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Welcome to Twilight, the home of old dogs ... and mum Leeanne and dad Mike!

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 Twilight fund raising CALENDER for the old doggies 2014


Sun 3rd:  Chez Conkers summer fete, Puygers,24630, Jumilhac le Grand, 2pm-7pm



Sun 28th : La Charrue Vide/Boot Sale in aid of Twilight …Bargains and fun all rolled into one … with yummy food too! 9am-4pm (Pitches €7.50)


Sun 16th: Chez onckers Christmas Fair, Puygers, 24630, Jumilhac le Grand 10am~4pm


Friday 5th : Twilight Christmas fair @ the wonderful La Charrue, Vieux Mareuil, 24340. From 5pm, come meet Santa, lights, mulled wine & mince pies, carols, Stalls (Pitches €7.50) and festive fish’n chips … and lots more.


You are not going to like me for this .. but we are now on a countdown to Christmas!

Yes, halfway through the year and it is really difficult to believe.
Since the 1st Jan this year 52 dogs have been/arrived at Twilight
During that time 15 have passed over the bridge and 7 have been re-homed..
It is a wonder as I look around the room, the puddings fast a sleep, the days seem to have been busy, Pepito and Tara in their dotage but have come into season poor loves ... 5 entire chaps have needed a swift vet visit to be 'done', the washroom no longer new looking (it is a real boon, how did we ever manage before?) and Maddie's cabin materials all arrived today .... coo, so much and the garden grows and we no longer have time to tidy - we shall soon be an old dogs jungle!
Tonight I worry for Batman and Robin, both poorly. Sweet Quito too is struggling with an eye/jaw problem.  Newbies are settling, so hopefully no more thunder tonight to worry poor Athys and Alfie.  Our car has gone just now, Terry and Deb heading to Calais for Mozart tomorrow night for a midnight collection(Mozart having travelled from Bucharest) - such wonderful people, and integral part of the Twilight team now.
The new look dogs show was a success and next, the first time garden fete, ... so much excitement in so many different things, online auctions and surprise parcels...and all for the old doggies, it is quite a marvel. And even a mention on last Sunday's Paul O'Grady Radio 2 show (thank you Dawn).
Thank you for all your care in following and supporting the old puddings, you make their lives shine xxx


 Whilst  this was year three of the Twilight Fun dog show ... it was especially nerve wracking as we were trying a new venue and area. For those wondering, La Charrue has been mighty for us, and we know will continue to be ... but due to changes there, room for a doggie ring was difficult - hence a relocation, and a new area too - in fact just 15 mins from Twilights home which was a new experience too!
So, Le Touroulet it was to be, a most beautiful Campsite in Chalais, 24800. We were greatly welcomed by our new hosts ... who too must have been nervous at this new bunch of fruitcakes and a strange doggie show! But it gelled beautifully and with a few learning hoops, will be a wonderful future venue. The ambiance superb and the food yummy.
The sun was belting, the running stream tempting to us all. Doreen and Lynn had done all the Dog show prep, so we knew we just had to set up and hope the football clash of dates wouldn't affect us too much. The stall holders arrived, shade welcomed them and their goodies looked superb.  Phil of Cozy Cats and Dogs had travelled a long way to share his wonderful products and share new interest for those who might want a kennels or cattery for their loved pets.
Clotures introduced many to her electric and battery fencing - very clever and efficient. 
The classes for the show were proudly entered by canine and owner alike.  The fastest sausage eaters gained the biggest giggles, needing heats and finals -  but William, Kate and baby George were superb in the fancy dress. The best six legs raised some knobbly knee issues and the waggiest tails were so fast it was difficult to judge! The golden oldies were a wonder, and our best mixed and pure breeds were all just stunners.  Trophies to all winners, donated by Domain de President, with rosettes to the first three, donated by our Doreen. Our guests of honour were Neil and Verity Lineham.  The wonderful parents of darling Maddie who tragically died 5 months ago at age only 10.  Our show was to remember Maddie, and at the end Verity awarded John the trophy for Maddie's Choice. It was all very touching and very special.
4 former Twilighters were present, and news of others too, so very special, as we do not rehome many, so lovely to catch up with those that we have, and they all looked so good.
A bottle and meat raffle, and soft toy tombola (thank you Sarah) all items donated, together with the entries, raised a superb €320. Grace and David entertained us with their wonderful live music, again, donating their time and long journey expenses .... it was a real treat.
Thank you so all who came, to our hosts Ruth and Peter, and to all the mighty volunteers that helped to make it happen.  Fun was the key and indeed fun was had by all xxx Leeanne

Meeting Mozart

With a name like this, this chap was always going to be special. Estimated at 12 years old, Rumanian, only one eye, and likely a life only known on the streets.  Certainly collie in him, face and legs ... but not sure what the body represents!  Hoping his broad shape is a wonderful mix rather than anything nasty to fret on ... vets asap for that full once over. Well done 'blind dog rescue UK rehoming' for your raising his awareness and for all your care and support to get him to Calais, he will be eternally grateful xxx (as are we)
He has Hollies personality that was, and Hopes body if she had been well.  Our third Eastern European doggie, and by jove they have something special.  The love is instant, but it is more ... you need to feel it.
So left Romania on Wednesday, via Germany and Holland to drop off fellow puddings, and then met our amazing Terry, Deb and The Colonial in Calais at 3am on the Friday morning.  A restless trip back home, so no sleep for Terry or Deb (note the Colonial was not affected!) Arriving at Twilight seriously hungry, bar some yummy treats from auntie Deb that kept him going.  Understandably an upset tum, bit of an itch ... and at a look of ... are we there yet .... Mozart has arrived home.
Pics here on arrival with Terry, Deb and the Colonial.  Then a little walk with mum
A quiet day, yummy munches and a great big run with mum while she cut the grass.  Met a few new friends, but will meet everyone tomorrow.
Cuddles ... are mighty.  The look in that eye - priceless. We love him, hook line and paws!
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings


Thank you Pat!
One of the mighty pledges recently for Twilight .... was a haircut for Mike and Leeanne from Pat.  Bless ... well, we were lucky enough to meet Pat today for the first time.  An amazing Hope volunteer, and wonderful quiche baker ... and look at the Mike transformation! Thank you sooooo much Pat xxx 
Remember old Nemo we took on then rehomed .... Well here is a little update, gorgeous pic with his new daddy Philip.Xxxx

Hello Leeanne & Mike,
Getmeoutahere!!!!!! This bearded twit you gave me to
is making my life a dog's life. A half-ration diet means that I
am wasting away. To practically nothing. I wanna come home!
Otherwise, the old bastard plays fetch with me and gives me
treats from time to time. And showers me every afternoon
with the garden hose.  So maybe I will stick around for a while.

A sneaky little look at who is coming in ...   Bianca 

You will recall when our Hollie passed, I promised  in her memory, borders would be no obstacle to doggies who needed to come here. Two such doggies have been on our list for awhile, and now it is their time to join us ...

Bianca will be travelling from Bosnia, her transport, like Hope, will be paid and arranged by the Bulkan underdogs fundraisers.  Cross border carriers are difficult to find, and Bianca can only be taken to Calais. So .... we need to fund her collection from Calais.  Our now very own intrepid collectors, Terry, Deb and the Colonial will collect her on the 3 rd July. Via Michelin recommend diesel and toll costs at €240 ... and we insist on accommodation/food costs for our top trio team, so around €300 will cover the collection trip.

Bianca is old and you can see the mess she was found in.  The rescue team have done wonders with her, but now she is crammed into a small kennel with many including puppies crawling all over her - not ideal for a pensioner who needs time, love and a bit of relax.

Cant wait to give you a hug big girl x

We have changed our dog food, this was our van having collected 56 sacks of 18 kilo bags that came from the wholesaler in blighty via La Maison Shopping.
We buy this as our base line food for 3/4 months ...


We started Twilight in the summer of 2009, in memory of losing our Kizzy, and
needing to find a friend for our elderly but happy retriever, Teg.
It became evident, searching the pounds and refuges, that if you were an old
dog, life was not always so good, and your ending might be premature and/or without dignity.
So now we offer limited places for elderly dogs who are lost, abandoned or bereaved of their owners.

We are not a formal refuge, just mere volunteers with the time, space and love to share our calm home with the dogs ?en famille?. Twilight, La Maison de Retraite pour Les Chiens, the old doggies home.
We work closely with the other South Western France rescues, and ask that where you can, you help us all with the sad and seemingly endless needs of these loveable best friends.


Members Area

Leeannes Dog Blog June 2014


Sometimes you just have to be aware you need to slow down, to just 'be'.  With all the newbies needing to settle, with many newerbies due in ... just needed a day to regroup.
The dogs love it when we have pottering type days, and also I got our sound bowl out today ... and we all let ourselves transcend for that moment - it is very therapeutic.
Thank you all for all you do, for your love and care in words and support ... in so many many ways.
As I give all the puddings an early kiss goodnight tonight, I am aware that Mozart is likely crossing another border and Terry and Deb will likely be asleep in a layby in Calais, mustering energy for their midnight collection of our new blind pudding, and their through the night drive to get him to us first thing. I am aware I hug Robin longer than normal, as I know his days with us are likely less now. And I am overwhelmed and aware of the support you all give us to make this all happen. The collection of Mozart and next week, Bianca, was a big ask - but many of you have chipped in, and the petrol and r & r costs are covered ... which means the pot for this months vet bills didn't need to be borrowed from, and the vet will be paid on time this month (which after 5 sterilizations, 3 euthanasia &  incinerations, one toothy clean, 4 antibiotics, three steroids, pain killers, eye drops .... etc, and 21 consultations, one being at the house ... is no mean bill)
What you give to these old puddings is far more than you might ever realise.  Tara & Pepito have stopped bleeding from their season, so poor darlings, it was time to reintroduce them to the family today.  But with ease I could wash and dry them of 'that' odour ... I could just enter Maddie's wash room with all I needed to hand.  Just as I could take Quito quietly away for his eye/gum treatment - easy for us both and no stress.  You made all that possible.
Yes, you are all an integral part of the Twilight day, starting with that 1 euro of disinfectant that kick starts the morning clean.
I just want to say thank you ... from Mike and I, from all the puddings. We really couldn't do what we do without you.
Leeanne, Mike & Puddings



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Wow, what a great day.

Musical talents ...

Fingers Crossed, 

Broken Biscuits,

Oui Three,

and a first time classical combination .... All gave their time and magical energy for the love of animals.  Combining a fundraising afternoon for  Phoenix and Twilight.  The sun shone, the people came to support with picnics, sun shades and doggies and smiles ... It was just wonderful.
Stu and Helene so kindly gave of their home so this could happen.  A mighty €1207 was raised from entry fees, raffle and Tombola, shared between both animal rescues.
Well done everyone, all the volunteers who came to help, ... thank you x

Thank you Stu and ALL your mighty musicians

 This week has seen lots of visits with cuddles galore for the puddings.

We were delighted that friend, and mighty supporter Sherra, was able to visit with a very special friend from Scotland.  Dawn Murray is a specialist in vet bereavement and helps many many people at this most traumatic time.
When Dawn knew she was coming to visit she did a whirlwind of goodies at home she didn't need anymore and ran a swift on line auction. 15 wonderful people joined in and the end result was a mighty €150, which Dawn presented to us on her lovely visit.  We thought it might be fitting that this money cover the two recent loses, but also a bush on our little grave area in remembrance of many of our puddings. Thank you Dawn and friends.
You can see in the pics ... Sherra and Aimee fell in love, I keep expecting to see Sherra turn up with her boot open!
Thank you both ladies for a wonderful few hours.  In the event you need support in difficult times when your animal crosses the bridge, do visit Dawns site. .  Dawn has written a course to help veterinary nurses help clients, but is also looking to write a book to help individuals suffering.