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Leeanne & Michael Whitley
La PeyzieSt Paul La Roche,  24800,  North Dordogne
Tel:  0033 (0)5 53 52 62 37 Mobile: 06 89 25 44 06
Email:  leeanneandmike@yahoo.com 

Welcome to Twilight, the home of old dogs ...

with mum and dad..Leeanne and Mike

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Thank you for popping in xx


We are thrilled to present a day at Twilight on Video


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Thanks to the hard work, insight, and loving energy of Jo Morris Bingham of YIMI http://YourImageMyImagination.com


dates for your diary

Sept 25th Vide Grenier, in aid of Twilight, La Charrue

Dec 11th  Twilight Christmas Fair, St Paul La Roche


Twilight Open day - Thank you xxx


It was our first … we were nervous and much seemed to test us …But the most amazing team of volunteers helped before, during and after to get ready and to tidy, we are blessed to have such treasured friends.

Then you started to arrive. The bacon sizzled, the brocante sold, the pasties and cakes (all donated) sold like veritable hot cakes. Tombola prizes and books found new homes, coffee drunk with new friends and smiles …. artisans displayed their wonderful goodies …. and you came and met and snuggled the puds.

While Grace sang and later Phil the Saxman played, both wonderful and generously donated their time, donations arrived, it really was quite overwhelming.    


We will hold one more Open day this summer, Sunday 28th August. We hope you might join us, eat, drink, be happy and cuddle a pudding! 


A heartfelt thank you to friends old and new. Where would the old doggies be without you xxx

Leeanne and Michael


So many thank you's due .... And so often, you all keep Twilight going, how ever you help ... We can never thank you enough.

But this moment is for Debbie. What a woman. She leads a wonderful team in Puivert, 100s of kilometres from the old doggies home, to fundraising for many of our needs.

She bakes and fills freezers full of cakes, she always smiles, she cares as if every Twilighter were her own responsibility. Debbie has just spent 6 days at Maison Chez Twilight, poo picking, clearing up, pudding loving and ironing like her life depended on it.

Debbie, this moment is for you. Thank you for your care, your support, your friendship .... For being you. Thank you


Sunday afternoons....

Well darling Narla is washed and loved, she has a temperature

Tinta, fed human sausage and chicken .... Last few days we fear

Dobbies nappy changed, again! Bless

Paddys troubled ears seen to as best as poss

.... And so the list goes on. It is our quiet day, but not much man and I time just now, but Mikes incapacity means pudding lap cuddles galore, so work still shared.

A bit of admin time means I can sort the 'brown stuff' that has come in the last few weeks. Goodness me .... Can only just lift it! Will need a guard to take me to the Leclerc counting machine!

La Charrue, Pauline's visitors and tips

Anne from her pot at the Atelier.

NEDWA collection

Puivert team via Debbie ... In her ice cream pot

The new English Bookshop

La Charrue and an impromptu raffle, bless you Pauline

Via Paul, the short Mat bowls club


Gosh. It will buy disinfectant, bin bags, washing powder, tinned dog food, washing up liquid and nappies. I will also pop some in a pot, where I am saving for a new Hoover .... Got my eye on the new Dyson animal Hoover.


Thank you .... Thank you all. So often an embarrassed little hand passes us a few coppers for the brown pot .... It all adds up .... It is mighty. Thank you for caring, for making the difference.

Darling Sabre, his time had come xxx

What a precious fellow this lad has been, to us all here at Twilight


He has taught dogs and humans so much, he will be sorely missed.

This is the last photo I took of him a week ago, your can see and feel his fatigue.

But his hips had long gone and the muscles atrophied to the point that his rear legs crossed often as he stood, so he went promptly down again.

He was irritable and pained.

With the vet, we all decided the time had come to let the big man go with dignity, and amongst his family .... The centre of which he has been for 3 and a half years here.

We know his mum who died of cancer, and entrusted to us, will be so very proud of him, and hopefully enjoying long and happy walks together over the bridge now.

Thank you Sabre.

A most special grandpa that will never be matched.

Thank you for all you gave us.

Run free now special man xxxx


Twilight Old Dogs home…. what’s Myth and what's Fact?

1. Myth * Twilight old dogs live in kennels
Fact = All the dogs live in the house with Mike and Leeanne as family pets. They have free run of the house and garden, with the back door open all day.

2. Myth * Dogs pay to come to Twilight
Fact = Rarely does a dog arrive with any funding, they are from refuges, poor homes or abandoned.

3. Myth * The vets do not charge to treat the dogs, it is all free
Fact = The vets are fantastic, with care and support. They provide the same reduced fee they do to an SPA for treatment or medication. Average monthly fees are currently around 900 euros.

4. Myth * Twilight is government funded
Fact = As an animal non-profit organisation, Twilight is reliant entirely on donations from private individuals or other associations.

5. Myth * Twilight has paid staff and Leeanne and Mike take donation money as wages.
Fact = Twilight has no paid staff. Mike and Leeanne are 24/7 live in volunteers! We have 4 hours paid cleaning help per week, when we have sufficient funds, to help with the bigger clean. We also have 4 hours DIY help per week, now that we are less able. Any additional help is privately funded by L & M. Must note at this point, we have incredible volunteer help at times various … without which the amount of work could not now be sustained.

6. Myth * Mike and Leeanne do this to raise money for their own use, like holidays
Fact = All monies raised are spent on or for the dogs needs. Yes, we take holidays, but funded privately, and notably … the most needed holidays we have ever needed, unlike when we thought we used to work hard as paid professionals in a former life!

7. Myth * Twilight puts dogs down.
Fact = Twilight is the last hope hotel. We care for dogs in their last days, months and years. The last kindness we can give some of them is to have the vet assist their rainbow bridge passing. It is a joint decision with the vet. A dog will have all it needs at Twilight, including not suffering at the end. No pleasure is taken for giving the death statistics, but it is a fact we will have a larger number than the average refuge due to our aged population!

8. Myth * Mike and Leeanne are going to give it all up and go and live off the money made.
Fact = (Can’t believe I am writing this!). Well, we have been going over 7 years now. It is the hardest, most shattering, and most rewarding work we have ever done. It will likely kill us, fatigue and stress. There is rarely much credit in the bank. But, like any other French Association (Charity), any funds left in the account when an association folds, for whatever reason, are handed over to a likeminded association. Annual accounts are made and audited by an independent accountant.

9. Myth * As a question … You chose to do this, so why ask for help?
Fact = Answer … yes, we did choose to do this, for 5 or 6 animals in the early days. Then it was clear what needs there are in the animal rescue world. We decided to do a bit more … if folks were happy to help us. Remember, you don't have to donate. We had no idea it would reach this number. which, notably is a drop in the ocean. We receive requests for 4/5 old or disabled dogs a day to come here. And that is just little us, from those who know about us. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't have to be here ……

10. Myth * It is easy to do …
Fact = 24 hour care is loving but tiring. Our home is lovely, but it is no longer a place for nick nacks and personal bits … too many tails and need to maintain hygiene. If you didn't love your partner  deeply you would not survive, you can go a full day without talking as you are so busy … and the bedroom is where you sleep ( too tired for anything else!). You no longer do what you want when you want, you do what you can when you can. Your friends change … as non dog lovers cant take the madness (and who can blame them!). You become an allrounder … medical needs, fundraising musts, healer, friend and disciplinarian. You talk to yourself, you sing even louder … and you don't care anymore! Living with such fragility of life gives you the greatest of highs in hope and wonder. Living with such frequent death gives you insight and belief in every moment. The insight it gives you into mankind is both humbling and saddening.

11. Myth * It’s alright for Mike and Leeanne, they are young and fit.
Fact = Both L & M have Rheumatoid Arthritis and other health issues they quietly battle. Leeanne has just turned 50, Mike will be 69 in June (2016). They are grateful not to share flares at the same time!

12. Myth * ? Let us know if we have missed anything you want to ask



 As another mighty Hope Booksale comes to the end, it is a must to congratulate the Hope team for all their amazing efforts to put such a special event into place .... It really is a family feel weekend.

The work involved is way over and above, and it never ceases to amaze me that the same volunteers work so hard year after year. It was lovely too to see a few new smiling faces joining the team too.

Twilight is one of the animal associations invited to share with the public the work we do and encourage them to think 'oldies' in our case. But it was a delight to see so many colleagues of other rescues sharing their stories and enlightening the public. Terrific work by so many.

Ollie and Stanley came with me to promote old and disabled doggies, and wonderful Pam so generously gave her weekend to help me .... Sharing the load, the love and the wine! We had a precious Twilighting time.

Well done team Hope .... You are all incredibly special xxxxx


That bank holiday May Day feeling is filled with scariest weather reports and fear no one will turn up .... And after all that preparation you read of in part one.

But the wonder of our Linda on Facebook reaches those who can't make the day or live overseas and want to join in. It is a fantastic virtual shop .... This year of paving slabs to help the path grow (that helps us and the blind dogs negotiate the garden), the cost of the man that can to put them in, the kisses of the oldies noses(over 30 of them when we last looked), new Twilight book marks and just a euro donation to make that difference.

It is fabulous the work Linda puts into helping us, and with her leading and you supporting her mighty ideas .... You know you have saved an oldies life. So so many to mention, so from the hat ... Bonnies and Bethane, Susan and Donna, and for all and everyone of you, we bless you for caring. We understand we have some vet bedding ordered as a gift too, this especially helps Nala negotiate the floors and the washing machines have a great product to keep clean for us!

There are so many worthy causes to follow, so many doing incredible work. We are deeply humbled that you have opted for now to help the oldies of Twilight. They thank you, with full tummies, all the vet care they need .... And a life of love that so nearly escaped them at this stage in their lives.


We started Twilight in the summer of 2009, in memory of losing our Kizzy, and
needing to find a friend for our elderly but happy retriever, Teg.
It became evident, searching the pounds and refuges, that if you were an old
dog, life was not always so good, and your ending might be premature and/or without dignity.
So now we offer limited places for elderly dogs who are lost, abandoned or bereaved of their owners.

We are not a formal refuge, just mere volunteers with the time, space and love to share our calm home with the dogs ?en famille?. Twilight, La Maison de Retraite pour Les Chiens, the old doggies home.
We work closely with the other South Western France rescues, and ask that where you can, you help us all with the sad and seemingly endless needs of these loveable best friends.

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Leeannes Dog Blog

When it all happens at once!


Life is just that isn't it .... Life.

It happens regardless of whether we are ready for it or not ... And it just keeps on moving on, regardless. The highs and lows of living xxx, and aren't we lucky to experience it.

The passing of a pud always touches us, and somehow more when it is unexpected, like dear Tinta.

Having a phone and Internet connection has become so normal, that without it is quite inconvenient, but we can only work with what we have, so have to swallow and know that perhaps it is meant to be .... But been too long now! Sorry for any inconvenience it might be causing those trying to contact us.

Then there is my darling man. Poor Mike's fall has certainly caused him much pain, but we are now very aware we are in a new era of a less able physical man .... But we will make it work, and do not feel Twilight needs to be reduced .... but we are especially grateful for the help we have now, without this we couldn't maintain numbers.

And what is happening to friends ... Several close chums to us and Twilight are really rather poorly. Another side to Leeanne is healing, by whatever name you choose to give it. I send by love and thought to our dear friends, and so hope that the energy sees fit to give them strength and better health soon.

And what of Twilight days. Thanks to Auntie A, Mike and I are away just now with family, a rare treat and needed ..... although I am rather missing my puds. Poor Gladys' health has dropped quickly, and Jazz too .... Hang on in there my pudding poppits.

Two weeks today we have our first Open Day ....(scary!), so I am doing last minute admin to gather supplies and help from our wonderous volunteers.

Also, just confirmed the next work stage and ordering for the new wall at the bottom of the garden, thanks to the SWAT team fundraising this can go ahead. And the resin for the concrete in the patio area is being cleaned, thanks to the Puivert team fundraising efforts.

And on return I can re stock cleaning materials thanks to all the 'brown stuff' that has come in recently.

I would never have thought running a small charity was like a business .... But it is, and it is alive, so it always has needs and is ever constant.

Where would we be without our FB and Website girls keeping us alive to the public eye, to local networks like the DVN, and our most caring and regular supporters. Thank you, from us and puds alike.

So whether life moves a little faster than we would like, throws Wobblies of difficulties in our path, the end result for us all is .... Just keep going and do the best we can.

For us, that means Peggy Sue needs help onto the settee (for the umpteenth time), another pudding will take the place of the one just passed, and whether Mike can walk or not ...the poo still needs clearing and the bowls need refilling .... And Teddy wants another needy cuddle.

Hold onto your life hats where ever you are, do the best you can with what you have to hand, and for an old puddings sake, take a moment to send out your love.





Meet Stanley trying his adapted wheels, with the help of Uncle Jean Pierre.


In time we hope these wheels will give Stanley a longer active life.

For now they are like physio, lifting his spine and back into a normal position. They need one last adjustment, but they are wonderful. Stanley thanks you from the bottom of his paws xxx

Wonderful morning spent with our dear friend Lesley and her grooming skills for Tidying little Simba. With the additional joy of Lesley's mum, Nana, (91 years old). You will remember Nana did a Wing Walk for Twilight a few years ago. Well she is looking fabulous, and currently does 11 fitness classes a week! Mighty!

Thank you both for a special time xxx And little Simba looks fabulous xxxx


Meet ... Left to right as you look .... Josh, Bobby and Toodlepip, three very scrummy Alpacas have joined our home .... Long story, but just love them xxxxxx



Cool to be Kind Award, Certificate has just arrived. This is for you all who help and support Twilight, thank you and well done xxxx



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