Twilight is FULL....35 beds taken.
Waiting list: Two puds accepted and waiting to join us.
Several puds on waiting list all subject to bed availability.

Welcome to Twilight, the home of old dogs ...

with mum and dad..Leeanne and Mike

Please scroll to the bottom of our home page for a little info

 if it is your first visit.Thank you for popping in xx


Diary Dates to help your oldies at Twilight


30th July, @ Twilight … OPEN DAY … 11am - 5pm  La Peyzie, St Paul La Roche, 24800


3rd September, La Charrue …. The BIG VIDE Grenier  9am - 4pm 


10th December, Christmas Fete … St Paul La Roche 10.30 - 4pm


Just 24 hours before and the rain deluge made the Twilight newly home made bunting weep.

But we were ready and the gardens and stalls looked grand.

Then the morning ...

Thank goodness for Anne who had stayed over. Setter Edgar, post neck surgery and needing 24 hour care, still not on his feet was more than needy. The diarrhoea was grim, we needed the vet before 9 to allow verbal extra pain relief. Anne and my one arm managed to finish the clean just as the mighty volunteers arrived.

Bless the early birds for the de pooping .... 

then the food started to arrive. Wow. It was a truly heart busting experience. So much love had come with so much food. Some planned, but much a gift and quite unexpected. It was a pie, savoury and cake fest .... 

Through the day the volunteers worked like trojans. 31 one of us on the day made the day happen in all its parts, not to mention the hours and energies of so many the 10 days before.

Such lovely folks came to support. Friends old and new. Nationalities galore. Old and young. And so many goodies of bedding, cleaning items and food donated too.

Numbers only around 70-80, but all fed, watered, tombola'd and happy. We had Alpaca wool spinning and bikers to enjoy to. 

Days like this cost money, with extra prep, the basics of some items ... but forgetting that for now .... €1123 came in on the day. And dear Face Book Linda, encouraged those too far to buy cake on line ... which we took to those less able this morning .... another fantastic idea to help us all.

Goodness. Then the volunteer team continued, and the clear up was pretty much done in full before the last team member left.

Mike, myself and Anne just ate some left overs, had a glass .... and then got on with Twilight duties and needs. The puds needed feeding, the disabled bathing, those who had taken the day a little hard, some extra comfort. 

It had just been another day .... but .... no ordinary day.

So so blessed.

This morning and full alert. We needed the vet. Edgar, Beauty and Lullette.

Lots of meds, but all part of our daily life. We have had a relaxing day, but time now to do more of the usual daily needs .... things we can do, because …. you supported and care.



Leeanne xxxx


It is with the heaviest heart I have to share with you the sad news .... we had to let dear Edgar go.

The vertebrae contusion in his neck was so delicate, that despite the efforts of surgery to ease the trapped and damaged nerve and bone that had given way, the nerve damage post op had affected his right side, and pain .... when it came in waves, was impossible to console, even with morphine. No hope of any kind was diagnosed.

Poor Edgar suffered so badly with his separation anxiety too, that his time here really was 24/7 for his 7 days. Michael, myself and Auntie A shared the role of friend, nurse, physio and carer for Edgar, not one minute was he alone. His tummy had the very best sausages, and his every need was met.

We helped him move to that needed changed position, learnt the differences in his cries, and kissed and caressed him throughout. He taught us so very much.

In his short time with us he saw three specialists, all concluded the same.

Wednesday we took him to an orthopaedic canine specialist, hoping for a scan and some hope. We didn't need the scan. Edgar's body all it needed to tell.

But we were only caretakers for Edgar, he was free and alive thanks to the wonderful Les Amis des Animaux team. I felt the need to ensure their wonderful Président Lynn was with us, so called her from the vets. I was sorry to do this, but I knew in my heart it was the right call.

I have said this before with euthanasia. But when such pain fills your canine friend, however brave they have been for you .... that last kindness is one you will feel. The relief for Edgar in that sterile room was tangible. The room for that moment was filled with love, with a warmth and sense of release that was truly touchable.

All of us involved with Edgar made a very special friend. What a sad and grim life's card he had been dealt.

Feel the air in your hair now my friend, the freedom of your heart and soul. Know that love may have come late in your lifetime, but what you felt was just a mere beginning of what I pray your freedom now feels in your central core.

Edgar, thank you for allowing us to be touched by you.

Be blessed over the rainbow bridge. Be free. Always with our love xxxx


The first of the bi annual HOPE BOOK SALE weekends has just passed .... and it was once again quite remarkable.

I use the word remarkable very easily. It is incredible. The volunteers are now like a well oiled machine that make it all look so easy ..... despite the hours of effort behind the scenes to set up some 25,000 odd books, bake cakes, grow plants and veg, make cards, butter the butties, clean and iron all those clothes, and clean and select the bric a brac. Never mind the prep for tents, rubbish clearing, ..... and all those smiles for three public days!

Then there are the supporting artisans, the other caterers, the musicians, and the growing number of associations who are there to share how all the money raised helps them to help the many animals in need.

It really is one big family weekend .... and then .... there is all the supporting public who come .... with barrows of books returned and more bought. Cake consumed in kilos. Laughter, tears, adoptions, folks all there for one goal .... to make a small part of the world a better place for animals.

For Mike and I, we watch in awe. We hug old friends and new. We are proud to share with anyone who wants to listen how we can do what we do, thanks to so many .... but with special thanks to Hope. Hope have generously donated to Twilight for a good few years now, and this was no exception. There support gives us a security for our vet bills. They don't just make a difference, they are the difference, and for that we thank each and every volunteer for their effort, care and selflessness.

Verity, the president of Hope, and your team .... you are all exceptional .... and from all the animals you have helped .... and in our case .... puddings ..... we thank you all so very very much.




Dear Nala, what a star this young lady has been. So much grace, despite her disability.

In the pool it is beautiful to watch. She is not overly keen in all honesty, but we have found a gentle and non weight bearing way for her to stand in the water. Yes, stand. Not a word you would associate with our precious paraplegic, but she is learning and feeling what it is like to be on all fours.

The surgery has certainly made a positive difference, and I think we have to be realistic that she will not become a kangaroo in a hurry, but she is doing well.

However .... when you are a paraplegic dog, emptying your bladder completely never really happens, even when we help her. This in turn means you get more infections. She is in this phase at the moment, and she is not keen on antibiotics. But also .... there is something not quite right. It would be wrong to speculate....other than a mummies (or in her case, two mummies) sensing that something is up. We will watch her a little longer,  but a trip back to the specialist vet is looking ahead of us.

All three of our paraplegic dogs have been so different. It really is a minefield of life.

Hold tight princess we shall keep working to ensure you have the very best life.


On an admin morning ... and it is that monthly vet bill time again ....


Our vets are amazing to all Twilighters ... an integral part of the team that keeps us going.

But the bills still need paying .... and the help that association Hope have given us for this makes all the difference.

This weekend is their humongous Book sale. Over three days, food, artisans, plants and books in their thousands. It really is a must do. Details below.

Mike and I will be there ... with Dobbie .... and ? (Whoever feels well enough when we leave)

This Charity is exceptional and we are delighted to have been invited to share in their weekend.


Thank you to EVERYONE who made the wonderful La Charrue Vide for Twilight a success yesterday.
Firstly our mighty hosts. Pauline and Clive have hosted the big Vide for many years now, donating all the pitch fees and supporting Twilight team in so many ways. Not least now ... one of our major drop off points, and where you can peak and buy while in storage ...fabulous!
To all of you who donated bric a brac and books to allow us to have a stall in the first place ... we would be guzumped without you! For all the collection points, and our Paul of collecting.
For all those who donated bedding, croquettes and cleaning items .... the life blood of Twilights daily needs. And .... your brown stuff (coins) that we turn into food and cleaning materials.
And ... perhaps more than normal .... the Twilight team. I couldn't be there yesterday, my body having a Fibro flare and keeping me on home light duties only. Clare, Jacquie, Dawn, Sherra,Gwendoline and  Rita, all on stall duties ... set up and clear up ..... a long long day. Also to those stall holders who donated much of your takings on the day ... and your left over goodies!
Iris and Jane on spinning. Aline on auntie duties with our precious tripod Mia.
JP for the shifting of stuff from Twilight to La Charrue and back, those of you who donated cakes and yums .... and for Annie on the DVN for advertising ...amongst others.
And finally ... you who came and bought. Whether you spent €1 or €30 .... between you all, you made a whopping €739.
But there is one more thank you .... and I don't do this very often. My man, my darling hubby Michael. Yesterday he took the morning strain at home so I could follow Drs orders and rest.  That morning clear up of 30 odd dogs is not to be underestimated. We then had a rare but gentle afternoon of just pudding loving. Beauty and Tigger needing extra reassurance as their age and hearts are beginning to fail them. The five blind souls who need to hear us talk to them and keep their day in loving colour. And darling Dennis, who, as I write this now ... has come to find me just as he knows he is going to have a fit .... (30 mins later I am back and he is fine.) Mike has just changed dear Dobbies nappy (again), and time now to collect the tea bowls and rest awhile. Twilight is a golden team that includes you all. Huge loving hugs to you all ..... and an extra kiss of thanks to daddy Twilight.
Bless you all for caring.
Oooo .... just off to eat our supper take away .... thank you Pauline! Xxxx
Come and visit the puddings for our open day of the year ...

30th July
10.30am - 5pm @ Twilight, La Peyzie, St Paul La Roche, 24800.
[email protected]



Twilight puds love visitors, as so many more pairs of hands for cuddles!


This week has been no exception as two

Rainbow volunteers

came for their fist pudding experience.


We thank Francis and Tina for making the journey, for bringing heaps of bedding from the shop … and for a most unexpected Donation of 1,000 euros.


This timely donation will buy us a new Dogs tumble dryer.  Sadly our last one died last week … and ‘exceptional’ use means our extended warranty was no use to us at all …. humph!


So how lucky are we …. thank you to all the Rainbow volunteers who work so hard for animals needs … we bless you for caring and helping the puds.


Meet Martin, what a lovely Chap.

This softly spoken business man has knocked us for six with his companies generosity.

The Twilight wall needs painting .... before we reveal the final exciting stage.

But painting 100 metres of brick wall, 1.50 m high is no mean feet. Martin, of Brico 16, has DONATED the special Sandtex masonry paint, thanks to suppliers Crown contacting him after a request from our artist friend Suze Turland.

We are absolutely bowled over. He delivered the first half of the paint this weekend, and snuggled all puds, especially little Dobbie. He also donated rollers, brushes and his thoughtful advice .... wow, we are so very lucky.

More pics will follow as this stage is completed ..... but for now .... thank you Brico 16 and your magic trade paints.





Yes, it was Shop 79 a few weeks ago, and then dear Spencer collected from shop sixteen too .... Bless you all Hope shop volunteers for all the spare bedding you are saving and sending for the puddings .... quite fantastic. So many incontinent oldies .... makes for piles of smelly bedding. The bedding you take to the shops is a mighty help to us and the SPAs. Thank you all and everyone. Comfort, clean smelling .... and just jolly snugly ..... thank you xxxx



Wow .... thank you for the bedding Team Hope Shop, and ..... thank you Spencer for collecting and delivering. Fabulous ..

So many incontinent bums .... this makes the world of difference.

Merci beaucoup


Well, we have gone and jolly well gone and done it!


Many of you know I have dreamt of a doggie hydro pool for rehab and to help these old aching bones. Well, €13/14,000 is a lot of dosh .... and maybe a bit above our station?

So, with Nala noo now post op and needing water therapy .... and indeed pretty much any of the puds benefiting, we are going to try something a bit Heath Robinson.... but it may just do it.

We have, thanks to .... Linda (Face Book), doing the St Patrick's buy it now pool album appeal (which so many of you generously took part in) and a mighty donation from ... The Lady of the Leprechaun .... we have us a human blow up spa.

The Spa is heavy duty and seemingly very well made. It will work for us with only jets, no bubbles, and is heated. We are going to get our mighty handy man JP to set us up a holding hoist above the pool .... and going to give it a positively splashing try.

The pool was €600, the hoover and first batch of chemicals generously donated by Cash Piscines. I have ordered a full basic set of sizes for the bouancy jackets £200, and Nala is going to need other aids, but we want to get her in first and see what is best for us to do in our wonderful makeshift pudding spa.

The pool is in our special Maddie cabin, perfect with the heater and calming surroundings. Bless Auntie A for helping me set it up .... we did giggle!

So .... just waiting on the jackets .... oh .... and the water!

Pool Water Ceremony.


Twilight Old doggies


We need all your posh old gubbons please!


Bedding, towels, old curtains etc…. it all makes wonderful bedding (or helps me clean) … with 30 plus old and disabled doggies (many incontinent)


Also …. with our big Vide coming up … and Open days …. we need all your BRIC A BRAC, small furniture, books … and …. any unwanted gifts or bottles for our tombolas.


You can view our collection points on our website


But... we are excited to share we have a NEW barn for collecting at LA CHARRUE, Vieux Mareuil, 24340


It would help Pauline and Clive if you called before you drop off please on …05 53 56 65 59 … on the D939, just 2kms past Vieux Mareuil heading towards Brantome.


La Charrue has been the greatest friend to Twilight over many years, so we thank them for going this extra mile


Goodness, what a month March has been ... so many thank yous in so many ways.

The volunteers, the visitors .... and ...

Sara, Nala received her special dressings,

Limoges SPA gave us help for Lulu and Croquettes

Périgueux SPAs gave us croquettes

Sue M sent a donation for Easter doggie bunnies!

Puivert had a gathering and Tina did hand pampering ( going to buy a buoyancy jacket)

Oasis, of the mental health support group sent a donation (I am going to buy Zoflora, we have none in stock now .... so much needed)

Marlene gave us a donation from her sewing wonders, which I will mention again with a new project

And .... pool talk to come!

Bless you, and thank you all .... in bucket loads, with special Norman loving little snug xxxx

For our friends in the U.K. We appear in the April 2017 addition of Living France .... our copy arrived today, some old faces in the pics to make us smile!



A Day in the Life of Nala

Goodness me, what a day in the life of.


Darling Nala, paraplegic Twilight superstar, with 47 loving supporters (with the mightie Hope volunteers donating a third of the costs) .... totalled her need of €1500 to go under the knife ....... and maybe, just maybe, get one of those back legs to work again.

 Nala is very lucky to have so much love, not least two mums! Leeanne and Auntie A adore Nala noo, so her needs are never too much.

 She left for Limoges vets at 7am this morn. It needed the confidence of a spinal surgeon, but also the technology of a CT scanner. Auntie A gave her a big kiss as she was handed over to the vet. Nala is not too keen on men, so a bulky rugby type was not her scene .... so bless her ..... she wee'd all over him and the floor that took her back stage, and threw a poo in for good measure.

 We all met up again for midday .... the first photo being the first view we had of her post op in the little hospital den. Not allowed at that point for a snug, but we did see the scans, and the delighted beam on the vets face. He had cut away the damaged vertebrae bone, opening the nerve pathway through the spine. Wow. It all looked so obvious on the scan. So, all sounding good. The reality though, the nerve was described as 'wet'. This moisture might cause an oedema. This is concern one, but two .... the release of the bone might set her back .... no pun intended, but also, the potential improvement outweighed the possible risks.

 What hit us quite dramatically was that we should know the potential outcome by mid next week! Gosh indeed.

 So, tonight princess Nala is staying at the vets. We were a little put out that no nurse sleeps in with her, but we're assured video surveillance is maintained through the night.

 Tomorrow lunchtime a decision is made whether she can be released or stay in for the weekend, the oedema being the main concern and pain observation.

 It would be fair to say that she seemed quite at home in the kennel. Relaxed, happy and not in the least bit put out by her new haircut, 20 odd stitches, and the drama of it all we are feeling!

 So .... paws crossed for tonight. Nala noos next instalment tomorrow. But one thing is unquestionable at this point .... she, and we, thank you for having the faith to give her this chance.

Bless you all xxxx


Goodness me, what a welcome!

I popped over to snug with darling Nala this morning, and she cried with joy to see me, I was deeply touched xxx

She looked so well and happy.

Tail is continuing to wag when she is on her front. She is pushing her leg against your resistance, and she can clearly feel more before toileting. Gosh!

Thanks to A for the love and care you are giving our magic girl.



Six days after the big op, and it was time to show the vet.

Well, if you thought Auntie A and I had smiles .... the vet just burst with happiness when he saw her.

Six days in .... she has wagged her tail, can hold her weight (ish) with help, but this change is a miracle, poo's better and is aware of her legs for pushing. All this is mighty.


She is remarkably happy in herself, confident, and all together hone very happy lady.


So .... what's next. Well, time really. She is having home rehab, and we are looking very seriously into a hydrotherapy purchase for Twilight .... but more on that anon. Post op for Nala it is early days. The affected bone could grow back ... nerve oedema etc ... but we are working with the positive for now.


It is all quite fantastic, and we thank you for believing with us.


Nala has a further check up and stitches out in two weeks. More then ....



Twilight Old Dogs home…. what’s Myth and what's Fact?

1. Myth * Twilight old dogs live in kennels
Fact = All the dogs live in the house with Mike and Leeanne as family pets. They have free run of the house and garden, with the back door open all day.

2. Myth * Dogs pay to come to Twilight
Fact = Rarely does a dog arrive with any funding, they are from refuges, poor homes or abandoned.

3. Myth * The vets do not charge to treat the dogs, it is all free
Fact = The vets are fantastic, with care and support. They provide the same reduced fee they do to an SPA for treatment or medication. Average monthly fees are currently around 900 euros.

4. Myth * Twilight is government funded
Fact = As an animal non-profit organisation, Twilight is reliant entirely on donations from private individuals or other associations.

5. Myth * Twilight has paid staff and Leeanne and Mike take donation money as wages.
Fact = Twilight has no paid staff. Mike and Leeanne are 24/7 live in volunteers! We have 4 hours paid cleaning help per week, when we have sufficient funds, to help with the bigger clean. We also have 4 hours DIY help per week, now that we are less able. Any additional help is privately funded by L & M. Must note at this point, we have incredible volunteer help at times various … without which the amount of work could not now be sustained.

6. Myth * Mike and Leeanne do this to raise money for their own use, like holidays
Fact = All monies raised are spent on or for the dogs needs. Yes, we take holidays, but funded privately, and notably … the most needed holidays we have ever needed, unlike when we thought we used to work hard as paid professionals in a former life!

7. Myth * Twilight puts dogs down.
Fact = Twilight is the last hope hotel. We care for dogs in their last days, months and years. The last kindness we can give some of them is to have the vet assist their rainbow bridge passing. It is a joint decision with the vet. A dog will have all it needs at Twilight, including not suffering at the end. No pleasure is taken for giving the death statistics, but it is a fact we will have a larger number than the average refuge due to our aged population!

8. Myth * Mike and Leeanne are going to give it all up and go and live off the money made.
Fact = (Can’t believe I am writing this!). Well, we have been going over 7 years now. It is the hardest, most shattering, and most rewarding work we have ever done. It will likely kill us, fatigue and stress. There is rarely much credit in the bank. But, like any other French Association (Charity), any funds left in the account when an association folds, for whatever reason, are handed over to a likeminded association. Annual accounts are made and audited by an independent accountant.

9. Myth * As a question … You chose to do this, so why ask for help?
Fact = Answer … yes, we did choose to do this, for 5 or 6 animals in the early days. Then it was clear what needs there are in the animal rescue world. We decided to do a bit more … if folks were happy to help us. Remember, you don't have to donate. We had no idea it would reach this number. which, notably is a drop in the ocean. We receive requests for 4/5 old or disabled dogs a day to come here. And that is just little us, from those who know about us. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we didn't have to be here ……

10. Myth * It is easy to do …
Fact = 24 hour care is loving but tiring. Our home is lovely, but it is no longer a place for nick nacks and personal bits … too many tails and need to maintain hygiene. If you didn't love your partner  deeply you would not survive, you can go a full day without talking as you are so busy … and the bedroom is where you sleep ( too tired for anything else!). You no longer do what you want when you want, you do what you can when you can. Your friends change … as non dog lovers cant take the madness (and who can blame them!). You become an allrounder … medical needs, fundraising musts, healer, friend and disciplinarian. You talk to yourself, you sing even louder … and you don't care anymore! Living with such fragility of life gives you the greatest of highs in hope and wonder. Living with such frequent death gives you insight and belief in every moment. The insight it gives you into mankind is both humbling and saddening.

11. Myth * It’s alright for Mike and Leeanne, they are young and fit.
Fact = Both L & M have Rheumatoid Arthritis and other health issues they quietly battle. Leeanne has just turned 50, Mike will be 69 in June (2016). They are grateful not to share flares at the same time!

12. Myth * ? Let us know if we have missed anything you want to ask


We started Twilight in the summer of 2009, in memory of losing our Kizzy, and
needing to find a friend for our elderly but happy retriever, Teg.
It became evident, searching the pounds and refuges, that if you were an old
dog, life was not always so good, and your ending might be premature and/or without dignity.
So now we offer limited places for elderly dogs who are lost, abandoned or bereaved of their owners.

We are not a formal refuge, just mere volunteers with the time, space and love to share our calm home with the dogs ?en famille?. Twilight, La Maison de Retraite pour Les Chiens, the old doggies home.
We work closely with the other South Western France rescues, and ask that where you can, you help us all with the sad and seemingly endless needs of these loveable best friends.


**Twilight shopping wish list**

(of things we can buy via Amazon)


Currently on

 Take a look under the Amazon banner, to the right on lists …. scroll down and ‘find a list’

 Twilight is under email, [email protected]

 The list has a starter of 22 items.  Leeanne will update the list at least monthly .....or as and when needed.


The puddings thank you SO much for caring


Dog Blog
June 2017

The last few weeks have been life at its highs of peaks and lows of troughs.
Michaels brother sadly passed, ironically as we had too spent the day in hospital with my own failing body, albeit just pained ... so no comparison really.
Events various and the mighty Hope book weekend was a treasure to be part of. If you have never been, October in your diary is a must.
The Twilight own Open day loomed, as storms rallied, but volunteers beat back all damp and wind, their efforts shone like a golden light. Such treasured friends to the puddings and us.
Poorly puddings and regular vet visits held several together....but as I write it is time to prepare to say au revoir to some special canine pudding friends.
And then Edgar, dear dear Edgar, what a sad and grim life's card he had been dealt .... touched us for the longest and heaviest 6 nights and seven days.
Yes, so much in such a short space of time. So many lessons learnt, so much to be blessed for, despite the tears. I am afraid you will have to understand as we live with this precious and beautiful fragility each day .... the burdens of this sad material world of terror and politics which seems to have engulfed us .... is there .... but I try to keep the colours around me vibrant, deal only with what I can have control over, and make the smallest difference .... but with a full heart as best we can.
The Open day here was wonderful. We were in abundance. Food arrived like I have never seen before, 29 volunteers made the day shine, and about 70 folks came and supported in a loving, caring and gentle way. Mike and I are deeply proud to know our volunteer team, proud of them for all they give, touched they choose the puddings for their limited time and resources.
The caring stretched further too, as Facebook team Linda joined in, and more funds were raised for cakes to be shared in the community...such thoughtfulness. Such love.
As we put out our first ever FULL posts this last month, as we have been stretched to our most physical, financial, and boundaries various reached. We come to a summer of needing to learn from this last 9 years, take stock at where we are, and look to how the future can best be placed for those inevitable puddings waiting in the wings for the years to come.
All the wonderful material things we have now ...need maintenance care, no longer with a van we need help, no longer with full physical abilities we need help for certain areas. Marquees for events looks pretty, but they need putting up and taking down. I never fretted when we started. We can only go day by day. If the funds came in, we took the dogs, as we knew we could give them all the care they needed. Now, if the help comes in, we can sustain in other ways .... if not ... we need to reassess, no different to the last nine years, just different and new priorities as life changes. The only bit in this is that it is hard as Michael and I always did it all .... we asked only for the dogs. Now we feel asking for this extra is like asking for us .... but it is actually for the dogs .... we just have to accept this!
So .... my darling man, daddy Twilight, will be 70 later this month. We will be taking a couple of little breaks through the summer, to celebrate and to catch up with Michaels family.
We will have our second and last Open Day for this year on the 30th of July and so hope you can join us.
For now, deeply and from the very bottom of our hearts .... we thank you you our supporters, you are volunteers .... all of you our friends .... for keeping Twilight going for the needs of the old and disabled puds. Averaging 35 in number at the moment ... the puddings thanks their lives to you.
Bless you for caring.




Our fullest at 34 puddings, I have my arm in a sling, and this weekend is our Open Day.

But, there is always that emergency that touches you.


Edgar is 6 years old. His last known two years in a grim caged environment of a small area based with his own faeces. He has stood for these two years calling for help.

Rescued in the last few months by the wonderful Les Amis Des Animaux. Hi fostered family loving him and working on his terrible separation anxiety.

But last week,tragedy struck and the vertebrae in his neck gave way. Urgent surgery and spinal reconstruction....dear Edgar is alive, but something's wrong. He should have walk again by now .... but he can't. Also his separation anxiety is 24/7, needing head contact with hands and eyes.

So .... he needed a home for recovery and rehabilitation.

As Edgar is a lemon setter, just like our Pearl used to be, we decided to offer our help.


48 hours here now .... what a love he is. He yums his food. He is on antibiotics and steroids, we have added pain relief and anti anxiety meds to his regime. He drinks if we help him. He cries instantly on being left, needs washing, physio and toilet support.


We will liaise with his surgeons so far, and introduce him to our own vets and orthopaedic specialists.


We will do our best. Thank you Les Amis for trusting us xxx


He is adorable


We are thrilled to present a day at Twilight on Video

This link will be accepted by phones and tablets


This link, with the original plan for music, you can play on your main computer


Thanks to the hard work, insight, and loving energy of Jo Morris Bingham of YIMI


Fabulous feel good factor


New French chums took a stall at their local Vide to promote the oldies …. isn’t that just delicious.


Thank you Michel and Nelly

Bonjour Leeanne et Michael




Je vous fais parvenir deux photos pris au vide grenier le 1 Mai 2017  à Sereilhac.


Nous avons distribué les flyeurs.




amitiés a vous deux et aux toutous




Michel et Nelly


The wonderful Michelle made all the beautiful bracelets.

Our mighty Linda of FB put together an auction and sale .... and then so many of you joined in to buy them ....goodness me, how lucky are all the puddings. And in this case .... how lucky is Teepee.  

Having not been here very long, she not only starts to appear in season ... but she bleeds very heavily. We had to rush her in last week for a full sterilisation, where our vet found not only a grimly rotting uterus but a huge tumour too.

You know how cross it makes me that these poor oldies have to have such hefty surgery at such an age .... grumph..... this should be done years passed.

Anyway .... most importantly, extended antibiotics and it looks like she has come through the other side. What a beautiful fighter you are my little princess.

And .... what's more .... thanks to the beautiful bracelets your surgery is all paid for.

Thank you everyone ..... so very very much xxxxx


Very thank you!


Due to extra pennies that have come in, we have been able to 'treat' the puds to their favourite treats....which we do for tea sometimes as a change.


Bless you all xxx pudding loving licks xxxx



Pool rehab time for
Nala & Dobbie


Coo .....

Lis, via Chemist Counter Direct .... Zoflora, Thankyou xxx

Sue D, via Amazon, Dobbie pants! He loves them, thank you xxx

Mighty love from us all xxx


Look at me Auntie Lois .... your

"Amazon pressie"

has arrived and I am a snug nappied knicker boy!

  Thank you




Thank you HOPE shop in Confolens...

Wow, bedding galore, and perfect timing as the weather and newbie incontinent  puds arrive.
Thank you Hope team and bless you Spencer for being the delivery man .... and helping me to put it away.


Hehe, it is a bit of a challenge here, whether humans or puds have the most pills!

Antibiotics, steroids, painkillers, anti inflammatories, Leishmaniasis pills, heart, Prozac meds, liver and water works medications and insulin are daily regulars here. Not forgetting the worming and de-fleeing.

Also dressings for Nala's feet wounds, Dobbie's and Mia's stump sores daily, with creams and coverings.

We are deeply grateful to vets that give us near out dated or part packets. Or sadly the owners of puds who have passed who send the pills or dressings left over.

Or to specific donations that help here .... This year especially Hope donations have covered many pudding medical needs that we wouldn't have managed.

We really couldn't do anything like what we can do for the puds without you all.

Thank you.

And so the wall is coming together!

Fret not those eco fellows amongst you ..... it will not only blend, but will finish a magical work of art!

We needed a bottom secure wall/fence .... and we needed it to last, be easy to maintain and hide from pudding view the ever slowing and nosey traffic!

We thank team SWAT and team Puivert for covering the costs of this safe life changer for us.

Works have stopped through the holidays, but hope to be all diddled by the end of Jan.

Thank you very big xxx


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