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Thank you ALL for caring x

Welcome to Twilight, the home of old dogs ...

with mum and dad..Leeanne and Mike

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The puddings thank you SO much for caring

*******************************************************************Loooook......Thanks to our Lady of the Chateau....supper being prepared in relative warm.
Yum & Snug xxx

********************************************************Thank you super volunteer team xxx

Doggie cleaning, bed scrubbing, bric a brac sorting etc ....

it was cold, the team were brave.... and poor Paul made all those journeys to find an open dechetterie....

Thank you, Paul, Aline, Lesley, Deb, Diana, Linda, Jill, Liz, and Richard the day before who had cut logs xxx

Bless you all, heartfelt thanks from us and all the puds xxxxx

*******************************************************************TRYING OUT THE NEW POOP a SCOOPA.


The CHRISTMAS dinner dance was deeply enhanced with
donated music from the group "Loaded" ....and the fete the next
day was rocked by "the choir" and Phil the "saxman"
We thank all these talented musicians.
Bless you All


A very special message from Leeanne......There are times in your life when you know the moment that has occurred will never leave you.


This last weekend and days before and to follow will be just that.


Twilight has the most incredible volunteer team.  It isn’t huge in number, but it is in heart and effort.  Sadly this last month has seen its first crack within the volunteers and indeed with my own energy.  Inevitable when groups of folks work together, and we have so much to do.  It has made me sad and has affected my own question for being, ….. BUT …...


Michael is tiring, but the dogs still need us and we still need to do what we do, because in all honesty … we would feel guilty now if we didn’t do what we do for the puds what we can.


The team of volunteers were beyond exceptional.


Friday morn we entered the Salle de Fete of St Paul La Roche …. a large lifeless space.  By Friday night, the hall was glistening with decoration and the tables and food was ready to feed 90 folks. It really was a fairytale.


The band “Loaded” were terrific, the number of special memories will follow in a full blown write up for the evening, including the Auction, special Santa appearance, two puds making a short cuddling visit, the food …. and … and ….. When asked if i was having a good time, I really was just blown away with it all.  The catering team, kitchen and front of house were working their socks off and being remarkable.  I was just so proud, so so proud.


And to boot … the evening raised 1,945 euros!  Wow.


But it didn’t stop there.  Silent hero volunteers were still working at Twilight away from the colour, keeping the puds comfy as mum was at the event, and dad nipping in and out.


The reality of it all as i arrive home pooped.  Ulys, Ricky and Tim are clearly not well and need extra tlc.  Yes, Twilight is 24/7, and pooped as I am, the puddings needs are my priority.



Saturday now … and here we go, finish clearing up from the Dinner and dance and set the hall up for the Fete on Sunday.  Again, the team …. there really are no words to the effort they are putting in.  The Maire pops his head in, the village are loving the activity.


As we close the hall up that Saturday eve I have slipped into a fatigued state of dreamy euphoria, are these folks of our team really doing this all for the dogs … they are.  For me … a bath, the silent volunteer at home having made us a dinner to eat …. a cuddle with the now poorly three again.


Sunday morning. Ricky is so so weak.  I carry him to a quiet room, i cant help but sob.  I, like all the volunteers now are exhausted, and we have the fete ahead of us.  I arrive at the hall, but I am in a tis, my Ricky is poorly and i cant find a pen!  Yep, that bloody pen!!  You know when you loose it over nothing you had best go back to bed!! I was sorry i barked at a most treasured and loved volunteer over this pen.  Silly, but we are all human i guess, but my lesson … I cant be everywhere.


We launched the day, it was fantastic.  Folks came, friends old and new, the choir of 30 strong sang, the Sax man superb, the team, be they on catering, stalls, santa ‘ess, snoopy were just mighty. I was presented with a gift you will hear more of, and I really need pinching this is all happening.  And best of all, news that poorly Ricky has rallied.  These oldies do test our nerves from time to time!  Thank goodness.


Catering, bric a brac, books, tom bola, cake weights to guess and doggy names to choose …. the day raised 2,444.90. Another wow.


The team that could stayed to the end, the hall was cleared … not quite as gloomy, as we had been asked to leave the decs for the school - a real pleasure to do.


In the morning i returned and on my own quietly swept and mopped the hall and cleared the very last odds.


Had it all been a dream?


Monday it took us all day to clear the van loads returned.  Tuesday all day to sort unexpected needs.


Wednesday, very very sadly we have lost dear Ulys and Tim.  Now 6.30 pm … and i must write up the weekend as i know folks are waiting.


Twilight life …. and death keeps on going regardless of what is going on.  Mike and i can't do this alone. This weekend has been an incredible success for fundraising and for the love and care given by the volunteers, and for the generosity and support of the supporters.  To be very honest, now that all the folks have gone and the time to sit quietly for the first time in a week has arrived … i feel strangely odd. We lost two puds, two chums today.  But as i said to our 'work experience' lass today, we have to celebrate the time the puds have had with us.  We know now we need to lean more on our volunteers, our friends.  This has it is own complications as i eluded to at the beginning and has indeed figured within the weekend.  But as i close now.  Thank you to absolutely every single one of you.  However you have an input into Twilight life, you make it happen, you keep it going …. you give life to the old and disabled for their every need. Thank you.


Now someone tells me next week it is Christmas! Signing off now to love our puds, my man and try to just have a bit of time to ‘be’.  Bless you all, for everything.




We are thrilled to present a day at Twilight on Video

This link will be accepted by phones and tablets


This link, with the original plan for music, you can play on your main computer


Thanks to the hard work, insight, and loving energy of Jo Morris Bingham of YIMI


Thank you to Stella and Rainbow

About this time of year the wonderful Stella visits Twilight with her mighty strimmer and tidies us all up!

What a wonder girl you are, thank you!

And, this year, Stella is part of the new association Rainbow. We are very honoured and grateful to have been part of their donations to many Associations.

Thank you team Rainbow, for all your work, care and commitment to animals small and large....and in this case ... the puddings!

We are, as I type, hoping you will have bought us an old but happily working grass mower! Thank you for making this possible.

Pudding hugs to you all, and thank you again.


Twilight Old Dogs home…. what’s Myth and what's Fact?

1. Myth * Twilight old dogs live in kennels
Fact = All the dogs live in the house with Mike and Leeanne as family pets. They have free run of the house and garden, with the back door open all day.

2. Myth * Dogs pay to come to Twilight
Fact = Rarely does a dog arrive with any funding, they are from refuges, poor homes or abandoned.

3. Myth * The vets do not charge to treat the dogs, it is all free
Fact = The vets are fantastic, with care and support. They provide the same reduced fee they do to an SPA for treatment or medication. Average monthly fees are currently around 900 euros.

4. Myth * Twilight is government funded
Fact = As an animal non-profit organisation, Twilight is reliant entirely on donations from private individuals or other associations.

5. Myth * Twilight has paid staff and Leeanne and Mike take donation money as wages.
Fact = Twilight has no paid staff. Mike and Leeanne are 24/7 live in volunteers! We have 4 hours paid cleaning help per week, when we have sufficient funds, to help with the bigger clean. We also have 4 hours DIY help per week, now that we are less able. Any additional help is privately funded by L & M. Must note at this point, we have incredible volunteer help at times various … without which the amount of work could not now be sustained.

6. Myth * Mike and Leeanne do this to raise money for their own use, like holidays
Fact = All monies raised are spent on or for the dogs needs. Yes, we take holidays, but funded privately, and notably … the most needed holidays we have ever needed, unlike when we thought we used to work hard as paid professionals in a former life!

7. Myth * Twilight puts dogs down.
Fact = Twilight is the last hope hotel. We care for dogs in their last days, months and years. The last kindness we can give some of them is to have the vet assist their rainbow bridge passing. It is a joint decision with the vet. A dog will have all it needs at Twilight, including not suffering at the end. No pleasure is taken for giving the death statistics, but it is a fact we will have a larger number than the average refuge due to our aged population!

8. Myth * Mike and Leeanne are going to give it all up and go and live off the money made.
Fact = (Can’t believe I am writing this!). Well, we have been going over 7 years now. It is the hardest, most shattering, and most rewarding work we have ever done. It will likely kill us, fatigue and stress. There is rarely much credit in the bank. But, like any other French Association (Charity), any funds left in the account when an association folds, for whatever reason, are handed over to a likeminded association. Annual accounts are made and audited by an independent accountant.

9. Myth * As a question … You chose to do this, so why ask for help?
Fact = Answer … yes, we did choose to do this, for 5 or 6 animals in the early days. Then it was clear what needs there are in the animal rescue world. We decided to do a bit more … if folks were happy to help us. Remember, you don't have to donate. We had no idea it would reach this number. which, notably is a drop in the ocean. We receive requests for 4/5 old or disabled dogs a day to come here. And that is just little us, from those who know about us. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't have to be here ……

10. Myth * It is easy to do …
Fact = 24 hour care is loving but tiring. Our home is lovely, but it is no longer a place for nick nacks and personal bits … too many tails and need to maintain hygiene. If you didn't love your partner  deeply you would not survive, you can go a full day without talking as you are so busy … and the bedroom is where you sleep ( too tired for anything else!). You no longer do what you want when you want, you do what you can when you can. Your friends change … as non dog lovers cant take the madness (and who can blame them!). You become an allrounder … medical needs, fundraising musts, healer, friend and disciplinarian. You talk to yourself, you sing even louder … and you don't care anymore! Living with such fragility of life gives you the greatest of highs in hope and wonder. Living with such frequent death gives you insight and belief in every moment. The insight it gives you into mankind is both humbling and saddening.

11. Myth * It’s alright for Mike and Leeanne, they are young and fit.
Fact = Both L & M have Rheumatoid Arthritis and other health issues they quietly battle. Leeanne has just turned 50, Mike will be 69 in June (2016). They are grateful not to share flares at the same time!

12. Myth * ? Let us know if we have missed anything you want to ask


We started Twilight in the summer of 2009, in memory of losing our Kizzy, and
needing to find a friend for our elderly but happy retriever, Teg.
It became evident, searching the pounds and refuges, that if you were an old
dog, life was not always so good, and your ending might be premature and/or without dignity.
So now we offer limited places for elderly dogs who are lost, abandoned or bereaved of their owners.

We are not a formal refuge, just mere volunteers with the time, space and love to share our calm home with the dogs ?en famille?. Twilight, La Maison de Retraite pour Les Chiens, the old doggies home.
We work closely with the other South Western France rescues, and ask that where you can, you help us all with the sad and seemingly endless needs of these loveable best friends.

            Members Area

Feb 2017

Any home with a partner, friends, and animals will know life on the go.

Who needs the madness of the current world for colour and curves ... when you only have to live your own little life.

Twilight is no exception. Mike and I are so lucky to have such a love to share, and the roller coaster of this last five days, no different to many .... but it has been ours.

Monday morn, 29 empty bowls, but blind and diabetic Melodie is not quite right. Stomach distended and growing quickly. I have since read it is the 'mother of all emergencies'... a twisted stomach and limited time to save the little one, if you are lucky. We were lucky, daddy's prompt journey and brilliant vets. Phew, Twenty four hours was the deadline, 23 hours and all back to normal. A special bowl to help her eat more slowly now with her name on it!

Tuesday, newby of 17 years old joins us, the sweetest poppit Jolie, mum hospitalised full time now, so nowhere to go.

Wednesday a part friend/business meeting with the special couple of La Charrue. Difficult to believe we are embracing eight years of working together, how far each side of the public spectrum we have come, helping each other in our way .... just wonderful. And ... Pauline treated us to a mighty home made Chinese meal for our supper. It was a wow yum! Thank you.

In the background, Volunteer Help at hand with cleaning and also Lesley popped in to see if a dog needed a groom.... it was newby Jolie's lucky day. Pics and introduction to follow.

I am struck by just how natural and precious all this coming and going is, not least too, that the two builders are finishing off the wall at the bottom of the garden in the rain, someone had popped in with bric a brac, and emails are floating around about a little literary surprise we have on the go.

Thursday, and me little body needs to rest. Mighty volunteer Auntie A steps into the cleaning breech and Mike heads off, for what has become a major turning point for his body, with a session of EMDR with local therapist Matt Bradley. Afternoon looms and dear volunteers and friends visit....would you believe with supper, now we really are being spoilt this week, thank you Jean and Bill.

But now it is Friday. Lights on as so early, Dobbie, Nala & Mia all showered and in the car to head to Limoges for our special disabled imaging day. Auntie A joins me, dear Katarina and Hella come to Twilight to clean .... it is a life affirming day.

In brief. Mia will stay status quo. Her back is stable, the spine twist is from a long standing dislocation of her only rear leg. No pain confirmed, we will live her tripod way of life for as long as we can. Happy with this, it is positive enough and we all know the parameters.

Dobbie. Darling Dobbie. As his first birthday looms, the lack of surprise doesn't take away the sadness of the confirmed reality. The compressed spinal problem is in fact higher than we thought, but this thoracic malform is from birth not injury. The nerve damage is full. The life long incontinence was always anticipated but the regression of his muscle growth and spine curvature has come on quite quickly and will now apparently continue rapidly. The day we know his quality has gone we must make the decision promptly to aid his bridge passing .... this was made clear and it will be soon.

So .... darling Dobbie, let each day now be even more precious.... with a little extra ham methinks! We feel so very sad.

But Nala. Well, this paraplegic has spent only the early days of her life on four paws. The car that hit her, and compressed the spine, didn't damage her spirit. We know from experience that you can't rush the physical or the mental side of disabled dogs. Today we wanted to see if anything could be done. And by jove .... it jolly well might be possible. Bottom line, two plates either side of the damaged vertebrae could give her at least one rear leg back. And as Aimee will tell you, that makes life positively boundingly tripod possible.  Yes, it is a big op, and is may not work .... but given everything we are going to try it.

This mornings X-rays were not cheap, but what price on such knowledge. Nalas op will be around fifteen hundred euros. A full aftercare plan already in place, no holding us back to try for this little lady.  There will be those that question such expense for one dog. Well, I appreciate that. But we couldn't fix Stanley, we can't fix Dobbie, but we are going to damn well try for a better life for Nala.  Should you feel you wish to donate for Nalas fund, we are not asking .... but you can do if you want to all the usual ways.  Her op is booked for two weeks today, the seventeenth of February.

And it isn't tea time yet for Friday .... but I can't take anymore this week.

Time to go cuddle one of the thirty Twilighters physically in the building, and know that the three Twilighters with Auntie A are all snug too.

Time too to just sit and hold my mans hand .... missed you this week M, been a bit busy xxxx




Look at me Auntie Lois .... your

"Amazon pressie"

has arrived and I am a snug nappied knicker boy!

  Thank you




Thank you HOPE shop in Confolens...

Wow, bedding galore, and perfect timing as the weather and newbie incontinent  puds arrive.
Thank you Hope team and bless you Spencer for being the delivery man .... and helping me to put it away.


Hehe, it is a bit of a challenge here, whether humans or puds have the most pills!

Antibiotics, steroids, painkillers, anti inflammatories, Leishmaniasis pills, heart, Prozac meds, liver and water works medications and insulin are daily regulars here. Not forgetting the worming and de-fleeing.

Also dressings for Nala's feet wounds, Dobbie's and Mia's stump sores daily, with creams and coverings.

We are deeply grateful to vets that give us near out dated or part packets. Or sadly the owners of puds who have passed who send the pills or dressings left over.

Or to specific donations that help here .... This year especially Hope donations have covered many pudding medical needs that we wouldn't have managed.

We really couldn't do anything like what we can do for the puds without you all.

Thank you.

And so the wall is coming together!

Fret not those eco fellows amongst you ..... it will not only blend, but will finish a magical work of art!

We needed a bottom secure wall/fence .... and we needed it to last, be easy to maintain and hide from pudding view the ever slowing and nosey traffic!

We thank team SWAT and team Puivert for covering the costs of this safe life changer for us.

Works have stopped through the holidays, but hope to be all diddled by the end of Jan.

Thank you very big xxx


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Thank you
The Phoenix Team