Twilight fund

*Brown Stuff* 2013
91.68 %
Goal: £2000.00 | Raised: £1833.53 Started: January 18, 2013
Ended: January 1, 2014

Pauline of La Charrue started it last year .... bless her, turning all visitors upside down to empty their pockets of their odd brown centimes!

This caught on, and many of you starting saving, from youngsters coming to the door with little bags jangling, to proud owners of full jam jars or whisky bottles ... of the little centimes.

I have even collected from intringued persons in Le'Clerc as I empty all your savings into the counting machine!

Your total last year made a wonderful €1034. Twilight bought cleaning fluid, tinned dog food, kitchen roll, batteries for the airfreshners and washing powder - thank you.

So ....let's go for the double, and aim for €2000 this year - you will be amazed how your pot grows each time you empty those little brown things from your pockets!

Top Donors

  1. various - £582.50
  2. La Charrue - £365.00
  3. La Charrue+ - £352.00
  4. Puivert - £147.00