - leaving him with spinal damage, resulting in lower spine pain, bowel trouble and a dragging back left leg.  He is doing well as I write, but needing a lot of support.









Arnie, Cassie and Sabre 

 Sadley these three sweeties have just lost their dear Mum, Pauline, to cancer. Arnie is an old Golden Retriever, with just three legs due to cancer himself. Cassie in only a babe at 4, but will going to a new home when her two old friends settle. Sabre is the most heart broken, a German Shephard who was a rescue and just doesn't understand what is going on, love him.

 Flopsy...and co?? 

Oh my, what a sweet little pudding.  Flopsy here in the middle, meeting Nina and old Sally.  Found by a lovely lady called Susan down in the Lot, and helped to find us by Sue of Poorpaws.

A quiet little old lady so far, but she may well be pregnant...so Christmas Twilight pups could be on the cards! (Updated 1st Jan.  Sadley Flopsy's pups did not make it, but delighted that she did xx) 

We know very little of her background, other than clearly dumped.  You are most welcome little Flops.



Look at this little survivor. A tiny little Siatzu, thought to be only about 6 or 7 years old.

He has survived some kind of hit and run, and is paralized from the waist down. The amazing vets who took him in have made him a little chariot which he manages really well, but otherwise he drags himself incredibley well around the house and garden.  Sadley his toileting leaves him a bit bewildered and smelly, so daily baths and a helping hand when we can help a bit. 

It's early days, but we think he is happy.  Certainly settled well with the other dogs, and loves human and canine cuddles.  Well done Carola for finding him and helping him trust again.

 Pongo & Vivaldi


Meet Pongo, the black and white setter.  This guy is a very sensitive old chap, but this is him 2 weeks in, so you can see he is making friends.  He is thought to be about 12 years old.  He has had a cancerous tumor removed from his side, and he has a bottie tumor, but he is doing well.  His only notable problem is night time.  He suffers from anxiety which doesn't really allow Ma and Pa to sleep, but I'm sure we'll get him over it.  This handsome fella has come up from Figeac and is most welcome.  He might though benefit from a smaller pack given how anxious he is ... so if you are tempted??

Lying next to him is dear old Vivaldi.  Can you believe this old collie has only been here two days, wonderful isn't it.  He is here thanks to Orfee and Hope.  He is as deaf as they come, but works well to hand signals.  He has a heart problem and quite bad arthritus, but meds keeping him stable and happy.


Dear little Maybe is an ancient old fella.  He is here thanks to Evelyn at Doglinks and Siobain of Hope getting in touch with us.  This poor 15 year old chap we know nothing about, other than due to a house fire that killed his owner, he was left at Cahors SPA.  The poor little guy is very needy, as you might expect, but he is adorable and hasn't lost his labido in the stress of it all!!








Koki is here thanks to Levrier France and Hope Association, just like little Tunez.  Koki was re-homed as a pup...but sadley for too short a time, as the young couple chose to start a family and not include the handsome furball.  He went back to the refuge and has spent nearly all his life there ... and now 11.  It is difficult to comprehend...but he's not holding any grudges - less than 24 hours in and he looks like he has happily settled in and only the now and the future matters.


Little Koki was so well looked after by Levrier and June's team.  He arrived fully vet checked, with all his meds, and had to have all his locks cut off as he was riddled with ticks. Hope Association with Siobain, are supporting his vet bills, and their generosity secure his necessary expensive blood tests and meds for a goodly while. This guy just sinks into you for a cuddle, we feel blessed he has joined us.

Wolfy Amadeus

We first met Wolfy with this email from Phoenix ...

A very bad case at the SPA 
A man with too many animals and not able to cope has been charged with neglect.
The worst of his animals was Wolf an old (15?) black collie cross spaniel/retriever(?).
He is half blind half deaf more than half starved.
He has been kept on a short chain for years
He became too weak to eat and the chickens ate all the food before he could find the bowl
He is very weak tends to mess himself unless got up and encouraged to walk.
He has become used to the futility of walking when, on a short chain, it is not possible.
The SPA wont keep him. I dont want him to die in a cage.

His tail wags still with happiness(sadness?) when you give him a cuddle but he is so tired.
Have you got the time or space for him?
Sorry about that
Well, I feel sure you would agree ... how could we say no.  Now all we can say is well done Phoenix and thank you for bringing this prince to us. Here is a pic of him as Mike laid him down from the clearly difficult drive.
He was everything it says above, and we really wondered if he would make the night.
We usually let then settle before we do the shower routine, but this lad needed to smell better for him and us, so a gentle warm soaping we had.  Bless him, he didn't move a muscle.
Then we dried him, and wrapped him up with lavender beanies. But look what happened next. Dear Justine new this chap needed a serious bit of loving, so she got into the bed with him and cuddled him until he stopped shaking and slept.
This picture really says it all for the next 24 hours.
I can reasure you he is alive and doing well, and promise and update in a few days.
Send your love and thoughts, he needs all the strength he can muster xxx





Hercule's Story.


Dear Hercule is safely here.


I'm pushing my luck putting his 'before' pic here, but I am so incensced by the cruelty that so many of our friends are subjected too.


Our furry giant is about 12 years old, and for all we know much of that time was chained. He is riddled with arthritis, but pain relief gives him a whole new look, and he just loves the other dogs to wonder with, humans for a cuddle, grass, food ... just the freedom to live - you get the general idea. 


Hercules pain relief will be for the rest of  ... now happy life....so if you want to help him with his vet bills that would be wonderful.


 Hercule before he was Rescued.


And now safely at Twilight





Tunez story.

Meet little Tunez.  He is a Cocker Spaniel, about 11 years old. 


Our latest boy in, arrived on Monday the 9th May.


He has come up from Spain, and thanks to Levriers and Hope (http://www.hopeassoc.org) he has found Twilight.


His story started when his old Mum died 3 and half years ago. 


Sadly, the family didn't want him, so he landed in a refuge.  Never quite catching anyone’s eye, he has stayed there all of these three and a half sad years.  Also, he caught Leishmania's disease, so no one is going to want him now. Although this can be treated by the vet,  regular blood tests will be needed to  keep his medications balanced, maintaining a steady state of health. This treatment will be ongoing for the remainder of his life.


Less than 3 days in, we are thrilled to report he is a very happy little chap, who could cuddle for Europe!









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