Meet the Puddings ...


 What a little beauty we have here. This little lady is 12, and very sadly her mummy died three months ago. She came from the SPA Limoges, where they tried very hard to rehome her. Sadly, she suffers from stress, anxiety and little fits, so rehoming attempts have not worked. She has had extensive medical support, too. So this lady needed some loving care and support to help her through. We were delighted to welcome her to Twilight land. Thank you Katharina for bringing her so safely to us. Welcome Gabana, very welcome xxx


What do you do, when you know that an oldie has already lost her mum a while back, and then lay with her dead dad for two days. Also, how do you thank a volunteer who celebrated five years of running the Twilight Facebook page? A bunch of flowers would not quite match helping them for the plight of their favourite breed. So, dear old Utah has joined us, as a thank you to our FB Linda, even if we are full! Utah is likely twelve or thirteen years old, maybe more given her clear rear limb arthritis and teeth. A border collie who has been much loved, but is clearly both grieving and stressed just now. She and Ben lie together like an old married couple!


This very thin, handsome and smelly chap should have been pts this morning, but Sheelagh of Phoenix stepped in and just thought she would try us, and how glad are we she did. He is adorable. No name, found on the street, no age but likely to be at least thirteen plus, in our opinion. He is full of lumps, he is greasy, his hair is matted, his teeth and mouth grim, he is just delicious. A real Twilight candidate. No one deserves to die feeling unloved and looking and feeling like this. Well, old man, Rik felt Charleston, with those wobbly legs, was appropriate so Charleston it is.

Boubou & Peypere

We say ‘no’ umpteen times a week, we have to sadly. But, just sometimes you feel you have to stretch yourself. These two oldies have had several years living in a garden, as their poor owner was in hospital, cared for by the villagers who provided their food. Peypere is 15 years old and has a whopping tumour. His companion , Boubou, is 12 years old and generally in a better state. They are just gorgeous. They sleep, eat and snug together … adorable. Phoenix have generously offered to cover the cost of sterilisation, which in their elderly case is to clear rotten tumours and cancers.


There are some lovely and lucky Twilighters who have found a permanent or Twilight life-long foster homes.

Here is old Fred, doing really well with daddy Roy.

Fred is a proud member of the Twilight Outreach team


Don’t you just melt into those eyes? Dear Molly had already been rescued from the streets. We have taken her because one day we too may need our fellow rescuers help. Diana, her rescue mum, must after many years hand over her rescue pups as ill health takes her back to the UK. I feel for her. She has done wonders in Bulgaria, and made a mighty difference. She has done everything to ensure her rescue family have all found homes, almost certainly at the cost of her own health. So, one of the eldest members has come to us. As ever a team is involved, and we thank Krissie and Fran for collecting her from Calais. Diana paid for this cost, and now little Molly is a Twilighter and we will take on all her needs. She had a fabulous weekend with Krissie and Fran, even being taken to the beach what a delicious welcome to France. Now she is making friends at Twilight … and guess what … we love her already xxx


The latest addition to Twilight is gorgeous little Braille. And yes, Braille is a puppy and a very special one, too. Wait, you say – I thought Twilight was just for old dogs. Yes, most of the dogs at Twilight are in their senior years, but we also welcome and care for chronically, terminally ill and disabled dogs. Little Braille is a female pointer pup, just 38 days old when she came to Twilight. She was born without eyes, just empty sockets, so she will always be blind, but many of our dogs are blind and in our experience, this never stops them from enjoying life to the full. Little Braille was taken to be euthanised by her breeder, but the vet knew that there was somewhere special that could help Braille to enjoy a normal life: enter Twilight. Everyone has fallen in love – human and canine alike. Nala has adopted her a Mummy and Uncle Dobbie is always ready to play.


This delicious little munchkin arrived at Twilight as an emergency. A little, male, Yorkie of thirteen years, he’s deaf due to severe ear problems – we’ve treatment to help if it’s not too late, blind and with a fungal skin condition needing urgent treatment as he is losing his hair and his poor little body is so hot.

This little lad is obviously a maltreatment case, and the wonderful Mornac Spa have done wonders, but he needs 24-hour loving just now. So, welcome dear Humphrey. Named by the wonderful Spencer who bought him to us. An incredibly gentle soul.


Arthur arrived January 2017, at 11 years old he had spent all those previous days, months and years on a chain protecting a farm. Credit to the family the now deceased farmer, they paid to have him 'done', sent him here with some food and clearly care that it works at Twilight. Arthur is a bit of a character, but loves a cuddle on his terms on any lap that will have him. Don’t you just love him!


This beautiful black girlie is more delicious and special than any pudding bundle can get. As we take a small percentage of puddings from the streets of Romania, and this 12 year old blind girlie has been on our list via the wonderful Association Orfee.

Remarkable really. Who knows what her life was on the streets, other than we do know she was riddled and beyond with fleas, and clearly hasn't seen for sometime. Rescued there, but still not secure ... Isabelle fell for her plight, and now .... after days on the road, she has come home.

We usually let them settle, but we needed to get her to the vet toute suite, as that right bulging eye needed attention. Yes, she does have pain, so will treat the right eye, and maybe have it removed later, and the left one is long dead. She also has a heart murmur. She is calm, loving, and just a bundle of pure goodness.

Leia has now gone to join Melodie and Vicky in the Twilight Outreach team living with volunteer Iris


Poor Ben the collie, black and white, around fifteen, and just found a-wandering. Poor old lad. No chip, no tag … nothing. But, as luck would have it, he found himself in the barn of a vet nurse, of a friend, of a friend, of our Linda of FB. This special lad was taken on by the wonderful Borderline Collie team and found his way onto our list, and the right timing meant he could come here soonest. Thank you Linda and Keith for collecting and bringing him. What a happy little man. He has a head lean and wobbly pins, maybe a brain issue or small stroke, and he was also entire and rather keen on the ladies! He settled really quickly, although eating was initially not a high priority for him, perhaps falling in love with Vicki didn’t help!


Albert arrived in 2015 having been left in a garden when his owner had died. Bless his old heart. Heart pills keep our loving lad going. He sleeps, he wanders, but that tail still wags


 Vicky was rescued by the Bridgette Bardot Association. She was one of four dogs kept chained up, all her life, at the front of a property. They were rescued when the owner committed suicide. Vicky is about twelve, she’s a quiet girl who never pushes herself forward, but loves the freedom of Twilight, just to chill out and live.

Vicky has now  joined Melodie and Leia in the Twilight Outreach team living with volunteer Iris


Jacob was one of only two puppies found in a sack who survived being used as a football by gypsy children. He then went on to suffer from parvovirus. As a result of the kicking he endured he suffers hip problems and is a little slow. Leeanne fell in love with Jacob and his sister, Fleur, who has now happily been rehomed, but Jacob, now seven, loves Twilight life.


Fourteen-year-old Alice joined Twilight in August 2015 from Saintes SPA. Grandmother to little Caesar, Alice is rather shy, preferring to enjoy her own little Twilight wonderland. Alice recovered well from a double hernia operation in August 2016, and she’s now looking forward to summer out on the terrace.



Dr Taffy as he is known, was one of the first dogs that Mike and Leeanne rescued via Sue at PoorPaws way back in the early days. He was a small pup, who had been thrown over the wall of the refuge. He’s spent all of his seven years at Twilight and has a bit of a reputation for welcoming and nursing any new or sick dog.



Leeanne’s baby – a fiftieth birthday present, he came to Twilight as a tiny puppy. Bear is blind in one eye, but this does not hamper his youthful spirit. He keeps the oldies on their toes, plays football with his best mate Dobbie, and if he steps out of line, the older dogs soon let him know.


Brigand is a twelve year old blind Labrador. He has been in a family all his life, and when his human mum died a year ago he lost his sight instantly. Bless him. No tests could determine why, just a broken heart. His dad did his best by him, but  Brigand had to be left for too long and became very stressed.

He was on the waiting list for some time, but now he is a Twilighter. Within an hour of his arrival he had checked out the house and garden, with his mighty paddy paws leading him gently, and Taffy helping too! He needed to be castrated, and although the family could not really afford this, they contributed €100 to help, which is more than most do, so we thank them. Brigand’s dad left him with a tear. He left a part of his departed wife at Twilight, too, bless him. But, Brigand settled just dandy; such a love bundle, and as for that waggy tail!


The big beauty Memere is just a big softie. She’s a beauceron crossed with the heart of a teddy bear; eleven or twelve years old and no history other than left at the refuge. She is fully blind in one eye and the other is all but gone. But, she is so gentle and loves to kiss. She was on our list a whizzle too long, but thanks to Les Amis des Animaux, she was taken from the refuge where she was struggling and fostered with super mum Tracey whilst waiting to go to Twilight. Thank you team Les Amis des Animaux for seeking out this girls needs and entrusting her to the Twilight family.

Memere has now gone off to enjoy life as a member of the Twilight Outreach Team, joining fellow Twilighter Mozart



This beautiful old boy is so pretty!  He is fourteen and apparently spent his formative years with his siblings in a rabbit cage. He was then rescued from this odd life and was at SPA Limoges for some time. Taken home by a lovely lady five years ago, he has clearly been loved, and sadly his mum is now hospitalised and not coming home, bless her xxx Poor Lulu went back to the SPA but went down very fast ... so he is now a Twilight boy and already well settled. He has limited walking ability, due to being slightly malformed from his former years, but he also has a broken front leg, which has healed as a clean break, so he wobbles! He is a love. He has earned that he can sleep inside, and that cuddles are in abundance. Soft food only, as just two front teeth!


Some people bring back a few mementos from their holiday, Leeanne and Mike brought back a dog. Responding to a crisis email, they collected Vera from the SPA en route home. Usual abandoned story, owner didn’t want her, and sadly as the SPA was fit to burst, her days would have ended in a few short days. Vera is a twelve year old Breton Spaniel cross. She arrived with ears full of mites, tummy a bit lumpy, and girlie bits needing some attention. But after a few good meals, love, and time to settle in Vera is happy at Twilight.


Sweet little Tekel pudding from Saintes SPA. Vanille arrived with a chronic mite skin condition on her back, rear and bits, and a grim heart murmur and liquid in the lungs. She has clearly been loved in her time and made herself very at home in just a few days. Vanille is a bit of a Mummy’s girl.


Dobbie arrived at Twilight as a three month old French Bull dog. The little lad has a congenital back, hip and leg problem, but he does not let these restrictions to his mobility get in the way of a good romp with his best friend Bear. He also has a prolapsed rectum, which means his little bot is a constant poo stream, and he’s wee-wee incontinent, too. Nothing that nappies and some smart pants can’t sort out. All that apart, he is jolly delicious and the most welcome mini Twilighter. His birthday is, would you believe, the same as Leeanne’s, so is a fellow Aquarian. Our paths were clearly meant to pass. We named him Dobbie … coz he Dobs his little bottom all over the place!!


Sweet little Romanian Nala was originally named ‘Life’. She arrived safely at Twilight in December 2015 and was quite the most gorgeous  Christmas pressie Leeanne could have. Nala only has the use of her front legs, and an operation in February 2017 only improved her mobility slightly – but she can wag her tail now! Read more about Nala’s treatment and adventures on the Special Stories page.


Caesar joined Twilight with his sister Chloe from Saintes SPA, thanks to our friend Kate. They’d both been removed from a house due to ill-treatment and were literally scared stiff. Caesar was so frightened that he could not walk due to fear. Gradually, with the special Twilight brand of love and care, both came out of their shells, even to the extent that Chloe could be rehomed. Caesar now loves life at Twilight under the watchful eye of grandma Alice.


 Another oldie, dumped with mammary tumours full of nasty things and painfully thin. The Mornac SPA took her in and operated to clear the gremlins. Now this little princess needs time to grow strong, feel the love, and whatever has happened in the past is behind her. She is a pudding now! Twelve years old and yes, has stolen Daddy’s heart.  Thank you, Verity and Emma for bringing her to Twilight and trusting us with her.


Dennis is a real character. He’s now coming up to his seventeenth birthday, having joined the Twilight crew in April 2014. Dennis spent all of his life called ‘Chien’ (dog), which shows how little valued he was. Very choosy about his human friends, Dennis rules the washroom, although he refuses to be groomed himself. He’s his own man – if Dennis says no, he means no!


Emie is a beautiful chasse dog, found injured and taken to Limoges SPA. Sadly, her rear leg had to be amputated and there was little prospect that she would be rehomed. She was being bullied at the SPA ... so they asked if Twilight might have her. Emie has been at Twilight for three years and is now around seven years old. She’s a bit of an escape artist, in the early days causing Leeanne a night of anguish when she escaped and spent the night in the woods.


Teddy was one of the five dogs rescued from Saintes SPA the day that Mike and Leeanne went to collect one dog. Teddy is now nearly fourteen. He’s a very special boy who truly loves his Dad. Despite his years at Twilight Teddy is still fearful, no one knows why, but once he learns to trust, his cuddles are adorable and he’s a firm favourite amongst the volunteers.


Dear Sam is a twelve-year-old Cocker Spaniel, who had a bit of a time before his arrival at Twilight. We are grateful to a neighbour of his and long-time supporter of Twilight, Stevie, for bringing this lad to our attention. It would seem Sam was in an abusive home in his early years. Rehomed to his last owner, who sadly had to move on through circumstances that mean Sam was once again left to himself.

Sam is blind and deaf, and when he arrived clearly it had been some time since his matted heavyweight ears had been shaved and his feet cleared of thorns and stones. He needed some loving and grooming time, but he loves his new chums, wanders freely in the garden, and has learnt to find his way back in, thanks to the stepping stone system.

Sam is now a member of the Twilight Outreach Team, enjoying life with Anne


When we have a full complement of Puddings at home, we are grateful to our band of Twilight Outreach supporters who have welcomed some special Twilight dogs into their homes. This enables the dogs to enjoy a more ‘normal’ family life and frees us up to welcome even more dogs in need ~ the demand for help is never-ending.

So, we take this opportunity to thank the Twilight Outreach Team: Philip (Mozart & Memere), Rowena (Scooby & Norman), Carol (Bella), Aline (Mya), Iris (Melodie, Vicky and Leia), Anne (Sam), Mandy (Domingo), Kate (Ted), Roy (Fred) and Vanae.

Mya with Aunty Aline

Bella enjoys a cuddle during a visit to Twilight






Domingo on the left, with his best mate Rhett


More Pudding Pack pics