Twilight fund

Thank you for looking at our donation page. We have been reluctant to set up a donation button, but many of you have now mentioned it ...

You can now donate in a variety of ways .... thank you for caring enough

You can donate here by Pay Pal

Or by sending a French cheque made out to our vets ...VET. H. Derom

Or directly to our UK or French bank account - details by email

The munchy front

We can buy croquettes which we can soften for the oldies. Currently paying about £18 for 15kg. We use about 350kg a month spend about £414 a month, £4,968 a year. This is our 'foundation' food. We do add tinned meat! But this does us proud as a base line.

£36 for 30kg would feed the team for three days and make all the difference to us.

The cleaning front

We clean through daily, using bleach and household floor cleaner. We also have those little accidents to mop up too.

We can buy bleach at 97 cents for 5 litres, or be really posh (and smell nice) with a 2 litre Ajax 2€ 75

We use, on average, 2 litres a day.

Those multi-kitchen wipes, the large ones, we get through at an alarming rate, but keeps us hygienic!

Thank you for caring, the Twilighters xxx

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